Sia’s “The Greatest” (remix) P.S Follow me on instagram @jannahballerina and @_amelia.gething_ Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel So today I’m joined with a very very special and a legendary guest Maddie Ziegler So if you guys have seen Maddie before, she is queen of dance moms, a legendary dancer, dancer for sia and just overall beautiful and she is also one of my closest friends as well for those guys who don’t know, me and Maddie have been friends for a long periodically time and we’ll get onto that later on in the video but I was so excited to film with James Not only because he’s incredible but because I feel like every time I do a red carpet, it is very natural which I love so much That’s my favorite look to do but since I’m here, it’s only appropriate to do a full coverage glam very, like, James Charles so – Yes! So happy. We decided to do this double cut crease on Sister Maddie, the design that she’s never done before. She’s never even done a regular cut crease, (let) alone a double kinda crease. Yea So, this is a crazy look. She doesn’t even wear false lashes ever so This is so much fun to, like, break her out of her bronze-y beautiful glam shell because she has perfect skin, doesn’t need any makeup. But, for today, in honor of today, we went with full coverage full everything, I guess. Ya. This is the look we came up with, I absolutely loved how it turned out on Sister Maddie. So, if you wanna see how to create this look. Ready for this? Make sure you keep on watching! He-he! So, first we’re going to start of with misting Sister Maddie’s face, with the Pixi Glow Mist. This stuff is really, really good And it’s really, like, really pretty. It makes a really good base for foundation. So for our foundation today, we are using shocker *inaudible* if you ever heard of the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Sand in the Shade of Y315. I have a spray tan so, my foundation is a little bit darker. But, Maddie, here, matches my normal skintone. So. I’m a ghost. This was like my go-to for competition and then all of the girls that I compete with got it after I had it. Oh my God! I know, this is, like, the same one I’ve been using. But not the same exact one. Oh right. I know on all your videos you got that the queen of being a true fan I am a fan of you Ok we just switched sides Because my right hand is my dominant hand, so I wouldve been like I dont really know how to explain it, but it maade more sense for me to be on this side Today we are going to be using the tarte shae tape in the shade light what a lot of people dont know is that me and maddie have been friends for like probably like a year now I think Like. so basically before- you already had a following but- It was before you were like huge right I like saw him on instagram and then you like dmed me like cause you saw that i followed you so i went on my instagram and i had like 50 comments being like oh my god maddie followed you and i was like maddie who and then i looked and i was like oh my f—–g god THIS MADDIE Cos i had been watching dance Moms and i was like a loyal fan for like years and years so i like freaked out and then i slid into your dms and we started talking yea, and i was like so excited because i was a huge fan of your work and everything you did Oh my god, thank you sister yeah, it was so funny, like we havent, this is our first time properly hanging out But like, that time before when we saw each other at a party We were getting ready for a party and I was getting ready for one party and he was like Oh yeah I’m going to this one party and we thought we were going to two different parties And we ended up being at the same party I just went ahead and I set Maddie’s face using the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder But I only set under her eyes We want this look to kinda be like dewy, very very glowy today I’m gonna go ahead and I’m gonna bronze Maddie’s face using the Benefit Hoola Bronzer And the Morphe M405 brush Its my favorite contouring brush and you can use code JAMES for 10% off all products at Morphe My all time favorite brushes I was so excited to hear you say that Really?! (laughing) use “james” It’s really not like a James Charles video if I don’t promote some coupon code in there somewhere No, yeah I love it though I use a creme bronzer Do you?! That’s something I can’t do. I can’t I don’t know why I just, like it doesn’t work for me at all I get so oily, like at all times, that I like, if I use cremes like it’s just gonna melt off my face Oh yeah Like I use creme foundation and that’s it and then I have to like set it with powder And like a lot of powder

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  1. I like how in one episode in Dance Moms Maddie’s sister said I just want to go home and eat chips😂😂 I was laughing so hard

  2. no puedo creer que sea Maddie de dancemom, recuerdo cuando lo veia y ella tenia como 6,7 años… que rápido pasa el tiempo

  3. Con cloe maquenzie kendall kalani nia broke peiage con sus mamas holli Cristi Melisa y también keli su mama de Maddie y maquenzie yo veo en lifetime hay sali y su mama es Melisa jajajaja maigad me se todo sorry

  4. Como o es que ellos quedan bellos al maquillarse☺😘 pero yo cada vez que me maquillado me veo peor que payaso ashh soy un espanto literal jajajaj

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