Eve Taylor Signature Facial

Eve Taylor Signature Facial

– Here is a sneak peak of one of our signature facials with Eve Taylor products. (soft music) Starting relaxation
process with hot towels. Following with inhaling the blend of soothing essential oils like geranium, cypress, eucalyptus,
lavender, and sandalwood. This oil is ideal for sensitive skin, allergies, hay fever, sinuses, you can use this oil every day at home under your moisturizer. After this, we are going to
cleanse and tone her skin and I’m going to use a very
special exfoliating mask on her this is called,
Bio Cream Exfoliant. This mask removes dead skin
cells from the skin surface, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, helping to fade
pigmentation and age spots, leaving the skin looking
healthier and rejuvenated. While we are waiting for the mask to work, I’m giving my client a
hand and arm massage. After we remove the mask, I’m going to prepare her
skin for extractions. I’m sterilizing her skin here, covering her eyelids for the bright light from magnifying lamp. After her extractions she will have a decollete, neck, face, and scalp massage. Sterilizing her skin, I’m
using the same soothing oil on her skin for massage, just to calm her skin after extractions. She’s having a scalp massage. It smells beautiful, the oil. After this massage I’m
going to use a seaweed mask. This mask has natural marine extract that contain high levels
of minerals and vitamins. This mask helps improve
oxygenation and skin tone. It’s stimulating, refreshing, hydrating, and cleansing the skin. Now we are going to wait
for the mask to work and I’m giving her foot and leg massage. It’s truly beautiful treatment. We are going to finish
this facial after with a removing the mask and then I will apply an eye cream, serum, and a moisturizer. I do pressure points on
the back of her shoulders and put a hot towel.

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  1. Watched this video as it states its an Eve Taylor Signature Facial, however their are non ET products being used ie seaweed mask by Bion!!! Eve Taylor have their own Natural seaweed based masks. Its unprofessional to claim this as the Eve Taylor signature facial!!

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