DermTV – The Benefits of Facial Moisturizers [ Epi #369]

DermTV – The Benefits of Facial Moisturizers [ Epi #369]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. One of the most commonly used skincare products
by women is their facial moisturizer. And when it comes
to correcting dry skin, facial moisturizers are
truly essential. That’s because dry skin is caused by a relative
insufficiency of water in the skin and moisturizers add
water to your skin… So they help restore your normal water and
oil balance. But new advances in cosmeceutical ingredients have made moisturizers even more important than just creams or lotions that help hydrate
dry thirsty skin. Moisturizers now can even improve the appearance
of your skin by improving its texture and by reducing the
appearance of fine lines. Moisturizers do this in two different ways. First, by coating the surface of your skin with emollient and humectant ingredients, moisturizers hydrate rough and irregular dulling
dead cells on the surface of your skin which helps your
skin reflect light better. Increased reflectance
of light makes your skin appear brighter and more radiant, and even lustrous! And second and of equal importance, today’s moisturizers can infuse water into
the epidermis. That causes a safe, slight plumping or swelling
of your skin which helps cause enough subtle epidermal
swelling to temporarily fill out fine lines making
your skin appear even smoother, younger and even more
lustrous. Of course, after a few hours, this Cinderella
effect wears off as your moisturizer either dissipates or is
removed the next time you wash your face. But the next time your friend sees your moisturizer and says “Oh… that’s just a moisturizer”, just smile and reapply it!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Hey Dr Schultz .. hopefully you see this but i am looking for a scrub for my combo to oily and acne prone skin .. what should i use ??? please let me know because i was considering to use lush's dark angel scrub (charcoal with black sugar) and i dont want to use any new scrubs on my face without your info !! your videos give me hope that my skin can improve .. it means a lot to me that you make these videos despite your busy life .. THANKS a ton 🙂

  2. Is it true that drinking a lot of water will hydrate my skin?

    Most of my friends say it does, but I've heard that it will only make a difference if you are dehydrated.

  3. @TheAvaanne I'm not Dr. Schultz but I like Cetaphil's Dailyadvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion- It's for sensitive, dry skin, and it won't break you out. Plus it can be purchased at drug stores.

  4. Is there a moisturizer I can use for my whole body for dry skin that's not sticky feeling and helps to actually improve my skin over time so I don't always have to use it?

  5. @beautybudget88 I have heard that it helps if you are dehydrated. But if you are getting enough water & still have dry skin, you need something else; more water will just get flushed out of your system.

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