Designer Pooja Thali for Diwali 2018 | Diwali Thali Decoration from Cardboard | Pooja Thali Making

Designer Pooja Thali for Diwali 2018 | Diwali Thali Decoration from Cardboard | Pooja Thali Making

How to Make a Diwali Thali Decoration from Cardboard You can use this decorative thali for any pooja occasion. This is a wonderful and easy Pooja thali decoration video. Before we start, please subscribe to our channel and hit the “BELL” icon to receive regular updates. Things You Need… Scissors, Cutter, Fevibond Glue, Ruler, Divider Tool, Pencil, Glue Mount Board, Acrylic Colors & Brushes, Decorative Beads, Decorative Stones & Pearls, Glue Gun Draw a circle of 6 cm radius using a divider and pencil. Now draw an inner circle measuring 4.5 cm radius as shown. Now cut out the outer circle using a cutter. Cut out the inner circle as well and separate it from the outer circle as shown here. Now take the outer circle ring and draw the pattern as shown. Fix the inner circle inside the ring and draw another circle as shown. Now cut out the pattern as shown using a cutter. We will get a flower like shape. Now cut out small strips from the cardboard. Paste the cut out strips around the cut out circle as shown. Now paste this arrangement on the flower shape ring. Paint the entire arrangement using white acrylic color. Now apply the different acrylic color as shown. Decorate the thali with decorative stones, beads and chain as shown. Draw a circle at the center of the thali as shown. Decorate it with beads, stones and chain like this. Now decorate the flower portion as well as shown here. Paste the decorative stones on the Thali like this to give it an elegant look. Similarly, use the stones to decorate the petals of the flower as shown. Wow!! Your beautiful decorative pooja thali is now ready. Hope you enjoyed watching our video. Thanks for watching. Happy Crafting!

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