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Easter is not far away, dear viewers! You have just seen it and welcome to BLOOM’s TV. Personally, I love to festively decorate the apartment on this day. And if you’re invited to an Easter brunch or a family party, is a small homemade Easter nest or a spring bouquet just the right gift. BLOOM’s expert Mandy Kray shows us how such Easter presents can look like. Hello, today I show you three beautiful Easter gift ideas For the first one you need an air balloon, brush, paint, wallpaper paste and those already torn newspaper pieces. In the beginning I take the brush and start applying the paste to the balloon, then the pieces of newspaper paper are glued to it. With the brush, it’s important to take a wide one, for speeding up the process. To get enough stability, it is very advisable to take a wallpaper paste, which is intended for strong wallpapers. In addition, you should stick several layers of newspapers over each other. When the balloon has dried overnight, it looks like this. Now it can be painted. I chose this purple shade. Of course you can also choose a different color, to paint the balloon, e.g. watercolors.
Then the newspaper writing shines a little through. This also gives a very nice effect. When I have finished painting the balloon, it takes about half an hour for the paint to dry. Then you can take the next step. If the balloon is dry, we can take it out. Now use the scissors to burst the balloon. This is how a beautiful nest form was created. Of course we will fill these. I will use a tufted pansy. Of course you can also use other spring plants However, a plastic bag must be put around the pot. Cut it about halfway off. Now we simply put the horn violet into it. This is done so that no water can destroy the beautiful form. Lastly, I take these bits of paper, which has been shredded easily and then, you have grass with a newspaper pattern. This Easter grass is laid around the plant so that the pot of the plant is no longer visible. This is what the first decoration idea looks like. Of course you can also use this nest in other ways, e.g. to fell sweets inside. . Also a great gift idea for spring is a door wreath. Today I will show you how we can make a very special wreath. with eggs and paste and this wreath. At first I break the egg shells into small pieces. You need about 30 to 35 shells for this wreath. You can get these eggs at any florist, or also in the handicraft shop. Or you simply collect the eggshells after a pancake meal, for example. The paste is now added. A strong wallpaper paste is important and the egg shells must be completely covered by the paste, so that the mixture keeps well on the wreath afterwards. To paint the wreath I put on these gloves. On the one hand, so you do not make your fingers dirty and on the other, so that the shells do not stick to the hands. I use a brush to paint the wreath . The mixture may be applied nice and thick. The paste dries afterwards and becomes transparent. You will not be able to see it afterwards. I finished the wreath and it had time to dry overnight. But a little flower decoration is still missing. For this I prepare a glass tube and take this aluminum wire. The wire is available in different colors from any florist. The ends are cut to a point and the wire is wrapped around this tube. Then you turn the wreath and use a ribbon to hang it up. In our case, this purple-colored ribbon goes quite well with it Of course you can also take another one. Maybe you have some leftover ribbons somewhere. I must hang up the wreath once, so that water can be filled into the tube. I will use an iris as floral decoration. The iris is a great spring flower. Of course you can also use other flowers, for example, tulips or daffodils. Of course you would like to bring something to an invitation. I’ll show you now, how to make a little flower arrangement as a present. First you use such a foam cylinder. This has a diameter of 8 cm. And put him on the water. Place the floral foam cylinder on water, you must not press it down under any circumstances, because otherwise it can not get soaked properly. After the cylinder has been soaked, I take it out of the water again. and place it on such a base. I chose hyacinths for this arrangement. This is a really great spring flower, it also smells nice. Of these, I now put three pieces very carefully in the floral foam. Next, I take these cherry tree twigs. Cut them a bit shorter and put them in the middle. Such a muesli bowl is very suitable for this arrangement So you can not see the edge of the floral foam. I take such quail eggs and put them around the outside. You can buy these quail eggs, for example, from the florist or in the craft shop. If everything is covered, you can put 1-2 feathers into the arrangement at the end. In advance, I have prepared such eggs. There is a nice greeting on it. and I’ll fix them to this long branch with a clothespin. Really, really great. And also those other beautiful ideas that we have just seen in the film. And especially for those who don’t have the great experience in decorating. And with us now is BLOOM’s florist Mandy Kray. You have developed and designed all these things and also conjured with this balloon, the great bowl. When Easter is over, what else can you do with it? Of course you can use it as a storage option, for example for biscuits or something to snack on or fruit. Could I theoretically plant them? Of course, that works too. You just have to make sure you put a foil in it so that no water can pass through. That’s right, of course I have to be able to water the flowers later. What would you recommend, what can I plant? What flowers do you recommend to me? In spring or for Easter, I definitely recommend spring flowers. Very classic! Daffodils or hyacinths.These always look great. Super Mandy, thank you for being with us today. Those were great tips. Thank you very much! So dear viewers, now Easter can come! I wish you wonderful holidays at home with your family or wherever else you like to be. In the current BLOOM’s issue, which you can find in the magazine trade and in selected flower shops and garden centers, you will find many more decorative ideas that will make Easter even much, much more beautiful! So have fun reading! And of course when it comes to decorating. Do it well and see you next time. Your Sandra Scheiders

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