Edible Makeup A Cinderella Story using Hubba Bubba (CC Available)

Edible Makeup A Cinderella Story using Hubba Bubba (CC Available)

This is my favorite lip gloss! Banh Bao Huh? what’s wrong mom? Big Mama is late for work I need to do my make-up quick Huh? I’m doing my make-up too mom No, mom Mom, where am I gonna do my make-up now? Here, honey Where am I gonna do my make-up? The washroom This is emergency Sorry Banh Bao, I can’t take it! Sorry honey, I’m done now It’s ok, mom I’m done, you can go back to your makeup vanity How do I look, honey? Don’t I look beautiful? You look fabulous, mom! I’m going to work now Oh, I have something for you! Hubba Bubba Thanks Mom! Bye Mom, I see you tonight Bye Finally I can do my makeup in peace! Oh, it’s so comfy in here Maybe I close my eyes for a bit! Oh boy, I can’t even recognize myself I look like a million bucks oh, hey Banh Beo You look so pretty, darling! Really mom? I look just like you mom You look so beautiful Let me try some of that lipstick Mom, sister. Can I try some of that makeup on? No! It’s ok! Shopping time! I’m super excited to go shopping with you mom Banh Bao I’m gonna bring your sister to go shopping Do you want anything? Mom, I want Hurry up mom! Mom, today we’re gonna go for lunch and then, we’re gonna shop, and get our nails done Let’s go mom! Before we go, Banh Bao Make sure you clean up the whole house Very very dusty down here! Wow Oh god, I broke my sister’s lipstick She is gonna be very mad at me What am I gonna do? What should I do now? I have a great idea Corn syrup beet root powder Corn starch green tea powder Powder sugar Cocoa powder Beet root powder Tumeric powder Coconut oil Dark cocoa powder Corn starch Coconut oil Edible eyeliner Now I’m gonna refrigerate this for 10 mins Banh bao hey Banh Bao, I’m done The washroom is all yours Banh bao Banh Bao You must be really cold here Here is your blanket Mom I’m had so much fun today Guys, I have a surprise for you Tada I made you guys edible makeup Not only they work, but they’re super tasty Oh, what is this? This is so good I have tons of lipstick Why do I even need yours? Mom, give it to me! My goodness, Look what she did mom? Banh Bao broke my lipstick Banh Bao, I didn’t mean it. It was just an accident I’m so sorry don’t worry, I made all this for you This is garbage I’m gonna flush it down the toilet Banh Beo, no don’t do this to me! No No Thanks God, it’s just a dream! Now I can go back to my makeup Who did this? It must be Leo Leo Oreo Leo Leo get back here Guys, we’re just kidding Make sure you guys like this video, and subscribe to our channel and most importantly, do not take anyone’s belongings I gotta go Guys, we’re just having fun! I hope you guys enjoy this video We love to make you laugh And for more video like this, don’t forget to like and subscribe I gotta catch Leo

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