Ewok Makeup Transformation ft. Kandee Johnson

Ewok Makeup Transformation ft. Kandee Johnson

( upbeat music playing )So I’m here with
Rhett and Link and I’m about to turn
Rhett into an Ewok and Link into Taylor Swift
and he has no idea. Okay, Kandee,
have your way with my face. Even though you
have the facial hair, I’m gonna
work around it. You’re not gonna shave it? – That was an option?
– No, it was not. Gotta work around
my facial hair. Yep. Would have been preferable
to shave my facial hair. – Yes.
– I’m picking up a lot of clues. – A lot of things.
– Oh!( fast pop music )So how long do
I have to do this look? Rhett:
An hour. What? This feels great? – No.
– No. – Am I a raccoon?
– Nope. You look dead, man. Don’t give him
any hints. You’re gonna glue my eyes shut,
aren’t you? That would be
a really great look. – They glue dead people’s
eyes shut.
– What? – They glue your mouth shut,
they glue your eyes shut.
– What? – ( talking quietly ) And they
glue your butthole shut.
– Why? Yeah, when you open your eyes,
you look even extra zombie – right now!
– Rhett: Oh, wow. My uncle got posed
on a horse. No! At his funeral? Yeah.
I’m just kidding. I’m just gonna make a noise
every time you touch my face. – You should do that.
– Bub bub bub bub bub… Any thoughts? Link:
You look better
than normal. Okay. Oh, sorry, sorry,
I need to warn you, coming in at the eyes. Link: You don’t need to,
like, freak out every time she touches you. I come from a long line
of people who got attacked – in the face.
– ( Link laughs ) It just comes out. Can I breathe? Oh, yes, please,
by all means, keep breathing. Were you holding your
breath for the nose part? No, for the whole thing. ( Rhett chuckles ) Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. Okay. ( duck noises ) Oh, yep,
that’s something! Something’s
happening now. We’re just trying
to do things with the facial
“hair-ea.” – “Facial hair-ea”?
– Yes. Feels like you’re
painting on my eyebrow. – Stay very still.
– Okay. Are you ready? Yep. Okay, now relax
your mouth like you’re just a person. I am relaxed. – Okay there’s a wig.
– Is it tight? I think a wig is
going on my head. Do not ruin this
beautiful… face. Oh, boy! Link:
You need some help? I don’t know.
Okay. Well, Kandee thank you for
transforming me and… her. I’m glad you think
it’s thank worthy. – Yes.
– Yes, it is. You did awesome. Now, guys, click on through
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  1. When I seen Rhett as an Ewok…I threw up! besides…Please update your photo on your IMDB website….daym you aged badly!

  2. No offense to Kandee since she does amazing make up but i feel like there are other artists that do much better and accurate make up transformations than her. Yet none of them get featured as much as her. She can change her appearance well because she understands her face but with other people it always looks so sloppy.

  3. I recently went to my 1 year old nieces funeral and when Rhett was talking about gluing there eyes closed I pictured her and legit tears starting forming.

  4. Link looks more like Dark Horse era Katy Perry without the T-Swift wig

    They could totally swap out that wig for a Cleopatra one and it'd look pretty much spot on for Katy

  5. 0:40 rhett: you look dead man
    thats what inspired taylor swift's .. look what u made ne do lyric : the old taylor is dead 😂😂😂😂

  6. She would have needed nearly an hour just to properly block out Link’s eyebrows. This makes me want to see them get proper drag makeovers.

  7. what song is that playing in the bg in the first half?? it drives me mad bc i recognize the melody but cant remember the song at all !!!

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