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Hi, I’m Director Pi, a YouTuber, and cosmetic ingredient analyst. Today I’m going to talk about 2019 moisturizer TOP OF TOP! The top of top items that I’ve selected in 2016 are still in the top best sellers in the market! They are also the items that were requested in the comment section. So today’s focus will be on which one is better: the original recommended items or the 2019 new items. Let’s see what’s best! Moisturizer criteria
1.(HwaHae/Glowpic) famous items in 2019
Highest rankings
Most reviews
(Not including cica cream)
2. Items that were recommended by Director Pi in the past
3. Comment section favorites from 2019 new items & original items The trend in 2019 moisturizers is that the range has become larger. Cica cream, soothing cream, which is revitalizing cream, And other creams that include elasticity improving agents and functional ingredients are all being called as moisturizers. So I’m going to divide them into soothing cream, barrier cream, gel to cream, elasticity(all-in-one) cream, and items that can be improved. Rather than focusing on recommending, I wanted to talk more about the effects, skin type, and upgrades. Trouble care ingredients
Cica/ Heartleaf Houttuynia/Artemisia Princeps Extract These creams are effective in decreasing blemishes, millets, and acne. The texture is in between gel and cream. This is what C13-16 Isoparaffin feels like. It absorbs very quickly and doesn’t feel sticky. This cream has room for improvement. The clear cream includes brightening ingredients but no cica ingredients. And also includes two PEGs. Overall, the ingredients are not that great. I love this texture. It’s not unique, it doesn’t have a special color. It’s just like a lotion or a regular cream without any slippery silicone. This includes panthenol to strengthen skin barriers and hydraulic acid for hydration. Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is included as an occlusive, (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:3 Oil:2 Absorptivity:4 Effect:2 It feels like it protects the outer layer of my skin as soon as I apply it. It is a soft finish, and I think you should be careful of the amount you apply. When you overdo the amount, it seems to clash with sunscreen. It wasn’t that effective with acne. Let’s move on to more recent items. Goodal’s moisturizer is good for soothing oily and dehydrated oily skin. The main ingredient is cica and Heartleaf Houttuynia. It is slightly softer and lighter than that from Dr.G. As for occlusive, this item uses C13-16 Isoparaffin just like Dr.G (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:3 Oil:2 Absorptivity:5 Effect:5 I’ve applied a few layers on top because it got dry with time. It spreads on nicely without extra effort and it helped soothe these little acnes. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:3 Oil:1 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 It was very light and it didn’t even seem like cream on dry skin. It’s slightly sticky at first, but it gets better after some time. This item includes ingredients that effectively soothes oily and dehydrated oily skin. Next up I have a very interesting product. You all know half and half pizzas, right? It’s kind of similar to that. There are two creams in one bottle. A clear green cream and normal white cream. It’s made out of soothing ingredients like Artemisia Princeps Callus Extract and Bulgaria Artemisia essential oil. Mostly Artemisia, with a little bit of cica. It includes 30000ppm of Bulgaria Artemisia essential oil, which is good as an occlusive. (Dry skin) Ingredients:2 Moisture:2 Oil:3 Absorptivity:1 Effect:3 This cream was moisturizing, but not enough to please people with dry skin. It feels quite oily at first, but the consistency isn’t great so it’s not great for dry skin. Barrier cream
Ceramide/Panthenol/Special barrier ingredients Cream that include ceramide, panthnol, or Centella Asiatica extract (cica) are known as barrier cream. Extreme is for dry skin and intense is for dehydrated oily skin. They both include panthenol to protect skin barriers. Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is included as an occlusive, The intense moisture cream uses Cyclopentasiloxane to boost gas permeablility. The intense moisture cream is better for people with dehydrated oily skin and people who have millets. This product is for dry skin with damaged or unstable skin barriers. This item includes a special ingredient that is licensed under NeoPharm.( Myristoyl/Palmitoyl Oxostearamide/Arachamide MEA) Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is included as an occlusive, I’ve recommended this product for people with dry skin who wants to protect their skin barriers. This is an adequate product to use when you don’t want your face to get dry. This item includes ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and Allantoin. Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides and Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin are included as occlusives. It also includes shea butter, which means people with oily skin should be aware. Two of the original recommended creams for dehydrated skin are from Zeroid. It includes the same licensed ingredient from NeoPharm.( Myristoyl/Palmitoyl Oxostearamide/Arachamide MEA) One difference is that the pimprove and soothing cream is thinner and lighter than the intensive cream. That’s why I would recommend it to people with dehydrated oily skin. Pimprove would be for oily skin with acne while soothing cream would be more for dehydrated oily skin. Let’s move on to new barrier creams. This item includes fermented extracts for boosting effects, ceramide and Amore licensed ingredients for skin barriers. It includes butylene glycol dicaprate as occlusive and stearic acid and palmitic acid as surfactants. If there are too much of these ingredeints, it can block your pores. However, since this item only includes a small amount, I would recommend it. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:3 Oil:4 Absorptivity:1 Effect:4 The ingredients are great if you consider the price! It doesn’t include any fragrance or pigments. The consistency of the hydration was long on dry skin. It’s also slightly oily and absorbs slowly. I liked how the effects lasted until morning. If you have extremely sensitive skin, you should be really careful when you test fermented ingredients. You shouldn’t just apply it because other people say it’s great. Panthenol, cica creqm, Phenyl Trimethicone, Hydrogenated Poly(C6-14 Olefin. It is a moisturizer that people with dehydrated oily skin have no problem in using in the winter. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:5 Absorptivity:5 Effect:4 I get acne when there is too much oil, so I had to control the amount. It adheres quickly and maintains my skin hydrated. I would give a high score for moisture consistency. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:5 Oil:3 Absorptivity:3 Effect:4 This cream was good for my dry skin too. The oiliness goes away with time. Gel to cream
Hyaluronic acid/ glycerin/ butylene glycol/ a lot of extracts I’ve selected items that have good gas permeability or add thin layers. One of my original recommendations. The texture is just like lotion. It is made out of cica and hyaluronic acid. Hydrogenated Lecithin and Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides are included as occlusive. The ingredients are around average. I told you that you should use this item quickly since it doesn’t include any preservatives. However, now Sidmool included 1,2-Hexanediol This product is highly moisturizing, good for oily skin or sensitive skin. It is made out of hyaluronic acid, Centella Asiatica, and allantoin The texture is close to gel. It feels as if a lot of silicone is included, but there’s actually no silicone! di propylene glycol is what makes this cream so moisturizing and it also adds some viscosity Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is also included to keep the skin hydrated. This product includes niacin amide(brightening), cica(soothing), and hyaluronic acid(hydration) This cream focuses on dehydrated oily skin and combination skin. The key of this item is Alpine Berry Complex, which is a Western strawberry extract that boosts moisture consistency. Let’s move on to one of the newest items. This product includes hyaluronic acid(hydration), allantoin(soothing&calming), and Madecassoside(soothing) Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides is included as an occlusive, good job! (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:2 Absorptivity:3 Effect:4 The product was very light so I applied an additional layer on my cheeks and chin. I had to blot for a long time to get it deep into my skin. It’s not sticky and it is very soft. Controlling the right amount is key. It shows some white cast, so I had to pat it in for a long time. (Dry skin) Ingredients:4 Moisture:4 Oil:1 Absorptivity:4 Effect:3 I loved how it doesn’t include any fragrance. It hydrates through the inner layers of my skin! The texture lasts for a long time. It’s not oily nor sticky. I would say that this is a gel-to-cream item. The texture is very thin and light. This product includes hyaluronic acid(moisturizing) and Centella Asiatica(soothing) C13-16 Isoparaffin is included as an occlusive. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:5 Oil:2 Absorptivity:3 Effect:4 I loved how moisturizing this product is! It’s very light and thin, it doesn’t absorb very quickly but It’s great if I use the right amount. It has a soft finishing touch. I had to apply several layers at night to get my skin really hydrated. (Dry skin) Ingredients:4 Moisture:4 Oil:2 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 It filled my skin with moisture from the inside without being oily. I would say it’s hydrating and soothing for dehydrated oily skin or oily skin, and great as a summer night facial pack for people with dry skin. This item is also along the lines of cooling and soothing. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is similar to that from Scnic, but it’s more hydrating. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid and it uses Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:1 Absorptivity:3 Effect:3 I applaud for the light moisturizing effects. I had to pat for a long time to get it really in. This is because this item includes high molecule hyaluronic acid. Though it’s not the best at moisturizing, it would be great to use it as a cooling cream. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:5 Oil:1 Absorptivity:2 Effect:3 This product is great for moisturizing, night, or summer cooling facial packs. The balance between moisture and oil is great for people with oily skin as will. The texture may seem very rich, but this is because of hyaluronic acid It can effectively cool the skin temperature of your skin. All-in-one Cream
Brightening – niacin amide/ arbutin/ alpha-bisabolol
Wrinkle-improving – adenosine/ peptide/ collagen All in one products are items that can take care of elasticity, brightening, and moisturizing. First of all, moistufull collagen cream for people in their 20s and 30s! This is a cream that I said was enough for people in their 20s. The essence is collagen Silicone and Hydrogenated Poly is used as occlusives. This cream mixed nature-based occlusives well. After it’s renewal, it doesn’t include Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, phenoxyethanol, or ethanol. Major upgrade, right? This product includes wrinkle-improving ingredients. Which is ok for people in their 20s. The key ingredient is fermented agents, niacin, and adenosine Phenyl Trimethicone is included as an occlusive. All in one cream for people in their 40s~60s. This product also comes in a tube! However, it includes fragrance in the mix, which is a potentially harmful ingredient. The key ingredients are ceramide and Amore licensed ingredients. This product has high gas permeablility and is skin-friendly. At the same time, it includes adenosine, an ingredient that helps improve wrinkles, so we can say that it is an all-in-one cream. Since it includes wrinkle-improving adenosine and ingredients for strengthening skin barriers, I would recommend this item to people with dry skin or combination skin. This is made from ingredients that come out of salt! This product is from Germany. It includes 8% of Sodium Chloride(salt) and jojoba seed oil (skin barriers) to boost skin barriers and Antioxidants through minerals. It helps moisturize the inner layers of the skin. Products that can be improved.
PEG/ triethanolamine/ BHT/ Paraben/ Mineral Oil This product includes PEG and fragrance. The texture feels great because it includes a lot of Cyclohexasiloxane. This product also includes a small amount of BHA, so people with sensitive skin should be careful. Sadly, I can’t recommend this product because it includes PEG. All three products include PEG, triethanolamine, and Mineral Oil. These factors can be improved. These two were requested through my Instagram. Both include a lot of Cyclopentasiloxane, so people with dehydrated oily skin or acne would love it due to high gas permeability. However, it’s a bummer that it includes PEG. In the TOP of TOP list, I’ll be picking some products that are moisturizing but don’t create a lot of layers or include a lot of PEG. The moment you’ve been waiting for! First of all, many subscribers asked me about acne! The redness! How to relieve it! The original recommended item won against the new item. Goodal did a great job in mixing the right ingredients for oily and dehydrated oily skin. However, no other product than Dr.G had long-lasting moisturizing effects. C13-16 Isoparaffin and C12-14 Isoparaffin, which are great occlusives, are in the mix. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:3 Oil:2 Absorptivity:5 Effect:3 As soon as I applied this product, I felt the moisture on my skin! There is barely any oil, so I don’t think it’s fit for people with dry skin. The factor that I loved the most was that it adhered like magic. It didn’t lead to more acne, but I also didn’t feel that it was relieving the redness. (Dry skin) Ingredients:4 Moisture:3 Oil:1 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 The brightening agents, soothing ingredients, and occlusive goes well together. I gave it a high score because it was well-made for oily skin and dehydrated oily skin. However, the cooling effects weren’t better than other products. Goodal was good, but Dr.G is a mixture of great moisturinzg ingredients without fragrance! TOP Soothing cream for dry skin Bringgreen comes in a very reasonable price. 21,000won for 75ml, a very reasonable price! The ingredients are also great. It includes niacin amide, Artemisia capillaris, and cica. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:3 Oil:2 Absorptivity:5 Effect:4 I needed to apply multiple layers, but it was ok because it absorbed very easily. I liked how it soothed the redness on my skin. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:3 Oil:4 Absorptivity:3 Effect:4 The ingredients are close to the soothing cream from Dr.G. However, it’s much more moisturizing than Dr.G, so I would recommend it to people with dry skin. This product showed the best cooling effects among the products that I’ve tested for this video. Overall, I would recommend this to people with dry skin or skin problems that suffer from acne or redness. Next up we have barrier cream! For people who are sensitive to the environment change and get red blemishes and millets easily due to damaged skin barriers. TOP barrier cream for dry or dehydrated oily skin is this! This product includes DermaON which is a licensed ingredient that is very similar to the skin lipids. The occlusive are great and it also includes panthenol, that strengthens the skin barriers! You can see here that there are some capsules inside the cream. This is for hydration. Melt the capsules on your hand and then apply it on your skin. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:3 Absorptivity:4 Effect:5 I loved how it moisturizes my skin from the inside. My skin feels so soft and the balance between oil and moisture is also great. I also liked that it felt moisturizing when I applied the product onto my face. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:4 Oil:3 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 I would recommend this to people who have acne and are sensitive to shea butter and natural oil. It hydrates the inside and the outside of the skin. The best part was the consistency of the moisture. TOP barrier cream for extremely dry skin. Lacto, which means it’s fermented! This product was made by Chong Kun Dang. It includes fermented ingredients and cica. This product includes 10000ppm of Antioxell, which is an antioxidant made by Antioxidant This item uses nature-based occlusive such as Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides and Phenyl Trimethicone. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:3 Oil:5 Absorptivity:1 Effect:4 The ingredients are good for dry skin with millets that have damaged skin barriers. It was slightly sticky, so people with oily skin or dehydrated oily skin might not like it. Your skin would remain oily and hydrated until morning. TOP cream for oily skin or dehydrated oily skin with inner dry skin. TOP moisturizer for oily skin is by Round Lab. It’s made out of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and birch tree sap. Jojoba esters is used as an occlusive. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:5 Oil:1 Absorptivity:3 Effect:4 It feels like applying a solid version of water. I was surprised at how hydrating it was. No matter how much I apply, it didn’t feel sticky at all! (Dry skin) Ingredients:4 Moisture:4 Oil:1 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 It’s not dry, but it doesn’t have much oil as well. Overall, I would say that this is a moisturizer to hydrate inner skin of dehydrated oily skin. It’s great for people with oily skin to use it as a daily item in the F/W season. TOP moisturizer for dehydrated oily skin! This product caught the heart of Seul-A(dehydrated oily skin) and me(dry skin) It includes hyaluronic acid derma clear solution. Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter and meadow foam seed oil are used as occlusive. The gas permeability wasn’t bad and it was ok for dehydrated oily skin. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:5 Oil:2 Absorptivity:5 Effect:5 It’s much lighter than the general ointment type creams that I could apply several layers. It helped soothe the redness on my skin, which you can see through the pictures. (Dry skin) Ingredients:5 Moisture:5 Oil:2 Absorptivity:5 Effect:5 The moisturizing effects focus on filling the inner dryness. Overall, the adherence is great and it creates a good balance between oil and moisture. TOP all-in-one cream. I thought that this product was the best in hydrating and improving elasticity. I would recommend this to dry skin, extremely dry skin, combination skin, and even neutral skin. It includes Ceramide NP(skin barriers) and adenosine(wrinkle-improvement) allantoin, and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil (soothing) It also used adequate occlusives. Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil, which is a natural oil. (Dry skin) Ingredients:4 Moisture:5 Oil:4 Absorptivity:2 Effect:4 It’s very moisturizing! It goes on for 48 hours. When I blotted several times, it absorbed into my skin. When I woke up in the morning, my skin was very smooth. I would recommend this to people in their 40s~60s, who have dry or extremely dry skin. TOP All in one moisturizer for oily skin This is a gel-to cream product. It’s almost like touching a cream puff. It has a pastel purple shade, but it doesn’t include any pigments. Azulene compounds make the product purple. This product includes niacinamide and Angelica Archangelica Seed Oil which works as antioxidant and elasticity boosters. Cetyl Ethylhexanoate is used as an occlusive, so it is very light. (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:2 Absorptivity:4 Effect:5 It feels moisturizing and I think it helps hydrate the inner parts of my skin. It’s slightly sticky. It’s very hydrating because the oil covers the outer layer of my skin. (Dry skin) Ingredients:3 Moisture:5 Oil:2 Absorptivity:4 Effect:5 This is an all-in-one cream that people with dry skin can also use. It would be too much for people with oily skin in the summer. Recommended for 20s-30s oily skin and dehydrated oily skin. This was selected as the TOP moisturizer in 2016. This product includes squalene and raspberry extract. It only has 12 ingredients and a solid occlusive! (Dehydrated oily skin) Moisture:4 Oil:3 Absorptivity:5 Effect:4 It shows cooling effects, but people with dry skin may feel that there isn’t enough oil. This had the strongest absorptivity among today’s products, and it wasn’t sticky even though I applied two or three layers. The soothing effects were also great. (Dry skin) Ingredients:5 Moisture:4 Oil:3 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 I loved how it filled the inner dryness with moisture, and I think it would go well with any skin type. The next product can be used by children, pregnant women, literally anybody. This product also comes in minimal ingredients. There is no preservative in this product, and the container is a special tube that secures air from going in or out. This product is made out of Avene thermal water, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, and Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oil. It protects skin barriers and skin lipids. It turns hard when it is left out. (Dry skin) Ingredients:5 Moisture:4 Oil:2 Absorptivity:4 Effect:4 It feels like it infiltrates the skin right away. It balances the oil and moisture from the product. Great hydration, great consistency. Recommended for all members of the family. (and sensitive skin!) Ending Today I’ve reviewed 50 moisturizers. You will know that there are many types of moisturizers when you see the ingredeints. I hope you find the best moisturizer for your skin type! My next video will be a Q&A session regrading moisturizers! See you!

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