Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

Do Facial Exercises Really Work?

today I wanted to talk to you about
muscle effort and how much effort do you put into the exercises now I want you
to ask yourself how much effort am i putting into the exercises is it too
much is it too little or is it just right when you ask the question about
muscle effort you’re the one that needs to answer it because it’s to do with
your body specifically it’s to do with what your muscles can handle and because
we’re all so very different it’s very difficult for me to give you an idea of
what to do with the muscle effort because I can say we’ll do it like this
but it might not be enough for your muscles or I could say do it the way I
do it and it might be too much for your muscles so it’s up to you to determine
the muscle effort that you put into the exercises because the facial muscles are
so much smaller than our body muscles we do actually have to treat them a little
bit differently and that’s why I’ve set up the program for balance it’s why you
rest a lot after each series that’s why you build to the crescendo and you only
do that for two weeks and that’s why you change the exercises around every six
weeks so all of these things give you balance and it’s a structured facial
exercise program but the thing that you need to do and you need to understand is
with muscle effort this is all up to you so consider that if you’re doing the
exercises and you’re getting massive pain from it do you think you’re doing
too much muscle effort if you’re doing the jaw exercise and it’s tremendous
pain when you’re doing the exercise extreme pain do you think you might be
doing too much muscle effort because it’s like when you do go to the gym
let’s say you’re in the gym and you’re going on the circuit and you’re you know
you’re pushing out all these you know really fast reps and you’re doing all
these things with your body now the moment it gets extreme pain what would
you do you stop and rest and then you keep
going at a lesser rate pushing it less it’s what you do isn’t it it’s the same with
your face if you are getting headaches from the back of your neck this means
that your focus and your muscle effort is not correct so when you’re doing that
the neck exercises the muscle effort is to what your body can take and the
muscles can take especially when you’re doing the neck exercises you do have to
remember to bring your focus right into the front of your face right to the chin
is the best place or anywhere in this area in the chin and under is where you
would bring your focus so let’s do an example so this example is say the first
forehead exercise in series 1 so we’ve got our fingers up into the position now
if you’re pushing too hard and if you’re going like this and it’s extreme pain in
the back of your neck and in the front of your forehead it is too much effort
if you press too hard and it hurts in your neck or it’s putting too much
strain on your neck it means you are pressing too hard so here we go I’m just
pressing to the point where I can isolate the muscle and I can lift now
I’m not lifting crazily are not being you know pushing it so hard I’m not
using the back of my neck with that exercise what happens is the back
muscles on your scalp they just naturally start to move when you start
getting that area stronger you don’t have to force those muscles and in fact
with any of the exercise you don’t have to force it because if you do you end up
with headaches you end up with soreness and it is too much and I think the main
thing what I try to let you know is not to do too much stick to the program as
I’ve taught it but when you are doing the exercises
understand that you need to just think about what you’re doing just think about
what you’re doing if there’s pain anywhere on your face it means that
you’re doing too much now there is going to be a certain
amount of exercise pain when you’re doing the exercises it goes immediately
after you finish the exercises it doesn’t hang around so what I’d like you
to do is next time that you do your routines consciously think about your
muscle effort and if there’s too much pain if there’s too much pressure in
your neck start thinking about doing less effort and I can absolutely let you
know that it’s not going to impede the success of your facial exercise and in
fact it will help it because the motto is less is best we don’t do more we
don’t add exercises we don’t do more repetitions we just stick to the program
and we do it in a way that is gentle in a way that is calming I know that we do
the exercise and it does take discipline and it does take time to push it out
into to do all of that but the whole reason why we’re doing the exercises is
to help us feel better and look better and that’s really what the whole reason
why we do it it’s a loving accepting thing that we’re doing for ourselves it
says self-acceptance and self caring so when you put it in the concept of self
caring then you start to understand that you do not push your face muscles to
hurt you treat your face with with much more gentleness than you would the rest
of your body so it’s up to you to think about how much you’re doing so I can’t I
just can’t you know it’s like for me how long is a piece of string when someone
says how much effort do we put into it well the effort you put into it is to
the point that you’re not getting pain that you’re not getting pressure that
you’re not getting headaches and that the pressure and pain is not
ongoing okay it’s like when you do the jaw exercises but your exercises they’re
really really strong exercises and if you have any indication that you might
have a problem with your jaw I do ask you to do those exercises with extreme
caution with extreme caution if at all and I have said in previous videos that
if you do have problems with your jaw like big problems or big problems on
your face with your skin with anything like that
you cannot do facial exercise because it will exacerbate it you have to have a
healthy face healthy skin and a healthy bone structure for you to do this and
then when you do it you need to do it with loving kindness that’s how you do
it so you can imagine if you’re pushing
really hard and you know you’re being really violent with it you’ve got to get
those exercises done and you’ve got to push them out it’s it’s not kind
it’s not kindness okay you do them with loving kindness and then if you have
that attitude you’ll find that your exercises will feel better and you’ll
look better and you’ll feel better I hope that’s helped you specifically
today with your exercises I really do now that we’ve finished exercise along
with me series one updates I will be moving into the series two updates but
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lovely day wherever you are in the world and I’ll see you next time bye

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  1. You are right peta..thanks for telling the correct way to do the excercises..i dont have any complain regarding more wrinkles due to these excercises..your advice is absolutely spot on.

  2. Thankyou for this video Peta❀❀ and i want ask you one question do we have to release fascia everyday before doing facial exercises..

  3. thank you so much peta!! 🌹 what happens tho, if i skipped 2 days? will that make a huge dent in all the effort ive been putting into all this?

  4. good to be reminded of this…i think i have been a bit too intense with the neck exercises. the most important thing is FOCUSING on the muscle – visualizing. and KINDNESS. so important to remember.

  5. Thanks for such a thought provoking video. Seriously, we, especially women, need to focus on loving ourselves more, and for me, facial exercise is a gift I give to myself, every day. It's not a chore and my face isn't something to be " managed", if that makes sense. Also, muscle effort is quite subjective, from individual to individual. As we age, our bodies aren't as capable of regenerating and recuperating as quickly, so while this isn't an excuse to not try our best, it is a factor to consider. All things in moderation!! Looking forward to Series 2 updates as well. Thanks, Peta. Hope you, John, and all the fur babies are doing well!

  6. Thanks for this sorry I'm so late . I get a bit of a headache from one of the neck exercises the other one doesn't bother me at all.

  7. Thank you for sharing…this was extremely helpful! πŸ™‚ Listen to what Peta says, and I am and its making all the difference. I still can't get on the website to join the gym community? Keeps saying I am limited. πŸ™ Have a great day and thank you again for taking the time to share this video…it answers a lot of my questions that I was wondering. Looking forward to the routines each week πŸ™‚

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  9. Thank you for these update videos. They motivate me. I've been following and exercising with you now for almost a year and a half. I've been through all of your series and now starting over with you on series 1. I just wanted to say that I'm loving your laser lift tool and the lotion that came with it. I can feel my skin firming throughout the remainder of the day after I use the tool. I also wanted to say that you look really good in that black blouse in this video. Your skin looks great especially your eyelids and your neck. Keep up the hard work.

  10. I discovered you about a month ago by searching YouTube for facial exercises. I feel as though I won the lottery that day. Thank you Peta for all of your informative videos!

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