Do you really need a facial?

Do you really need a facial?

Sometimes I find it hard to distinguish
between a need and a want. Like, do I need another Oreo? Do I need another hour of
sleep? And do I really need a facial? “Fingers crossed!” (upbeat music) Cheryl: Hola, NextTribe! I’m
Cheryl Kramer Kaye and I am at the happiest place on earth. It is not Disneyworld; it is Rancho La Puerta! And I am here today with Sofia
Zamudio. Sofia is a facialist here at the Ranch. Sofia, how long have you been
here at Rancho La Puerta? Sofia: Well, actually this summer I’m going to be 23 years working as a facialist here at the Ranch so of course I love it. Cheryl: You’ve seen a lot of skin! Sofia: I’ve seen a lot of skin. Cheryl:I have to be honest with you; I think of a facial as a pleasure, but not something I need. Do you think of a facial as a
need, a want, or somewhere in between? Sofia: Well, most of the people don’t realize that they
really NEED a facial. Cheryl: Hmmm. Sofia: They really need it. Cheryl: Is there a difference between what you can do in a facial and what I can do for myself at home? Sofia: It depends on your skin. What part of the world you are, or what season it is. Your skin has different
needs. Here, when we… when you are with me and I’m doing a facial we look at your
skin we analyze your skin in that moment what does your skin need. Cheryl: Take us through what happens in a facial. So, a lot of people have never had a facial; some
people have them all the time. So let’s just talk about the basic steps of a
facial. Sofia: Okay in a facial, first I’m going to clean your face. If you have makeup or whatever. Sometimes we need one cleanser, sometimes two cleansers. It depends… Cheryl: A double cleanse. Sofia: A double cleanse if you have a lot of makeup, if you always use
makeup, a lot of sunscreen, and you usually don’t take it off at home; you
go to bed like that at home. So, you know, one cleanser
sometimes is not enough. We have to do it. Then we analyze the skin with nothing.
So when we analyze the skin, we decide, what are the next steps? If
she’s going to do extractions; if she’s going to need hydration; if their skin is so
sensitive. So, what are we going to do? To do extractions, we don’t do as some
people usually do at home. They just see something and they want to squeeze it and take it out. And do it with their nails, or something. “That is extremely satisfying.” Sofia: No. Prepare the skin. Okay, so, we put a nice hydrating lavender mist to hydrate a little bit the skin. We exfoliate the skin and we use the steam. We manipulate the
exfoliation; we do it with the steam so every pore, it will clean it
a little deeper than what you could just do it with a cleanser. Cheryl: Got it. Sofia: Then we use the lamp. Of course my hands are always clean. And then I cover my
fingers, because I like to do it with my fingers, and I put Kleenex on top of the cover to do the extraction. We never damage the skin. Cheryl: So I always get very self-conscious at that moment, like, oh my god, my skin looks terrible and
she’s seeing it. What are you thinking as you look through that magnifying lens? Sofia: I love to do extractions. Cheryl: It doesn’t gross you out? Sofia: No, no, no, no. I love it. It’s like, Oh, I
have to clean it when I see the blackheads coming out from your skin and they’re like, Take me out so I can look more beautiful! For me, it makes a big difference. Cheryl: Is it okay to do extractions at home? Sofia: Look, I recommend always not to do it. Because people, usually they do it in
the car, watching themselves in the mirror, or things like that, and they get
infected. Here we also do, after we do the
cleansing we clean… the extractions, we clean the
face and we put antiseptic so that way you don’t have any infection on your skin. Cheryl: Gotcha. Sofia: And, of course, after, we put a mask to seal your skin, and then your skin, your
pores are a little open, so it hydrates it penetrates, all the masks. That is
different than if you do it at home, you know? Cheryl: Yeah. At home, I just slap it on. “The water’s boiling.” “Hello!” Sofia: By the time you have your mask
on, I will perform a little massage. We massage neck, shoulders, your head, so that way you’re in a relaxing mood. Everything is penetrating. And then we remove that, and
then we tone, we use your eye cream, we use for the lips, the serum, and then our
serum for the face, and we moisturize depending what moisturizer you need. Cheryl: Tell me what your top three products are that you use in your facials. And I know
that you use the La Puerta Core Essentials line. So tell me a little bit about the Core Essentials line first. Sofia: Okay, first, our line is an organic line. We love it because most of the ingredients that we use in our line are
here at the Ranch, at tres Estrellas, so they’re botanical oils. We use a lot of aloe
vera. Aloe vera is a beautiful ingredient: it hydrates, it soothes, so it’s
for all types of skin. So my favorite… I mean, you say only three, so it’s a little difficult. But, for example, I have this one, that is the lavender Hydrating Mist. Cheryl: Oh, hit me, baby. Sofia: It doesn’t have the oil, but it has the benefits, okay? So it’s really
beautiful. And summertime, you can have it in the refrigerator, and you come home and you just spray a little bit. Cheryl: Muy importante. Sofia: Muy importante. Cheryl: Who else do we have here? Sofia: Okay, now I have the Herbal Face Serum. Cheryl: Calendula and chamomile Sofia: And also it has aloe, of course. Cheryl: Of course, our friend aloe. And when would this be used in the facial? Sofia: In the facial and your daily
routine, this is for everyday use, you use it after you clean your skin, then you tone,
then you put your calendula serum. And my favorite one mask, this is my
number one. I love it because this is the Pomegranate Enzyme Mask. So this one has enzymes from pomegrante and from apple. It has aloe. So actually this is like amask that actually exfoliates. Cheryl: So it’s fruit acids. Sofia: It’s fruit acids. Our products… there are no magic in our products. Actually they’re just organic,
we don’t use chemicals. So you won’t see something extremely different in one
day. We want to hydrate, to nourish your skin so it lasts longer, and you can see
it, every day, a little better. It’s the same. Cheryl: Wait a minute. Isn’t that the Ranch’s motto? Siempre mejor? Sofia: Of course. Cheryl and Sofia: Always better. Cheryl: (whispering) It’s over. That was wonderful. Sofia: Thank you. Cheryl: if I could still speak, I would say thank you to Sofia and Rancho La Puerta. Dos besos. (upbeat music) Sofia: Sometimes have problems with the um… menopause? Cheryl: Yes, we do sometimes have problems with menopause. Cheryl: Three pumps. Sofia: Yeah, like that. You grab it with
your toe…I’m sorry. Cheryl: No problem. Sofia: With your fingertips. In Spanish, toes and… it’s the same. Cheryl: Yes, dedos. Dedos del mano y dedos del pies. I’m showing off now.

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