DIY Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Crème {EASY} by ANNEORSHINE

DIY Deep Moisturizing Whipped Body Butter Crème {EASY} by ANNEORSHINE

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  1. Can i use sweet almond oil instead of evoo? If so how long would the body butter last..? Would i need to put vitamin E oil in it? Please HELP!!

  2. Idk if mine was okay 'cause it's thicker than other moisturizers at room temperature 🙁 and if it's not… how can i make if softer? should i mix it with blender longer?

  3. Can you do a DIY on how to do a mask or a facial wash that get rid of blemish and pimple?❤️❤️❤️
    Love u😘😍😘😍😘

  4. Hi! I tried this recipe last night and packaged them up in jars. This morning when I checked on the whipped body butter, it had hardened in the jar! what did i do wrong? does this not stay whipped? please help!

  5. Can u make this without coconut oil,chocolate,and mango and what kind of chocolate like hersheys??!!and can u use like the liquid chocolate??? Anywho your beutiful and awesome video. Please respond 🙂

  6. This is fantastic..I can't wait to make it! Did anyone else get hungry watching this or is it just me?

  7. OMG I love this video it so creative and cute. I don't want to be rude but can anyone help me reach 500 subs?? 😉

  8. Hi Ann 🙂 I live in a tropical country, will this be too heavy to use daily? If so, will cutting down on the olive oil healp make it less greasy?

  9. Does the cream become stiff once more after it is  placed in its jars, or does it stay in that whipped consistency?

  10. Is it required to use mango butter and cocoa butter? Or can we just use the coconut oil, olive oil, and Shea butter?

  11. the red hearts are super cute but i did see they slightly stain, does that kinda give off a nice color when you get a little bit of red with the body butter or are the red chocolates just for decoration?

  12. Is there a certain temperature I should keep this at? I'm in FL and worry that it could melt before I get to use it all but if I put it in a colder spot in my house will that also effect it? Please let me know, thank you

  13. I loved your video! I do have a question though… I was told that lotions and body butters "must" have a preservative otherwise (even if we don't' see it) the mix will only be safe a couple weeks at the most. Like I said, I love love love your project, and would like to use the recipe to make gifts, but I want them to last. Have you used yours after several weeks… months???

  14. Thumbs up!!; What if I have a hard soap i want to make into a Whipped body butter??, Would I just need to add some Oil and mix?..TY!!!

  15. with four cups of natural butter, how much creme do you get? I am trying to figure out how much i butter i should buy

  16. Hi Ann, I actually did this DIY (the same method) but I actually didn't use any natural butters, I actually used almond, coconut and olive oil… It turned out amazing! Thank you for the inspiration for this😊😊

  17. Cam you use other stuff than butters? I only have coconut oils in my country available so please answer I want to make this for #Mothers Day

  18. có ai dùng chưa ạ có thấy trắng lên không ạ. Hihi em định bỏ thêm chanh vào có được không hihi hỏi ngu

  19. By far the Best DIY video ever! 🙂
    It looks very expensive to make though , can you give me links where to get each product and how much it is and how long it takes to make this stuff 🙂

  20. Hi ann I wanted to know if you had a hair butter video or could you tell me which butters and oils are good for the hair

  21. When I made this my body butter smelled like shea butter instead of the lavender scent I put in. I kept putting in more and more scent but it ended up as a weird smell of shea butter and lavender. I will not use that batch. What can I do to stop the smell?

  22. So creative I really enjoyed watching your video! My only concern would be I may be tempted to eat it lol. Looks delicious I think I need a cupcake now 😀

  23. Hey hello. I can't wait to make this. But I got a question for you? Are your shea, mango and cocoa butters unrefined? Or did you get then at brambleberry (their butters are refined)?
    and thank you again for this tutorial 😄😄😄

  24. Would you mind if someone were to recreate this recipe and a few other diys that you have up and selling them at a local festival or flea market for extra money for school?

  25. Hey ann i do exactly what you do, but the smell is not good over several weeks. How can it be ? please help me

  26. Great video , does this need any preservative to last for a year and can I add a bit of food colouring to make it pink ? Thanks in advance

  27. I am using a very similar body butter creme. It's perfect for my body in winter and it smells like chocolate because of my cocoa butter. I feel like I wanna eat it too when I moisturize my body. I use cocoa butter,shea butter,coconut oil,sweet almond oil and olive oil. I like to add sometimes a small piece of non sweetened chocolate and give it some color. It does not get my skin or clothes dirty.

  28. I put my jug into my pan like this and it shattered and I ended at the hospital with 15 stitches in my chin and 10 in my arm as I put my arm up in front of my face as it smashed. Mine was a proper Pyrex jug. So now I just gone back to my double boiler method with a tin bowel over a pot of simmering water.

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