[ENG] Тестирую косметику VT BT21 | Review BT21 (BT21 X VT Cosmetics)

[ENG] Тестирую косметику VT BT21 | Review BT21  (BT21 X VT Cosmetics)

Hi! Today’s video is a little unusual because today for me it’s a special day It’s kind of my Christmas gift I got VT Cosmetics – BT21. Honestly, I was so happy because I got this products. When I was in Seoul and wanted to buy BT21 in Line Friends It was impossible. I came in the evening and by that time everything was already sold out My advice: If you live in Seoul and and if you want to buy cosmetics, then come in the morning then come in the morning or just go to the VT cosmetics store They have one on Myeongdong I bought cosmetics there They had BT21 products, but I was a little confused and did not know what to buy and bought what I bought If you want to know what I bought in Seoul you can watch this video (the link above) And if you want to buy something from this brand I will leave all the links in the description below the video And you can make a small gift for yourself on New Year, birthday or just to please yourself Let’s start with this cutie This is Van. He symbolizes BTS fans – ARMY This is a cushion. But at the beginning, I was confused because of this cushion is white I’m pretty pale but not as pale Then I read it in more detail. I can say that this is not a cushion but a sunscreen with SPF 50 This is the highest rate. The feature of this cushion is that when you apply it on your face it gives a cool effect which is quite unusual but I’m not comfortable using as cushon I would prefer a regular tube Koreans use sunscreen first before applying makeup I would say that this is more face care I applied cream to my face and used what I bought in Seoul. Completely forgot I went to Seoul for a reason for 3 days I had a shoot, kind of Filmed how I go to different places in Seoul These videos have already been uploaded to YouTube I will leave all the links in the description below the video I will be very glad if you watch and leave your opinion and on this video, too I will be happy to your comments and likes After the cream, I applied this cushion This cushion from collaboration with BTS For those who do not know, VT cosmetics and BTS stop their cooperation. The contract until the end of December. When all products are sold out, there will be no new arrivals there will be no new arrivals I do not know if this applies to BT21 products if this applies to BT21 products May be not since these are characters together with Line Friends About this cushion, if it is sold out, it will no longer be on sale I really like it. Firstly, the design is very beautiful Secondly It is light, although it seems a little dark But it’s really good It suits my pale skin It suits my pale skin complicated For the first time in my life I used contouring This is contouring with Chimmy It’s such a shade of brown Initially, I was a little scared, because I did not know how to use it because I did not know how to use it And I thought that if I draw my face it will be a nightmare on Elm Street But as you can see everything is okey Nowhere spread, did not run away no redness it is very easy to shade I think it will suit many Therefore recommend it Easy to use. I just took it on your face and shaded it Next is a highlighter with Cooky I want to warn you that this is of course a highlighter But it does not shine very much to give a healthy shine to the face I love such products, but someone does not like it If you want to give a light and healthy glow It will fit and it is impossible to overdo I liked it, although I also used the highlighter for the first time. I’m a little weird Then I used this eye shadow There are 4 of them in this collection. They are like that inside Focus, please What can I tell? This is a basic eye shadow Koreans do not really like pigmented shadows. pigmented shadows. But these are quite pigmented I thought this color was brown and similar with a darker But it’s very different I just fell in love with this color He is not quite brown, he is with a red undertone But not with such a red undertone, when you put them on your eyes and people might think that you did not get enough sleep This is a very, very beautiful color. I don’t know if the color is visible through the camera It gives brown But it’s reddish about the dark shade it’s a little difficult to shade (difficulties of Russian vocabulary) But in general, this shade in itself is difficult to shade whatever shadows I would not use Maybe I’m just a clumsy and lastly these are 3 lipsticks They are very cool. I must immediately warn about this lipstick I think like this lipstick they do not wash off for 3 days At least with my hand I just wanted to see what kind of shade I think today I’ll wash my lips with a bast wisp May be. I applied all 3 shades they freeze quickly so if you want to paint on your lips you need to do it quickly for fixity, these lipsticks are wonderful no need to worry that you have to correct your makeup every 2 hours I applied this shade first it seems a little orange it is with an orange undertone and this is cream lipstick very nice on my lips no stickiness. Аlthough I applied all 3 shades I like it! then applied a little of this orange tint and added a little bit of pink tint. oh we match colors you may have noticed that some packages are different because bt21 have 2 collections this is the first but another pop art style eye shadow and lipstick here is my humble opinion about cosmetics I am very grateful for such an opportunity the products are really very high quality I’m not that person, even as a fan I will buy everything I am a thrifty person then if I bought something, then already checked so I really liked all these products especially contouring previously I just avoided it I didn’t buy anything for contouring but it’s so easy to use I think I have a new favorite product I hope you enjoyed this video write in the comments who your favorite character among BT21 My favorite character is Tata, Unfortunately, but I have nothing with him but all the characters are very cute write in the comments, like it and subscribe. Bye

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