Easy Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial for Hooded Eyes With Love Cosmetics Pressed Glitter nicqui madden

Easy Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial for Hooded Eyes With Love Cosmetics Pressed Glitter nicqui madden

Hello my 40 and 50 plus gorgeous
beautiful ladies! So I’m doing a really quite easy glitter
cut crease today for you. I’ve only used two colours and of course glitter glue and
the glitter itself. So let’s jump straight in. Ok so I’m starting out
with my PLouise base in 01. Now if you guys haven’t got PLouise, the
primer I was using before I started using PLouise was Urban Decay.
I think this one’s in Eden. And that’s what it looks like. So it’s a yellowy,
creamy colour like the PLouise and I had no problems with that primer. So if you
can’t get your hands on PLouise, which is the absolute best primer, try the
Urban Decay. So I’m just going to prime today just in the inner corner here and
then right up into my crease. Ok so I’m just tapping off as normal
or with my NARS 42 brush. Now I’ve really only placed this PLouise base
in that crease area and above because I am gonna go in and cut my lid, but I’m
just gonna cut it straight with the glitter glue. So I don’t really need any
primer underneath that. Ok so I’m going in with the Daisy Marquez –
it’s a palette from BH Cosmetics. It comes apart. So there’s a little mirror on the
back there and that’s the palette. So beautiful little pastel colours in there.
So the first colour I’m going to go in with in the crease area is “Dulce” – so it’s
an apricot, peach colour; on a Morphe 507 (quite a small brush). I’m just gonna go into that socket area. I’m not going right down into the inner corner today. So
I’m just going in and stamping, pushing that colour into my crease area. So my
crease area is really the socket just there and above, cos my actual crease
is way down here. Love hooded eyes!!! I’ve started going in with the crease
colour first just so I can establish this shape. Cos I have so much trouble with my very hooded eyes. But I really need to get this shape in first, even on both
sides, before I go about doing anything else. And I just find the intensity is
just much better – putting the crease colour in first for me. I’m going straight in
on that semi-wet base. Now hooded eyes ladies – I always say this in all my
videos – make sure that’s rounded out just there. Cos when you relax your eyes down, it does tend to flatten out just there. So I always go back in and round that
shape off. You can see I don’t have much space to work with once I’ve popped that
crease colour in. So I’m really only going to work with one other colour today above
this crease in the transition. It’s just going to be a lighter peach colour. So I’m
going to grab that same brush. I’m just going to blend that edge out just slightly. And then just go around the rest and
just blend very lightly as well. I’m just blending the edge. I’m just going to go into “Naked” – a really light peach / beige colour. And I just want to pop that right around the
edge of that orange / peach colour. So I’m using the same brush. Alright so that’s all in. It’s pretty well
blown out. So I’ve basically blended that right out as far as I could. I’m going in with some
glitter glue now on a MAC 242 . So there’s no need to actually cut your crease with
a primer and then go in with your glitter glue. So just prime above your
crease up to the eyebrow. So you can see this glitter glue when you’re actually
cutting with it. And the reason I do like to just do this
without actually cutting with a primer – is when you’ve got hooded eyes, and
everything seems to droop down, and flatten out – you can go back in (if you’ve
stuffed up) – you can go back in and just pop a little bit of glitter glue back in.
You don’t have to worry about a primer underneath or anything like that. Ok so
because I’ve got hooded eyes I’ve got to cut this way up quite high. You can see
how high I’m going up there. And then I’m just going to bring that
out on the outer corner here – shaped like that. I’ll pop that glitter glue all over my lid
as well. And then go straight into my glitter. This is from “With Love Cosmetics”. It’s called “Confetti” and it’s got all
sorts of different colours in there – apricots, purples. It’s a white base. It’s got silver – very very pretty! Straight on the MAC 242 which has got
glitter glue on it – I’m just going to go and pat that on and stay in that same
shape where I put the glitter glue. How nice are these? You can see there’s little flecks of
that apricot colour coming through. Now this is where – and I said I didn’t go in with a base, I just went in with the glitter glue – I want to increase the
shape just here. So I just want to tap a little bit more glitter glue just there and just right on the outer edge there –
just a touch more. So I can go straight back in with my glitter now and perfect
that shape. Alright so I’ve gone ahead and put
some lashes on and some Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” eyeliner in the tight line. I’m
just going in with my Linda Hallberg “Mood Crayon” in “Likeable” – so it’s orange. I’m just going in the waterline. And then I’m just gonna bring it down as well – a
little bit thicker on the outer edge here. I’m just going to go into “Dulce” which was the orange that are used in the crease on a Smudger brush – just set
that in my waterline as well as underneath. And with the 221 I’m just gonna
go into “Naked” which was that really a light coloured apricot, and just blend
everything – just a little bit along the edge. So a pretty easy cut crease. It’s
really only two colours and the glitter glue and the glitter. I love those “With
Love Cosmetics” glitters – they’re beautiful. Just a little bit of MAC Gigablack Lash, as always, in the bottom lash line. I love this one for my bottom
lashes. The wand’s just perfect to get in there. That little Daisy Marquez Palette is
quite cute. It’s really a little bit tinier than what I expected it to be,
but it’s got some beautiful colours in there. And like I said I’ve only used
those two today, but I do intend on using that a little bit more. It’s got some
beautiful colours in there. Alright so as always if you like my video please give
me a big “thumb’s up” – it helps my YouTube ranking heaps. And subscribe – click the
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video. Bye x

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  1. I love a great glittery lid, I think I might have that glitter glue or maybe its NYX, I need to dig it out, I should use a better glue under my glitter as it never stays put. Gorgeous look as always xx

  2. Hooded eyes 😔😩 you know how many videos there is of the girls who say how to eyeshadow/liner in hooded eyes and you KNOW it’s nothing compared to ours , If I look dead straight you can barely see my kid lmao , they can be sexy though 😉 have you got your eyes on the new mini huda palettes ? I keep staring at the mint one ! Great tutorial my girl x

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