DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP ๐Ÿ’‹ Cosmetic Deals Haul (My favorites!)

DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP ๐Ÿ’‹ Cosmetic Deals Haul (My favorites!)

hi my name is summer and welcome to
elevate you tea company I went to the dollar store and did a beauty haul and
I’m gonna share five products that I think are totally worth way more than
one dollar the first product I tried are these la colors loose eyeshadow pigments
so these actually a was not really expecting too much out of them I grabbed
a pink one this is a silver one and the one that I tried was this really pretty
gold one and these are a loose shadow pigment look at how pretty these are it
has this really beautiful iridescent gold shine it’s great for highlighter
you can throw it on your cheekbones and well the one thing I will say is that
this powder doesn’t really last all day it doesn’t stick as well as some of the
products that I’ve used I really like a cream highlighter because I know it’s
gonna last all day it’s not gonna smudge it’s not gonna go anywhere but these
little things for one dollar are great for a night out they’re great for like a
short time wear and for one dollar like really they’d be great in a lip balm or
a lip gloss you just tap a little bit on top it’ll make it really shimmery and
pretty the next thing I tried out was the wet and wild crease brush so I don’t
expect a whole lot out of a dollar brush however I have become fond of the elf
brushes and those can be really inexpensive but this one is really soft
it’s got great dents it’s got a great dense head and it blends really
beautifully it’s super soft I love to use it to blend I shadow after I’ve
applied it using this clean brush to blend and make everything look really
nice together and for a dollar this is a fantastic Buy
next we have hair clips you guys I feel like these are the other sister two
bobby pins where you have a ton however you can never find one when you need one
these are really great again they were a dollar I think for a pack of three or
four and I use them when I’m flat ironing my hair I’ll just stick it in
the bath like this so that I can get at my layers but the downside to these are
that my kids love to play with them they’re like little alligators I find
them in their rooms all the time so for one dollar I can afford to go get more
when mine have gone missing the next thing I want to show you is
probably my favorite thing that I’ve ever bought from the dollar store it is
a face scrub pad in this little thing that comes in a pack of three does so
good for taking off your makeup for exfoliating it has a soft side that is
more like a microfiber terry cloth material and then there’s kind of this
little rougher netted side that is great for exfoliating so it’s a dollar for a
pack of three you can throw these in the washing machine when you need to clean
them I use them every night for taking off my makeup they’re gentle and they’re
so cute and little they make great little gifts so grab these ones next
time you’re out and about and last but not least this was an amazing vine
because these are nine to eleven dollars in the drugstore and they’re the Sally
Hansen nail effects nail wraps this is the French manicure I got like three or
four different kinds this is the one that I put on first it has this really
pretty glitter gold and it’s like a wine purple reverse French manicure these are
super simple to apply I was actually really shocked that they had these there
and the barcode is like blocked out so even the person checking me out was like
I can’t believe that we have these and I wonder why the barcode is blocked out
but we’re gonna sell it anyways so these are a quick and easy way to get a
flawless man cure they last for up to two weeks they
come off with regular nail polish again these are gonna be great stocking
stuffers for Christmas or just when you’re on the go and you can’t break out
the nail polish like on a flight or traveling in the car or in a hotel room
with friends when you’re on the business trip these are really easy to use so
those are my five favorite things that I’ve recently found from the dollar
store that I would totally pay more than a dollar for in fact I usually pay ten
dollars for these so thanks for watching I would love to hear what your favorite
Beauty fines are from the dollar store or from the drugstore something that you
find that’s really inexpensive that you feel like you’re getting a really big
bang for your buck let me know in the comments and I would love to check those
out I will talk to you all soon bye

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