DIY Deadpool Room Decor Lantern: For MCU Marvel Universe fans – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

DIY Deadpool Room Decor Lantern: For MCU Marvel Universe fans – A GeekyMcFangirl Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s Amy from Thanks for joining me for another super hero-themedcraft. Today’s project is inspired by Deadpool We are going to turn a paper lantern into
Deadpool’s face. All of the materials for this project
are linked in the description below the video both on YouTube and at You will need a round paper lantern. The one
I used is 10 inches in diameter a deep red paint black paint white paint and paint brushes If you want to light the lantern up you will
need a hanging lantern cord If you are going to use the lantern for decoration
instead of as a light you can add optional swords
download the pattern from you will need scissors a piece of cardstock, cardboard or foam board glue or mod podge matte and a glue gun and glue sticks Start with a reference picture of Deadpool
and a white paper lantern. Look at the wire hanging hook on the top of
the lantern to make sure you are working in the center. Then draw a pencil outline of Deadpool’s
face on the paper, Draw very lightly so that you don’t puncture the fragile paper. Once you have the face drawn the way you want it, go over your pencil lines with a felt pen or marker. This will give you a good guide for your paint. Next it’s time for the red paint. I wanted a deep red color, but did not have it. So I mixed equal parts bright red and wine red together to get the deep red of Deadpool’s suit. Try to paint the lantern in broad strokes
without overlapping too much. If you are goingto use the lantern as a light, you will be
able to see all of your brush strokes through the paper, so be a neat as possible with the
red paint. I found it easiest to work in a circular motion
by spinning the lantern. Let the red paint dry completely before continuing. Next fill in Deadpool’s mask with black
paint. Let the black paint dry completely before
continuing. The final step is to paint Deadpool’s eyes
white. once the white paint has dried your project is done But if you want to use your lantern for decoration, and you are not going to put a light bulb inside, there is one more optional part of
the project. You can add Deadpool’s katanas. Download the pattern at and print it out. Cut out both of the katana handles. Glue them to a piece of cardboard, cardstock
or foam board. You can use mod podge or any kind of glue
you want. I used a heat gun to speed up the drying time. Once the sword handles are completely dry,
cut them out and hot glue them to the back of the lantern. And your project is done. To make it a light, just add a hanging lantern
cord and light bulb. Or you can hang your Deadpool decoration from a wire or string. Thanks so much for watching guys. If there’s another Deadpool craft project
that you’d like to see, just leave me a message in the comment below. And if you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing
to my channel See you next time.

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