Hey guys! It’s Sher. Today I’m going to show you how I created
this weird, scary, cool skeleton costume. It was really easy to make and you only need
a couple things to do it. It makes a good last minute Halloween costume
if you don’t already know what you’re going to be yet. So if you want to watch how I made this, then
let’s get into the video. You’re only going to need a few basic things:
some black and white facepaint, some white and black body crayons, some kind of sponge,
some setting powder to set your makeup with, this is optional but I picked up some colored
contacts just for the side of my face that’s going to be painted to make it look even more
creepy. You can just wear a black shirt and black
pants for the rest of the costume, but if you do want to paint the actual costume, then
you’re also going to need some paint you can use on fabric. And then the last thing you’re going to need
is just some brushes to put the makeup on with. Now, me not thinking ahead, didn’t pick up
any actual makeup brushes, so I’m just going to be trying to apply all of this with regular
paintbrushes. Just so you know what we’re starting with,
my goal is to paint half of my face like a really cool skeleton and then have the other
half of my face just be like my regular makeup. The first thing I’m going to do is just divide
my face down the middle and make one side look like a skeleton. Okay, so now you’re just going to draw on
yourself and hope for the best. Turn that off. Now you could just leave your costume at this
with just the makeup and it would look fine with a black shirt and black pants, but if
you want to take it even further and make the actual costume, then this is what you
do. Alright and that is all I did for this half-face
skeleton costume. If you like this costume, then give me a like
on this video so I know. And please subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t done that yet. I’m really trying to grow my channel, so I’d
appreciate it if you would do that. Also let me know if any of you end up trying
this out because I’m curious to see your results with it. I’ll see you guys in my next video, bye! I feel like I’m getting high off this paint. “Who’s that?” “No idea.” I can’t see out of this eye. Okay. Now its my turn. I want to play a game. Had to do it. Back up! Okay. Molly, be quiet! Mommy’s trying to film a Youtube video! I think I was yelling at some other dog. Oh my god, I’m scared, don’t leave me! Molly? What is it? Come here baby! Its mommy’s baby! You want to be a skeleton too? You want to be a skeleton with mommy? This is my dog Molly. She’s a little overweight. Just like her mommy. You want to be a skeleton? She wants, she wants to get out. Okay, she wants to run. Watch her run. Run baby run! Run baby run! I can’t, I can’t hold it. Oh I painted it on the wrong side. I could have sworn that you told me that it
was this side. I thought it was that side, I thought we agreed
on that.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. THIS IS LITERALLY THE COOLEST MAKEUP LOOK EVEEER, babe, you slaayed my heart and soul, im obsessed !!!! the colors look wonderful on you, YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL !! 😍😍 Btw I also have a makeup channel, can you check it out and maybe subscribe back if you like it? xoxo

  2. That is incredible! You make this complicated look, and it does look very complicated, seem easy. This is a fabulous idea! I mean wow!! I love it!

  3. Hello…
    Let me just say the camera work is awesome in this vid what ever you are doing keep it up! Awesome work as always love.

  4. You and this video are simply incredible! Tried this on my friend tonight. Didn’t look quite like yours but not that bad either. You are such a cool chic!!!

  5. I love how creative this is! I especially love the teeth! How well does it was off? I definitely liked and subscribed! I also have a channel if you want to support each other? 😊🤗

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