Decorative Stitches on Baby Lock Soprano Sewing Machine

In this video I’m going to change this
boring block from something that looks like this into this, just by using the
decorative stitches on my machine along with some embellishments and some thread.
Hello and welcome to my channel every single Wednesday I upload a new video on
how to use your sewing machine our simple sewing tips and tricks. I have
these really dull and plain looking blocks, like they really are plain look at
them here and here so what can we do in order to jazz these up, well I’m going to
show you on my Soprano. So I have quite a lot of decorative stitches on my machine
I’m not going to show you every single one but I am going to give some food for
thought and some inspiration. Another way that we can add some interest to our
blocks is by adding some embellishments by using some fancy threads. So what
are we waiting for? Let’s get sewing. I’m going to start with
just a regular cream polyester and I’m going to start with this stitch here number
four. One of our decorative stitches, I’m just going to line this guide up in the
center and I’m just going to start stitching in the ditch as you can see this is really quite easy
to do. So as you can see it’s a real subtle look let’s just adding just that
little something extra to your block Let’s just pick it up a notch now I’m
going to use this really pretty variegated thread. Variegated thread is where it
just changes color over time, now I’m going to experiment with one of my satin
decorative stitches right here so I’m going to send this satin stitch right
down the center of my block and the thread is going to change over time and
it’s going to do this lovely like wave satin stitch now. I’m not tugging on the
fabric as it goes i’m letting the machine do its job as it’s going to go from side to
side and I don’t want to disrupt any of the pattern as it’s working you see how
it looks coming out the back it’s just changing color overtime looks so pretty
so I’m going to complete this all to the very end and I’ll show you what it looks
like after. Look how pretty this looks so even if you have boring plain fabric
or plain blocks you can jazz it up with some decorative thread. Don’t ever be
afraid of the holographic or metallic threads my friends just make sure that
you experiment with it before you do it in your end project as some threads or
some stitches don’t like this particular thread and it may snap on you. So just
experiment, now I have done these hearts before using this thread so I’m going to
select the hearts and show you what this looks like
using the holographic thread. Okay I have my hearts all set up and another trick
to this thread is to make sure that you go a little bit slower and that will
help you be a bit more successful with it so i’m just going to start stitching those
hearts out of the holographic thread using this decorative stitch so here I have my little row of sparkly
purple hearts and overall that’s how this block is looking so as you can see
you can really jazz up your blocks just by introducing decorative stitches and
some decorative thread. So I’m going to take this one and let’s really jazz it up
so I’ve lowered my feed dogs here and I’m going to do a real basic meander I
have dropped my feed dogs I’m just going to do some simple simple free motion
quilting and you guys can do this too it’s really really easy so just just pretend that you were following a
river and we are winding that river around i’m getting stuck slightly on some of my
seams so here is the first bit the variegated
thread and I’ve just done a simple meander around the center here. It was a
little bit bulky I had some seams in it that’s why I was struggling just
slightly but it’s a really easy way just to free motion something really quick. On the
outside of this flower with some gold ribbon and I’m going to use the same
variegated thread to attach the ribbon in place. So I’m just going to do
a blanket stitch all the way around the petal. Now I’m just adding like these
squiggly lines I’m just adding anything if i’m honest lets jazz it up and here
we go this is what the finished effect looks like so just by playing with them
Decorative stitches some fancy threads and some embellishments you can make a
boring block really look amazing. I really hope i’ve inspired you guys to use
the decorative stitches on your machine and as you could see I was having a
little bit of difficulty with some of that free motion work as well but you
just keep going like who cares just keep going keep practicing. Keep working on
your skill and that’s how you get better. I would love to know what you’re
creating so leave me a comment down below and let me know if you’re going to
use some of these decorative stitches on your machine or some embellishments have
fun and if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit that subscribe button so
you don’t miss seeing me next week thank you so much for watching bye

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