Extended Cut: Kendall Jenner Reveals Kylie Makeup Collaboration

Extended Cut: Kendall Jenner Reveals Kylie Makeup Collaboration

You just turned 24 years old. Yeah. What was your birthday,
this month, right? November. Oh, November. I thought it was this month. No, no, it’s OK. A couple months ago. Anyway, happy, happy
birthday in November. It’s January. Thank you. So you rented out a
racetrack for your birthday. Yeah. In Palm Springs. That sounds fun. Yeah, it was awesome. I have grown up
just, like, loving cars, and sports, and stuff. So I thought it
would be a fun idea. And a lot of my friends
really like it, too. So I kind of invited
all my friends. And if they had a fun
car, I said, bring it. So we went. And I kind of
learned how to drift. It’s like my first try– What does that mean, “drift”? That’s, like, you know,
skid around and stuff. Stuff you can’t do
on a regular street. Right. So it’s just like a big
playground for cars. It was so much fun. Did you all race each other? Or did you just
learn how to drift? No, we– [LAUGHS]
we raced, as well. We kind of got a
little carried away. They were like, all right. Are you guys done? We’re like, no. We’re going all night. How long were you there? We were there for hours. I mean, we were there from,
like, 2 to probably 7, 6, 7. Wow. We couldn’t get enough. We were having so much fun. Now are you– did
they teach you how– because drifting
seems like drifting could turn into
flipping the car over. Right. So they put you in one
of their cars first. Like, a kind of an easier
car to figure it all out in and mess up in. Yeah. And they get you in
there with an instructor. And he explains how to do it. And the first couple of
times, you’re just like, this feels impossible. And then the second you
figure it out mentally, you’re just like, oh, OK. I got it. And then you can kind
of get the groove. And I’m, obviously,
still learning. I’m not very good yet. But it’s such a good time. Now is it something that
you’re now addicted to and you just want
to go drift places. Yeah, kind of. But it’s, like, you
know, not legal. No. I’m not suggesting you do. But I would think that
once that thrill is in you, you’d want to do that again. Yeah. It was so much fun. I’ve always just been kind
of an adrenaline junkie. Yeah. So do you have fast cars? Yeah. I have two, I guess? That are fast. The one in the video was mine. The black one. Right. Was mine. Which is a– Ferrari. Ferrari. Yeah. And when you drive that car, do
you find you get more attention from policemen when you’re– like are you pulled over a lot? [LAUGHS] No, I
wouldn’t say “a lot.” I’ve definitely
been pulled over. But, you know, my dad,
actually it’s funny. When I was growing up, and
I’d get, like, little, like, not stopping completely
at a stop sign, or like maybe like a little
bit of a speeding ticket, the cops would always
be like, oh, my God. I love your dad. Like, I grew up watching
your dad, or like, you know, saw him at coffee this morning. So I would most of the
time get out of them. So you’d get out of them? Sometimes. Not all the time. Not all the time. So how many speeding
tickets do you have? I don’t know. Do people, like– I don’t think I’ve
ever, like, counted. Well, the fact that you don’t
know says you’ve gotten a lot. I’ve gotten a few. I mean, I know I could
answer that question. I think I’ve gotten one. Really? Yeah. No way. I don’t believe that. I feel like you have
some speed in you. Oh, I do. But I’ve gotten out of them. [LAUGHS] Because, literally,
they will walk up to the car and go, oh, can I just–
oh, my God, Ellen! I love you. Like, my wife loves you! And then, you know,
I get a selfie, and– Oh, awesome. Yeah. We’ll cut this part out. Because I want to keep
getting out of them. I try not to– I drive safe, fast, but safe. OK. Same. Yeah. I feel really
confident in a car. I’m like– I don’t know. I feel like I learned from my
dad, who used to actually be a professional race car driver. So– Right. I have some pretty good skill. Because you have to pay
attention to what’s behind you and what’s out– you can’t just go
fast and think you’re the only person on the road. Yeah. My friends actually
make fun of me for it. They’re like, you
drive really crazy, but I feel safe with you. So you’re probably
the one person that I’d want to be
in a car with when– When you say you drive crazy– Not crazy. OK. Maybe cut that part out. No, but what is crazy? Fast is one thing. But what’s crazy? I guess I’m just– I’d consider myself
a confident driver. I’m not– I don’t know. Yeah. Knock on wood. Yeah. No, but as long as you’re aware
of your surroundings, and– Yeah. Yeah. Totally. I think that’s important. Totally. All right. I have to ask you about this
because this is the law. So Kourtney just is now not
going to be part of the show anymore? Is that right? Because she doesn’t want her
personal life in the show? But then you’re
still in the show, but your personal life
is never in the show. No, my– no. Well, first of all,
not necessarily. I think Kourtney kind
of has boundaries, which is totally understandable. And I think, to answer your
question a little further, like, I think I’ve
always kind of not let my personal life
entirely on the show. So it’s just kind of
always been a thing for me. But then with Kourtney,
she did, at one point, let her personal
life be on the show. And so now it’s a
bit more of a shift, I guess, for everyone
to understand. But, no, I don’t think
she’s fully confirmed to not be on the show. Let’s just say it gets
a little bit crazier before it gets any better. And it’s just– there’s some
pretty crazy things that happened. Yeah. It’s amazing that
the things can keep getting better
because the family, I mean, you all are really– you’re real on there. Yeah. It’s a lot of conflict on there. Now, congratulations on
the Versace campaign also. Thank you. That’s really cool. Thanks. I mean, that’s amazing. And you’re doing a makeup
collab with Kylie, as well– Yes. –which is very cool. We’re very excited about it. We’ve actually not said anything
that we were doing it yet. So this is the first
time people will know. Oh, this is an announcement? She’s doing a
collaboration with Kylie. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] We’re really excited. Thank you. We haven’t done one yet. I’m the last sister, or the
last family member, I think. I had a contract before
with another makeup company. So now I’m able to do it. And I might be wearing some
of it tonight right now. You look fantastic. Thank you. Yeah. You look great. Well, that’s going
to be very cool. Thanks. I mean her line’s doing well. But the two of you together,
that’s really great. Yeah, it’s cool. I feel like we’re really going
big because I’m her full blood. You are her full blood sister. We’re taking it seriously. That’s very cool. All right. We have to take a break. More with Kendall after this. We’re back with Kendall Jenner. She is huge on social media. You posted something
the other day. Are we showing what
is she thinking? I want to show the first one
with the arm, the wingspan. Do we have that? Yeah. Explain to me. OK. You post this, and it got
like a trillion views. Like, how much? 14 million views
because you did that. I’m not even doing anything. What made you want to do
that and call it wingspan? And why is that
14 million views? I don’t know. I just have a really
long wingspan, and I just felt like
people should know. I don’t know. It was so random. But it’s hysterical. It is hysterical. I mean, do you ever just
think– do you just think, I could just do anything and
that would be like, I mean– No, most of the time I feel like
people– it’s actually funny. I feel like a lot
of the posts that I post like that, where I’m just
like, this is a mindless post, like I just think it’s funny– Yeah. –they end up getting more
attention than the ones that I’m like, oh,
this will be cool. Now is your wingspan extra long? I mean– I’ve never actually measured it. But I’ve– isn’t it– Wait, stand up. Stand up. Let me see how long my wingspan
is next to your wingspan. We’ll do it in– It’s the same wingspan. No, it’s not. We have to go like back to– Stand behind her. Yeah. Stand behind me
or in front of me. OK. I’ll stand behind you. OK. [LAUGHS] All right. You have a long wingspan. Yeah. But it’s not that much longer. You’re reaching. That’s how I can do. I was going to say, I think that
from fingertip to fingertip, it’s the height of you. That’s what I’ve heard, right? Am I wrong? It’s equal to your height. Right. Your wingspan is
equal to your height. Yeah. Not everybody. [LAUGHS] Somebody some people have arms
that not the exact– that’s crazy. Yeah. I think there might
be some that aren’t. They also say if you wrap– I don’t know. If you wrap pants
around your neck, that’s your waist size, too. Have you heard that? What? Literally, like if
you wrap the pant– has anyone heard this? No! Yes. Thank you very much. There are other
people– you can– So you’re saying, your neck
is the size of your waist? Well, it would be doubled. So you take the pant– Oh, the whole pant. Yeah. And you hold it the way it is. Do that. And that and those
pants will fit you. No way. [LAUGHS] That’s insane. First of all, there are other
people that’ll back me up. And not just the woman
who yelled, “Bingo!”

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