EXTRA LARGE BASKET for La Pavoni ☆ エクストララージバスケット

EXTRA LARGE BASKET for La Pavoni ☆ エクストララージバスケット

This is the original portafilter and single basket that come with La Pavoni. This is the double basket. I bought this bottomless portafilter a long time ago. I’ve been using it just like this. This time, I bought 20g basket. and I was going to use it. But it didn’t fit to the bottomless portafilter I had. If I cut the edge off, it would fit. But I decided to use this exclusively for double basket. I bought another bottomless portafilter that could fit 20g basket. Finally I can make coffee with this extra large basket. The reason why I wanted this is that I wanted to make latte with lightly roasted coffee beans and not use less milk. In other words, I want to increase coffee beans when I make latte with lightly roasted coffee beans. and I needed a bigger capacity basket when a double basket wasn’t big enough. and I bought this. coffee beans for today are… I asked in the previous coffee video… Gayo Mountain In Indonesia. many told me that Gayo mountain is good.
so I bought it. This is from Honduras. I’ve never tried Honduras coffee, so why not? I tried this before and it was fantastic. Organic robusta from Vietnam. I’m going to roast 200g I can see many worm-eaten beans. it’s done. I picked out bad beans this much out of 200g coffee beans. Initially I thought I had to pick out a lot but it turned out not. Look at this. there’s a hole. I need to replace this part. I’m gonna set a timer for 10 minutes. I think it’s gonna take less than that. It looks pretty good. I know I just finished roasting. it’s too soon to brew but let’s give it a shot. 20g wow, really nice aroma. This is amazing. I’m gonna use oat milk today. How much? 240 ml I’ve been using only this almond milk from Tsukuba Nyugyo lately. I still think this is the best almond milk for coffee. I thought there might be another good alternative milk for coffee. I bought these 3 alternative milk. There are too many kinds of milk like, oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk and etc… I’m thinking about buying all the alternative milk that may go well with coffee and try all of them. So, If you know any good alternative milk available in japan that goes well with coffee, let me know. I know some brands sell good alternative milk in Europe and North America, but I can’t buy them in Japan. Anyway, If you know any, let me know. too coarse…? I need to adjust the grinder settings. This oat milk is kinda watery. It doesn’t form enough. Form is disappearing rapidly. nah. It doesn’t go well. Oat milk is… This oat milk doesn’t go well with coffee. Maybe deep roasted coffee go well? I don’t know. This happens quite often. How well the milk forms, and how thick the milk is. This almond milk is really thick and great. Cheaper alternative milks are likely to be watery and thin. Almond milks are usually not thick from my experience. It’s hard to find good almond milk. This one is awesome. I hope I could find great alternative milk. I see. But the coffee tastes good.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. 浅煎りのエスプレッソ、濃い果汁みたいで美味しいんですよねぇ。

  2. エスプレッソはマキネッタしかないけど最近この方の動画見るのハマっちゃってるな〜

  3. So basically everytime he wants to drink coffee, need to roast those beans first? Speaking about dedication 👌🏻

    Also i think best milk would be the usual normal milk. Not the low fat version or any other version. Just use plain normal milk.

  4. 200gを1度に焙煎して6分で終わるってめちゃくちゃ良いですねー!!

  5. For people who are home roasting, general rule of thumb is to wait about 10 days off roast before using the beans for espresso. They really need to rest to get rid of the CO2 fully.

  6. Thank you for another excellent video. Here's my experience with milk: Cashew has much creamier feeling than other alternative milks for me. Also, at some point I was making bullet coffee with coconut milk and coconut oil, and it had a perfect rich creamy feeling, but coconut is a strong taste and I get it when not everyone likes it. Still I think alternative milk and different oils is a combination worth exploring. I hope your hand gets better fast!

  7. I am very happy to wait for you, to make a video about making coffee that is very fresh starting from the process of picking coffee fruits from the garden directly, processing, and then back to japan, roasting and brewing at your apartmen

  8. 私は、プロヴァメル オーガニック アーモンドミルク を買うことがあります。少々価格が高いからたまにですが😅ほど良いとろみが好きです。

  9. have u tried oatly milk for coffee? it foams really well, but then again u might not like it compared to your almond milks 🙂

  10. Gayo Bourbon type is great too. They don't peel the cascara when they dried the coffee, it makes a super aromatic scent. Great for cold brew. For light roasted, imho Temanggung Excelsa or Ijen Mountain are quite good. It got less acidity.

  11. Ryoyaさんが使っている焙煎器が気になります。どちらで購入できるのでしょうか?

  12. こんばんは🌺りょうやさんの動画は、癒されますね。ずっと見てられます。ありがとうございます💕

  13. I also tried oat milk with my La Pavoni espresso and it doesn't work well together…
    By the way? How do you make a good milk scum with La Pavoni steamer? I am still learning (now I can make the espresso correctly but not the milk).

    そう言えば、La Pavoniでどうやって良いミルクの泡を作れますか?私はまだLa Pavoniを使う事は勉強中ですから、まだ良い泡が出来ませんでした。。

  14. ホンジュラス産推しなので、購入していただいて嬉しいです。お口に合うといいですが。


  15. For people who want to use an alternative to milk in their coffee: In Germany at a drugstore chain called dm you can get a very good milk substitute made of oat, water and a little bit of soy (2%). It's called "Barista", a bit on the sweeter side and excellent for frothing. If you have the chance to get it give it a try. It's the best I've found so far.

  16. りょーやさん、こんばんは^_^

  17. Thank you, i think the same. Oat milk and Coffee is horrible. There is nothing better than organic 3,8% cow milk. hands down

  18. 本当に人物がCoolだから動画作品もCoolです。Ryoyaさんのお陰で日本人は随分と良い評価をもらっていると思います。(実際はRyoyaさんのような日本人は極々少数派なのですがね lol)

  19. Your roasted coffee beans look perfect 👍🏼almond milk is really thin here in the US not good for coffee,but is good for cold cereal

  20. Wandering about the beans, did you bought it online? Looks like from video to video you can easily got that various beans

  21. I would love to see a test of different alternative milks for coffee! Especially since many coffeehouses offer more than one type, it can be confusing to decide which will go with the type of coffee you want.

  22. Mmm, not the best extraction and not the most uniform roast on beans, maybe that's not really important with cappucino maybe, but pressure definitely looked off.

    And yeah oat milk is bad with coffee. If you want cheap alternative to coconut or almond id suggest try 35% soy and 65% rice (brown or white) milk blend.

  23. I'm such a purist when it comes to my coffee. Being Caribbean we make our coffees with the cloth method so that coffee is super pure, but living in America I have tried so many ways of drinking coffee, but I still do the cloth method at home. I will probably purchase a coffee machine, but will rarely use it 😂

  24. If any one asks me about my ideal dream life, I'll simply send them a link to Ryoya's channel.
    I really like this kind of video when you share stuff with us, thanks for making my day bruv!

  25. have you heard of minor figures? not really sure if they're sold in Japan or not though…they have oat milk…saw their products when i visited a coffee exhibition in my city (it contains oil, i forgot the exact oil so i reckon it'd emulsify better?)

    also, gayo honey processed is pretty tasty imo (kintamani honey is nice as well) there are many local beans that are delicious here in Indonesia 🙂 hope you can try more next time!

  26. 90% of your kitchen and equipment is solid wood and steel. I love how heavy duty and premium everything looks.

  27. If you’ve never been to Australia you’ve got to come! The coffee here is amazing and there’s so much to try out, it would be perfect for you!
    Btw we use the same grinder as you at my coffee shop ^.^

  28. from what I have learned in the food science field, I think the lipid content in the alternative milk can affect the mouthfeel and formation of foam. Since there are some natural oils in almonds and nuts, they give smoother texture to the coffee and tend to hold the foam. Maybe nutty milks (or even coconut milk) could be better alternatives to rice / soy / grain-based milk? (I am not an expert in coffee, I usually prefer soy milk in my coffee due to lactose intolerance but to be honest the texture wasn't so great compared to full cream milks…. ;_; )

  29. The best almond I’ve tried is from Silk and it’s in Canada. It’s really thick and creamy, not sure if it’s in japan though

  30. 美味しいって言うのかと思ったら合わないに笑ったw

  31. Maybe try coconut milk next time. It does have a stronger flavour but I found that it usually foams well and goes nicely with the coffee.

  32. 大塚食品のスゴイダイズでカフォラテ作ってます

  33. 深煎りとオートミルクでよく飲んでました!

  34. There is so much videos on the yt that teaches you how to make plant bases milks, try to make it yourself. That way you can adjust the thickness of the milk and hope this will be more cheap.
    Keep up the good work

  35. This video was fun to watch! I liked your honest reaction in the end. I definitely have to try roasting my own coffee beans now! I’ve been making cashew milk for coffee on the weekends. It goes really well!

  36. I make my own cashew milk. It’s very easy and I think is the nicest taste for flat white / latte. Impressed by your home roasting!

  37. I really enjoy Milkadamia Latte Da Barista (macadamia based milk)- as an alternative milk. It steams pretty well, and the taste is much better than oat milk. Almond milk is my second favorite, like you were saying.

  38. 私はこだわりがまったくないのでコーヒーに安い調整豆乳かアーモンドミルク入れて飲みます

  39. I think oat milk is the best milk for coffee! If you get the chance, try Oatly or Minor Figures oat milk. They are both very popular here in the UK and Europe and I think they are best suited to coffee.

  40. You really should try the oat milk from Oatly, if the coffee bean gives off a nutty taste, mixing with oat milk brings on the taste even more!!

  41. Arabica Gayo is very popular in Indonesia.

    As long as I know that you shouldn't make an espresso from Arabica Gayo, especially light roast, just brew it manually with v60 or any brewing method.

    If you want to make an espresso, you can roast it more, it should be darker than you've roasted in this video.

    by the way, I'm a big fan of your coffee video 😋

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