(ENG Sub) 안면윤곽과 양악수술의 차이점 / Facial contouring surgery VS Orthognathic surgery

Do I put my hands like this? Or is it better if I put them down here? Is the tone of my voice alright? Plastic surgeon debuting on YouTube To give you all the information about surgery Let me start over I have to give you all the information about plastic surgery Hello This is Pooh… Facial contouring surgery VS Orthognathic surgery
Explained to you by a surgeon who graduated twice from Seoul National University Hello~ I am here to give you detailed surgical information
kindly like Pooh “Plastic Surgery Honey Pot” presents Dr. Lim from ID Hospital Nice to meet you. ID Hospital
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Jong Woo Lim I am the first YouTuber who has graduated twice from Seoul National University I graduated twice from the best university in Korea I did my residency at Seoul National University Hospital After becoming a plastic surgery specialist then I joined ID Hospital’s medical team When I have consultations with patients I realized that many patients get a lot of false information online Many patients were exposed to false rumors
so they could not make the right decisions about their surgeries That made me sad So today, I decided to make a YouTube video for all of you out there who want accurate surgery information Without holding back Truthfully In a fun way We will start the “Plastic surgery Honey Pot” show Today, on Plastic surgery Honey Pot’s first episode We will discuss the most popular topic all information and tips for facial contouring surgery Q. What is facial contouring surgery? Simply put, facial contouring surgery defines
all surgeries that change the shape of the face if your face is big if your face is wide if your face is long if your face is uneven Asymmetric Facial contouring surgery will take care of those issues The reason facial contouring surgery is very popular is because The face structure can be made smaller Producing such dramatic results When I see many people who upload their photos on social media I get so shocked This is definitely someone I know But their face has changed beyond recognition That is the reason there are so many apps online
to alter the face After taking photos so many people photoshop their images before uploading them it shows that people are so interested in having a
small, slender face shape So obviously there are many people interested
in facial contouring surgery So today I am here to Give you all the information you are curious to find out All the frequently asked questions during consultation I will explain everything as easily as possible Q.What is the difference between facial contouring surgery and orthognathic surgery? The only common point between both surgeries
Is that they are facial bone surgeries They are fundamentally different surgeries I will use this model to illustrate Orthognathic surgery is also known as double jaw surgery [Orthognathic surgery]
Because the upper jaw and lower jaw are operated on The surgery area is mid face area including teeth The teeth are attached to the upper and lower jaw So this surgery will move the upper and/or lower jaw have to the correct position So you can think of the double jaw surgery
as a surgery for the central part of the face malocclusion Can you see the underbite?
The chin is protruded Also cross bite and Overbite and When the mid-face area is long,
like this part In these types of cases, double jaw surgery is required Alternatively, facial contouring surgery Just like the name states, contours the face shape These areas make up the facial contour Cheek bones, Jaw bones, and chin [Facial Contouring Surgery]
So these surgeries are used
for changing the facial contour. Cheekbones are wide Jaw is angular If the chin is wide, long or short Or if the chin is protruded or short But without malocclusion A little asymmetry All these cases can be improved with facial contouring surgery So the big difference between both surgeries is Double jaw surgery is upper and lower jaw surgery Facial contouring surgery is for the outer contour of the face That is the best explanation. Since there is a big difference between both surgeries The recovery period post-surgery is different as well. In double jaw surgery’s case, since surgery involves the upper and lower jaw Post-surgery recovery time is long Since the surgery includes both the upper and lower jaw You will not be able to chew So you will only be able to eat liquid or soft food
For quite a while after surgery Because of that, a lot of patients may face
some difficulties throughout the recovery period In comparison to facial contouring surgery, the swelling lasts longer so recovery time is longer On the other hand, since the facial contouring surgery doesn’t involve The upper jaw, lower jaw, or teeth So there is no problem with chewing food
after surgery (only 3-4 days post-op) But definitely, anything chewy or meat is off limits for a while But other than that, you can eat normally Compared to double jaw surgery,
the swelling reduces faster The recovery time is shorter There is no problem resuming your daily activities and going back to work So just as the surgeries are different There is a different between the recovery time
for both types of surgeries Surprisingly a lot of people think they need to get Orthognathic surgery in order to get dramatic Surgery results But as I explained The difference between both surgeries is not the results But rather whether a person needs to fix their teeth alignment So people who have teeth alignment issues can Get double jaw surgery to correct it If the teeth are well aligned And the facial contour is big, uneven You will be able to see a dramatic
difference with facial contouring surgeries Even if you have double jaw surgery People who have facial contouring surgery to change their face shape Become more beautiful after the combined surgeries So the thing that you all have to keep in mind You can look better with facial contouring surgeries only There is no need to get double jaw surgery unless you need it So now the viewers watching this video Know the difference between double jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery You can explain it easily and correctly to anyone If you have any questions or topics you are interested in
Leave a comment below I will respond with a Q&A video Thank you for joining me on the first episode of “Plastic surgery honey pot”
I am Dr. Jong Woo Lim of ID Hospital Like, subscribe and comment below♥ Bye

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