Exotic Facial Workout Treatment To Reduce Cheek Fat & Double Chin|Celebrity Facial For Glowing Skin

Exotic Facial Workout Treatment To Reduce Cheek Fat & Double Chin|Celebrity Facial For Glowing Skin

Hello everybody! I’m Dr. Harshana Bijlani, Medical Head, Ageless Clinic Today I’m going to talk to you about something really interesting, the principle of which is trending all over the world, today in all the top aesthetic cities in the world, that is the Ageless Workout Facial! Who doesn’t want a high cheekbone? Who doesn’t want a fantastic jawline? All of us do! But have you thought about one thing? We all go to the gym, we work out the muscles in our body. We all go for facials we work out the skin on our face. But what about the 43 muscles that are sat underneath the skin? How do we work those out? And that is the Ageless Workout Facial! So let’s talk about what this facial is and what does it do. This facial uses hands and a ball. So the ball is used to relax the muscle and then the hands are used to drain all the fluid. So we call it lymphatic drainage from the skin and also to train your muscles, how to relax and how to stimulate them. So everything is done with the hands. Now what we do in Ageless is we use amazing serums that give you that extra glow and we marry it with some technology that has a little bit of firming and a little bit of tightening as well for those who need it. So now I’m gonna go over the procedure with you. When you come in, we clean your makeup and after that we start with a ball. Now what is this ball do? This ball drains all the fluid that you may have on your face to the lymph nodes which are generally in front of our ears and on your neck. So that’s the beginning. Then we start with gentle facial massage steps which massage your muscles remember and then it goes on to a faster paced massage technique. We use steps such as percussion and tapping, rolling and galloping. So these are just some of the steps which may sound like jargon to you. But they’re superb steps for relaxing your muscles. Following that in our clinic we use certain technology based on what your need is. So let’s say for example you’re an older person, you want a little bit of skin tightening then we would use a radio frequency device on top of the procedure to help tighten your skin. You can use micro current to help stimulate some of the muscles which need further stimulation. After that we end it with an LED skin therapy on the face which just calms the skin, releases the toxins and stimulates your collagen. So overall a fantastic procedure, very relaxing. In fact most of my patients say that they slept during the procedure because they felt so good and so relaxed. So now I’m going to talk to you about what are the benefits of this facial. For those of us who tend to have water retention especially before our periods or we’ve had late nights or we’ve had a lot of spicy food salty food or maybe a tad bit of alcohol. It’s amazing to drain all that excess water from your skin. So that’s number one. For those of us who tend to have very tense muscles, so someone like me. I sometimes clench at night or during my work. And it’s great to release all that stress in your facial muscles. No. 3: for those of us who want a really
nice high cheekbone, a superb jawline, a tightened neck, raised eyebrows, open eyes, it works beautifully for all of these things. So who can do this procedure? Anybody who wants a contoured face, sharper jawline, a more relaxed face especially if you’re somebody like me who tends to have a lot of tension on the face. Great thing for you to do and for anybody who generally just wants to relax and enjoy a nice facial massage for the muscles are great candidates for this facial. So anybody with skin problems like eczema on the body or vitiligo or psoriasis or anybody who has certain chronic medical problems, it’s absolutely fine for them to go in for this facial, provided you don’t have an active infection on the face or active acne or active psoriasis on the face. So there’s no pre or post care. You can literally finish your facial massage and apply makeup after that. And with regards to how often you need to do it, so thankfully not like a body workout which you need to go at least five times a week. This you can do every fortnight or every month based on your schedule and how you find the massage. So anybody who wants 60 minutes of pure bliss on your face can go and for this facial. For those of you who don’t want to use technology, that’s fine you can just get the hand workout done and the lymphatic drainage done. And for those who want to marry it with technology, we usually guide you with regards to what is the best thing that you may require to combine with your facial. A 60 minute workout couldn’t have been more relaxing. Now that’s my kind of exercise. This unique facial was unlike any other treatment I have experienced, no lush masks at all. It was the perfect balance between traditional face massage and technology. At first the technology bit did intimidate me. But it was totally pain-free. But a word of caution, if you’re claustrophobic, the LED light therapy might not be the most comfortable experience for you. Now getting to the results. Literally everyone I met complemented me about how dewy my skin looked. I did notice the stress lines on my forehead were relaxed and my face did feel firm. But at the same time I didn’t really notice my face being more defined or contoured. Overall the facial exercise helped increase the blood circulation allowing more oxygen and nourishment to reach the cells of my skin. This resulted in my skin looking clear, healthy and left a beautiful glow. Whereas the technology further helped resurfacing my skin texture and softening the appearance of any early signs of aging. So if your skin feels dull, saggy, uneven or lacks lustre then this treatment will work wonders on you. But remember, for long-lasting results and a contoured face you will have to be consistent as the results on my skin started to wear off in about eight to ten days. Also even though my skin felt tight my face didn’t seem slimmer with one facial. So be patient to see visible results. I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any queries, please drop it in our comment section below. In the meanwhile stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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  1. It's so helpful I want to do that how it can be done or where I can go for this treatment
    Though I love this video totally
    Love glamrs 😘😍😅😄👍👌

  2. It's so helpful I want to do that how it can be done or where I can go for this treatment
    Though I love this video totally
    Love glamrs 😘😍😅😄👍👌

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  4. I am 25 years old and acne prone skin. Should I Visit or this is only to remove fat. Bcz i think dont have such as muscles.

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  6. Harshna bijlani is one of the best celebrity dermatologist in Mumbai.. stars like deepika,bipasha,suhana khan,kriti sanon is her regular patient.. sooo happy to see her in the video.. thank u glamrs ❤

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  8. "Lifted cheekbones" by rolling a ball over someone's face? C'mon get real. Explain how somebody's bone structure would change by doing that.

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