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Hi guys, its Niveda, welcome back to my channel!
So i’ve gotten an overwhelming response about how I make my facial oil and what i put in
it and how I use it. So, mine just ran out, luckily enough so, its about time for me to
create a new stash. So i figured I’ll just tape it for you guys and you know, what better
way to show you guys than to just make it in front of you. So for your own, do it yourself
facial oil, you’re gonna need about 3 oils and i will go over just what you need in just
a little bit. And you’re also going to need a little dropper bottle or something to hold
your oil in. So my dropper bottle is nothing special, its just something I got from WholeFoods.
It was about 3 dollars or $4, something like that. Its a glass bottle, so it looks a lot
fancier than it acutally is. Moving onto your oils, you’re going to need about 3 different
oils. The main one that you’re going to be using is called a base or carrier oil and
this is the one that you actually begin with and this is what you’re going to fill your
bottle up with the most. Its the main ingredient and you’re going to blend it in with the other
two. So the base oil that i’m going to be using is Argan Oil. Now, argan oil is really
good for dry skin, aging skin, oily skin (yes, oily skin), normal skin, and even acne-prone
skin. Its just all around amazing for your skin, its so nourishing and so moisturizing
and it helps balance out your skin tone so that you’re not overly dry or overly oily.
The argan oil that I have is from Pura D’or. You might already know them from their shampoo
and conditioner because they are widely sold on And they’re so good for making
your hair thicker, for making sure that you’re not losing hair and all that good stuff. Their
shampoo actually has argan oil in it which is why I think its such a benefit. They did
send me their shampoo and conditioner to review and I requested them personally to have some
argan oil and rosehipseed oil, because you guys know how much I love my facial oils.
But in any case, I’m using argan oil as my base oil so this is whats going to take up
the majority of my dropper bottle. So I’m actually gonna go ahead and start to mix it
in — so you want your base oil, in my case argan oil, to make about 2/3 of your oil.
So i’m going to go a little bit under the halfway mark of this bottle because I don’t
want to go more than 1 ounce with my total oil supply. The next oil that you’re going
to want to use in your facial oil is basically just kind of an extra oil. You know, mixing
together different oils really does give you all the added benefits of every oil that you’re
using because they’re all so multivaried and they all have great great benefits for your
skin. I’m going to be using Rosehip Seed oil and this is just known for its anti-aging
abilities and for tightening your skin (Not that I’m aging or Ineed my skin to be tightened)
but its just a really good preventative too, just to prevent wrinkles and to prevent sagging.
If you’re getting a rosehip seed oil that is clear or doesn’t have a funky smell then
its probably not as pure as you’d want it to be, so definitely make sure that you’re
getting the right organic natural types of oil, and i highly suggest Pura D’or for those
oils because they just have a really nice quality to them. Disclaimer: it smells horrible!
And thats when you know its good and that its natural and its organic, but it really
does have a terrible stinky old fish and musty ‘haven’t taken your garbage out’ smell – it
is realllllly bad BUTit DOES GO AWAY and you can use other oils to mask the smell, although
it wont get rid of it completely, but trust me it is worth it to just get used to it because
it is really good for your skin. So, my rosehip seed oil comes in a little squirt bottle and
I’m going to add it into my facial oil. Your nourishing oil, you really don’t need to put
that much in, I’m probably just going to kind of layer off the argan oil with this. If i
put 2/3 argan oil in, this is probably going to be less than 1/3 easily. Number 3 is an
essential oil and again, this is up to you It does add amazing benefits to your skin
and essential oils smell absolutely wonderful. I highly suggest that if you’re using rosehip
seed oil, you add an essential oil because Phew! you need to cover up that smell. There
are so many essential oils you can pick from, my absolute favorite is lavender but I used
up my lavender already so I’m going to be using something different today. TodayI’m
going to be using chamomile essential oil and again, this is just something I got from
Whole Foods.Chamomile is, and this is roman chamomile by the way, but its amazing for
healing and soothing your skin and this is just really good for all skin types. Because
these are essential oils, yes they do give a little bit of a skin benefit, but you don’t
want to use this excessively. It’s very very strong, very potent so you want to make sure
that its really diluted. What you should try to do with your essential oil, is after every
drop, just shake it and smell it and see how much you can really detect the essential oil
— you should definitely be able to smell it but only very slightly, it shouldn’t be
overpowering because if you can smell it too strongly then its not diluted enough and its
probably not going to give your skin the same kind of benefits, it might even cause more
harm. So what I do, is I add a few drops and I make sure to smell it in between drops just
to make sure I’m not adding too much. So thats pretty much it, your oil is done! And you
can use this whenever you want essentially. Using oils on your face about twice a day
is really good for your skin. This combination of oil is going to be really good for dry
skin, normal skin, oily skin, aging skin, acne prone skin, you name it, this oil is
going to change your life! So don’t mind my hair or my face, I just took my makeup off,
ready to go to sleep and Ijust wanted to show you guys how I use my facial oil. So this
is the one that I just made with you guys, this has the argan oil, rosehip seed oil,
and a little bit of chamomile essence in it and what I’m going to do, is I just take a
few drops and apply this to my face and sleep so that it can soak in throughout the night.
So about, 5-6 drops is all you need, I go a little bit extra just because its night-time
so I really wanna get all the added benefits. Rub my hands together, what I’m going to do
is I’m going to pat this into my skin and really just hold it into my skin so that it
really soaks in and absorbs. With oils, you don’t want to really rub and move around too
much, because it doesn’t work the same way lotions do. And despite it smelling absolutely
horrendous….actually, I shouldn’t scare you guys! Its not really that bad, its obviously
a little bit funky but 1. you get used to it, so please don’t stop that from…stop
you from trying this out (ugh I can’t speak) but 1. you do get used to it. And 2. is that
it soaks in pretty fast and the smell goes away. So I highly suggest using lavender instead
of chamomile in order to mask the smell. And because this has rosehip seed oil, I’m going
to focus around my undereyes just because I already have fine lines there and I really
don’t want to get wrinkles and sagging underneath my eyes. So that is how I make my facial oil,
that is how I use my facial oil. I really hope that this encourages you guys to start
using facial oils because, I promise you, they are so much more beneficial for your
skin than using commercial lotions. I will leave a list of all the products that I used
down in the description box below and some information that I talked about. Definitely
check out PUra D’or because you’re not going to find that quality of oil anywhere else.
If you’re planning on purchasing facial oils, definitely buy them through Pura D’or. I’m
going to leave their link down below and I also have a coupon code for them which is
Niveda25. So if you guys start using a facial oil, definitely leave me a comment below on
if you like it or not. And I can’t wait to see you guys in my next video!

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