DermTV – Cosmetic Lasers [ Epi #58]

DermTV – Cosmetic Lasers [ Epi #58]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. In so many of the DermTV segments we talk
about laser treatments, either for broken capillaries on the face or to remove
tattoos, liver spots, brown spots, and even hair (permanently). I just
thought that it was time for me to show you these lasers to see what they
are like. The first laser that I am going to show you
is to remove hair, unwanted hair of course. This is the laser head and
it is applied over the area of the body that has the hair. The laser fires
repetitively, and as it is doing that, I am watching the screen which
tells me how much energy is used and how fast the pulses are coming. It is
a very simple straight forward procedure. It may take ten to fifteen minutes
to treat a leg or the bikini area and it is very well accepted procedure. The next laser I would like to show you removes
broken capillaries and spider veins, especially from the face. If
apply this tip/scope to the front of the laser wand, I can actually see
through the scope as the laser energy comes through and I can actually see
the blood vessels snap away or just disappear with each laser treatment.
I move from place to place, usually on the face, but may even do this
on the legs. Lastly, I want to show you a laser we use
for brown spots which can also be used for tattoos. This laser’s hand piece
is large and rectangular and can be used on large areas of brown pigmentation,
liver spots, brown spots on the legs, on the face, on the arms, and again
just a nifty device to use for getting rid of those unwanted brown spots. I want to remind you that whenever we do a
laser procedure, we have to protect the patient’s eyes. The patient
gets completely opaque glasses. They are actually metal (a non-reflective
metal), and the patient wears them on their eyes to protect them from any
stray laser energy. I also need to protect my eyes. These are the glasses
that I wear during the laser procedure. It protects my eyes from the laser
energy as well as enabling me to see the patients. So that just shows you a little about the
lasers and the laser treatments we talk about. I’ll see you tomorrow.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. @Nienkx: You only lose pigment in your skin from hair laser removal if the treatment is not done properly. Properly done hair removal by laser does not leave any pigment loss or scars.

  2. @nibargerswife51482 The cost of laser hair removal treatments depends upon how large of an area on your body needs to be treated. Each treatment can range between $100 (for your upper lips) and $1,000 (for full legs). One usually needs between three and six treatments.

  3. Just had a question, I read that its not recommended that people with Epilepsy to get laser hair removals, was just wondering why?

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