Drawing Facial Expressions · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Drawing Facial Expressions · 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook · SemiSkimmedMin

Alright you lot, hows it going. As the title suggests, today we’re looking
at drawing facial expressions. It’s not something I’ve practiced a lot
but since my focus at the moment is to learn new things, I though why not give it a go. It’s really important I think to have a
wide range of facial expressions in your drawing repertoire, most of us stick to that standard
neutral face which is fine and is probably what you’re gonna use the most to be honest
but whenever it comes to drawing something with a bit of action, a bit of emotion or
something with a story behind it, you’re never gonna really be able to convey that
without a few different expressions under your belt. So for reference today I went on deviantArt,
there are sooo many of these facial expression sheets that people really generously make
and publish for artists to use, so I’ll leave the one I used linked below. But yeah I wanted to go for a some really
varied ones. You’ll have seen I started out really quickly
by just drawing some quick head shapes around the page to give me a template of where each
face would be just so they wouldn’t all be running into each other. Then I started with just a plain side view
as a sort of warm up since that’s something I’m relatively confident with. I do a really quick light sketch first to
just get the gist of the different shapes and things where I want them to be and once
it looks right I’ll go in with a heavier hand to give darker, more confident lines. Err I’m not at a point yet where I feel
like I can really stylise this kind of thing, these drawings are more just observational,
I haven’t learnt enough about facial expressions to have a good enough foundation to really
exaggerate things or put a twist on it, but since I do always work quite quickly with
my preliminary, lighter sketches and I tend to keep things either quite angular or just
like simple shapes, I do think that helps to make things look a little bit more stylised
I guess, that’s just my way of laying out a drawing anyway so I think since I always
use the same approach, the finished piece will end up looking like something I’ve
drawn. If you know what I mean. So one tip that I can give you that I picked
up during this practice is when drawing mouths in weird positions, or any positions really,
I’ve found it helps to start with the inside of the mouth, the inside shape, and then add
the lips after. So even if the mouth is shut, you would draw
the line in the middle where the lips meet, obviously making sure that line is the right
shape or angle or whatever to convey whatever expression you’re trying to convey and then
add the lips in around it and yeah, that’s been really effective for me. Uhh let’s see what else can I talk about. Okay let me try and answer another anonymous
ask I got on tumblr. To paraphrase the person basically said is
it ever too late to pursue art or get into an art school. They’re 20 with no prior education or knowledge
but they’re passionate and can’t imagine doing anything else in life. I mean listen, I’m not an expert on anything
okay, I’m not a careers advisor, I only know my own personal experiences, so don’t
take my word as the gospel. All I know is, even though I’ve been drawing
since I was little, I never had any proper training, all I knew was that this has consistently
been what I wanted to do in life, so I took the steps to make that happen. And I’m STILL taking steps to make that
happen. I mean, I KNOW its not that simple, trust
me, because we have financial or economic factors and social factors that can stop us
from pursing things but like, you can come up with a plan that works for you. If the goal is art school then learn about
what it takes to put together a portfolio, look into the schools you’d be interested
in going to and see what requirements they have, see if you can get in contact with anyone
that’s been there and find out what steps they took to get in. If it’s gonna cost money, then start saving. It might take years to save up but as long
as you’ve got an achievable plan in place, you’re working towards what you want and
you’ll get there eventually and in the meantime you could be working on building your knowledge
and your skills. I actually wanna talk about that in more detail,
you know being self-taught, studying or even just LEARNING more about art so let me know
if you’d wanna hear more about that kind of thing, I’m gonna do a video on it soon. So yeah hopefully the person that asked that
question is watching but I think this could really apply to anyone who’s not sure about
pursuing any thing. It’s never too late. I always just think to myself what’s the
alternative. Live the rest of your life thinking ‘I could’ve
at least tried’. Anyway, we;re coming to the end of the video,
didn’t expect to end up preaching but here we are. Thanks so much for watching guys, I’ll see
you all in my next one. Bye!

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. You inspire me , not only with my artist abilities but with the way you talk about the world. I'm happy I found your videos 🌜

  2. I absolutely love this series you're doing, it's so motivational, you've inspired my only new year's resolution, and that is to leave my sketching comfort zone and make sure I draw every single day! Keep at it, can't wait to see what you do next 🙂

  3. i would watch videos on being self taught and how to educate yourself. also I'd love to see a sketch video every now and then, that was slowed down. only because some times i like drawing along with people and also being able to study real time of lines and so on is so helpful. this video was super fast but i love the faces the most.
    sorry if this comment is hard to read. i'm typing with one hand while in bed.

  4. Really enjoyed this and I'd look forward to a video about being self taught, recently started sketching a few flowers cause my doctor recommended getting a hobby but if you could recommend anyone in YouTube who does really basic tutorials that'd be amazing
    I love your style and how you do these videos, I find them so inspiring that you just do what you want and don't care what other people think in terms of your art

  5. I was actually doing this just today to fill my own sketchbook! I always feel like my expressions and emotions fall flat in my images; it's nice to see how other artists work on this weakness too.

  6. Thank you so much for talking for longer! It really helped. Between the tips for drawing and the talk through on your feelings and struggles with the piece, i feel better listening to this! and that answered question was inspirational! thank you so much!!!<3333

  7. I am not sure if you will see this, but if you can reach out to that person on Tumblr–especially when it comes to financial factors (but even possibly motivation factors) it might be much more attainable for them and a great jumping off point to get into an affordable community/state college and major in an art program there.

    they will likely save money, meet some great aspiring artists and/or teachers, and gain advice and likely learn how to create a portfolio and get live feedback in real-time.

  8. Kay so the question you answered made me laugh because I totally thought the same thing after my first day at an art school where I saw house skilled everyone was. But the thing is, 20 isn't even old. The only time it's too late the pursue art is on your deathbed lol. So don't give up on it just because there are people with more experience than you. Because no matter someone's age, they too will find tons of people with more experience than them. Age has nothing to do with it

  9. Yes please upload a video about being a self taught artist! I am one myself and I am really nervous as I'll be applying into Uni soon and the major that i want to do is graphic design and communication 🙂

  10. another great video and agreed- something on being a self taught artist, especially in regards to any collective learning spaces/ collaborative learning you know of would be fantastic…might be a nice opportunity to share tips and encouragement too 🙂

  11. Minnie you draw amazingly! ❤️
    haha I don't get tired of saying it. I always wait for your videos, specially for your tips. Your videos always put me in the mood for drawing haha. I love this "30 ways to fill a sketchbook" series!!

  12. I did a series of expressions practice a few weeks ago and it was so much FUN. I need to do that for warmups from now on. The way you clustered these together inspires me to do something similar.

  13. Idk if you remember my comment weeks ago, when I said it was encouraging watching you work almost daily, I did it, I started a daily sketch thing from the start of 2017. 🙂 <3 so Thank you, I guess. and please do that talk about perusing art career, I am trying to after I finish art school!

  14. Everything in this video was so satisfying, from your drawings to your freakin nails. GORGEOUS AND SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING ❤️

  15. I love the face that looks to be having a "Oh gawwwwwd" moment… I love it all as usual and I totally agree you have to have plan and work towards what you want. It doesn't matter how it takes just do it as best as you can with whatever means and make yourself happy as its not about others its about you!! xx

  16. Please I would love it if you could make a video talking about being self-taught etc.. It would be so useful!!!!!! Thanks you! PS: love your videos <3

  17. I love your videos! Every day before sitting down to do some art I watch one of your videos for inspiration. Thanks for all the tips! Also, on a side note, what kind of pencil do you use for sketching? What brand is it?

  18. Girl, I love your videos. Your work and style is beautiful.
    I definitely would like to hear your thoughts on being self taught. I'd like to say that I am in the early stages of working to build my skills to a professional level with art.

  19. Please talk more about being self-taught! Love hearing about how you learn. Thank you so much! Also, I love your videos/explanations on Gouache. I'm going to try it myself now!

  20. I believe being able to doodle people's faces with actual features & emotional expressions should be mandatory for all historians.

  21. I want to ask while you are sketching did looking some photo? becoz I'm struggling to sketch without seeing photo any tips or advance pls…I love watching your videos

  22. Awesome sketch, awesome advice. That's why I love your channel Min. Really enjoying this series. Much love <3

  23. Minnie Small , I love your videos and I really like how you narrate them and how you express yourself through them. I was wondering if you could do more videos on how to do preliminary sketching, or sketching the facial features or just sketching… Btw, I really like you drawing style!!👍👍😄😄

  24. Waw, loving the ending in which you answer a question about succeeding, stating "there's always an alternative", loving that positive mindset and your tips & advices are really original and precious like no one else! So happy to have discovered your channel! It really pushed me to get even more into arts but also being creative daily. I think being creative not only in arts but in life is extremely important too, in order to live it fully and not be bored. I personally love travelling as it's mind-opening and full of knowledge!

  25. To the person who inquired about going to art school, I have my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and I found a lot of the instructors in my classes focused on theory rather than technique. If you are not comfortable with technique be prepared to have to pursue self training to improve in your skills. Minnie shares lots of links of artist who share their techniques in various different media's and it is a great place to start. Art is primarily about self expression anyways. My degree in art has helped me vastly with learning about how to present myself as a professional, and you will learn about grants, how to apply for exhibitions, marketing oneself, documenting your work, etc. Also some of my fellow students while I was there were in their 60's and they'd likely laugh to hear someone concerned about being in their 20's being too late 😉

  26. Amazing work!!! I was wondering if you could make a few videos that focuses on certain facial features like mouths and noses! That would be awesome xx

  27. I am happy that I found your channel. Your content if great and I am here for the Black Woman artist representation. It helps build my confidence a lot to see someone like me in this field.

  28. As far as too old to do something, youre never too old to pursue something youre interested in. I came to this realization when I learned about people like Van Gogh who didn't start painting until his late twenties. Stan Lee's first comic was at 39. Julia Child wrote her famous cookbook at 50. Vera Wang started in the fashion industry at age 40.

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