Dramatic Gothic White to Black Extended Winged Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Dramatic Gothic White to Black Extended Winged Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone! This video will
be a tutorial on how to do this look. I call it the ‘Dramatic
Gothic White to Black Extended Winged Cat Eye.’ Long name
right?! Anyway, I hope you all can see this since the autofocus
on the camera is kinda weird at times so hopefully it is mostly
sharp. Also, I apologize if my face goes off the camera and you
cannot see what I’m doing. It’s a really weird angle. I always start off with this
‘Too Faced Shadow Insurance’ primer. Then I use ‘Maybelline
Color Tattoo 05 Too Cool’ for the white. I use these cosmetic
applicator sticks that come with most eyeshadows. I go over to
about middle or end of the eye so I can blend it with the
black. I like it high so it can be seen above my eye crease. For the black eyeshadow,
I’m using ‘NYX ES01 Black’ and this ‘Ecotools Shade’ brush. I generally get the brush a
little wet since it helps apply the eyeshadow easier
and with less fall out. Then I gently extend it out.
Don’t worry about unevenness or mistakes. That will be
fixed during cleanup. Now it’s time to blend, so I
apply some black over the white. And, you can either use your
finger or some kind of brush to blend. I am using the
‘Ecotools Smudge’ brush. Sometimes I extend the top
part of the black over to give it added dimension. Now time for the eyeliner, which
finalizes the look. I’m using the ‘Revlon ColorStay Liquid
Liner.’ If you mess up, get a Q-tip and wipe it off and
reapply the eyeshadow over top to cover up the spot.
Then retry the eyeliner. I apply it on the
top and bottom. Now time for the point. Just
extend it down following the natural curve of your eye. And
connect it to the bottom. For mascara, you can use anything
you want. I am using the ‘Maybelline the Mega Plush
Volum’ Express’ mascara. Now time for cleanup which is
your chance to fix mistakes. For eyebrows, I start with the
‘Rimmel Soft Kohl 061 Jet Black Liner Pencil.’ So, if I mess
up, I can easily erase it. When I have the outline, I go
over it with this ‘Maybelline Blackest Black’ gel liner
with an ‘Ecotools’ angled brush. I use the tip for sharp edges. I can never do them evenly. As
long as they are close to even and they are thick enough, you
won’t be able to tell all that much. The thinner they are,
the more likely people will notice the unevenness. So, I hope you enjoyed this
video. Thanks for watching!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Why do people remove their brows and then paint them back on? I've never understood this. (No offence, I'm simply curious).

  2. I have some horrible news, if you like that NYX ES01-it's being discontinued ๐Ÿ™ Ugh, when I found this out I was like, Nooooo, I'm gonna kill myself! The square singles in the NYX they're replacing with the round Hot Singles ones,& I hope to god the matte black in that line is as good as ES01, cause IMO that one was the blackest most opaque black on the market, even more than Urban Decay,Sugarpill or Mac. NYX has other matte blacks in their trios,& palettes,but for some reason they're just not as black.A few sites still have some left, but even if I stock up, I'd run out eventually. Fingers crossed the new one will be as good.

  3. I love how dramatic this makeup is. When I do looks like this one I also like to take the dark colour over the top on the innerย crease like you did here, cause it really gives a fierce style to the makeup and carves out some nice dimension.

  4. Could you do a tutorial on your regular Goth look? I find it very striking, but somehow when I try out, my attempts look very "wrong". Thanks in advance =) โ™ก

  5. You have got the precision eyebrows down pat… evenly and quickly too. I still have trouble with getting mine looking the same! I agree with the other commenter… more of these videos please! <3

  6. I really want to try this but am a little nervous about going into a shop and buying makeup. I've bought swimsuits, leotards and tights in shops before, but there is still something holding me back from buying makeup. It's stupid of me really as the people in the shop would probably just assume I was buying it for my girlfriend or something (not that I have a girlfriend, but they don't know that).

  7. Don't worry about the brows not being even. Natural brows are usually always a little bit different anyway, so making them slightly uneven will give them a more realistic and natural effect ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, you seem to have a pretty steady hand! Do you maybe draw as well?

  8. I'm gunna try this sometime soon! I haven't really tried a lot of make-up but I hope to sometime…
    Also your make-up kinda reminds me of another YouTuber named Mort3mor (Suzy is her real name!) She's really sweet and she has the same sorta style as you- the whole cool gothic look and all!

  9. Hey, I would really love it if you did some more of this type of video! I love your style and the way you do your make up xxx

  10. Love this! You are far better at eyeliner and brows than I am! Kudos! You are a beautiful personโ˜บ

  11. Wow this is an awesome look, it really suits you and the way you apply your make-up is really talented (I suck with make-up haha)

  12. I know this is not the main focus of your channel, but please do more makeup videos because you have an incredible style, I watch a lot of your videos where you wear beautiful and unique kind of gothic meets high fashion looks, and it would be nice to see how you create them.

  13. You do a really great job ๐Ÿ™‚ But could you also consider using cruelty free make up ? it's not meant to be rude, really. Just a question ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Check out Sigma makeup brushes girlfriend!!!! They are amazing and cheap. A good set of brushes makes all the difference. Your amazing

  15. I shaved my brows off a few months ago and have been playing around with my routine/products. This was such a great brow tutorial, even though that wasn't your intention! Thank you!

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