Dior Makeup How To – Luminous and Rosy Makeup Look

Dior Makeup How To – Luminous and Rosy Makeup Look

How to get a luminous rosy makeup look ? For a perfect base, use the Forever & Ever Wear Primer Apply it all over the face Next, I use the Forever foundation for a perfect velvet matte complexion that lasts 24 hours Dab the foundation all over your face with your foundation brush Blend well from the centre of your face going outwards Apply the Forever Undercover Concealer under the eyes to hide any dark circles Blend well Then, revive your eyes by using Flash Luminizer Apply it in the middle of the eyelid, beneath the brow arch and at the outer corner of the eye Blend well Finish with the Diorskin Forever & Ever Control Loose Powder to set the makeup Gently pat the powder all over your face for an extreme matte finish On your eyes, use the Diorshow Maximizer 3D As a base, this product boosts lashes volume three times Then, just before it dries, apply the Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume mascara Pump 2 or 3 times before applying it Apply from roots to tips Complete your eyelook with Diorhsow Mono eyeshadow Backstage Dab the eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid with an eyeshadow shader brush Next, apply the Diorshow Khôl on the lower waterline to widen your eyes For the brows: use Diorshow Brow Styler to shape your brows with precision Don’t forget to brush them Then, apply Diorshow Bold Brow It will give an instant volume and definition to your eyebrows On cheeks, choose Rouge Blush Poison Matte to wakeup your complexion Apply it on top of your cheekbones and a touch on the bottom of your chin And finish your makeup with glowy and rosy lips First prep your lips by nourishing and exfoliate them in one stroke with the Lip Sugar Scrub Then, apply Lip Glow To The Max Pink This will give radiance and a rosy effect to your lips And here you have a luminous and rosy makeup look !

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