Face Massage | Q&A Follow Up | Home Facial Massage | Lymphatic Drainage

Face Massage | Q&A Follow Up | Home Facial Massage | Lymphatic Drainage

I from my facial massage video I receive
lots and lots of questions and so I’ve been answering them one by one and my
husband said he had a great suggestion and he said why don’t you make a video
to answer all the questions and do it in a Q&A format so I thought that’s a
excellent idea so I hope you will find some of your questions answered in right
in this video thanks hi everyone welcome back to my channel this is Gadgetlily
I’m making this video as they follow up to my facial massage video because due
to the overwhelming questions that I received I’m looking down because I have
a list of questions to go over and all these questions I personally reply to
every single one as fast as I can when I started getting lots of comments and
questions so thank you very much and I got a lot of new subscribers but then I
realized that many of these questions were repeats and that maybe some of the
points in the video needed clarifications just a little background
when I first made that video a few months ago think it was three and a half
or four months ago I had no idea how popular that video would be or that
there that many people interested in face in facial massage in home face
massage or in lymphatic drainage so I was really surprised as to the us
to the amount of views that it received and is continuing to receive when I
filmed that video I was basically just doing my regular weekly face facial
massage and I said oh I’m just gonna film it for my channel and so it was
very casually done and that’s how I normally would do my weekly facial
massage so here I am going to try to answer those questions I’m gonna try to
answer them quickly and concisely because otherwise this video would be
too long I also want to post information that I am talking about today in the
description box so that you can easily look up the information as well and also
I will link that video to this video as well as put a link of this video into
the the previous video so they could be crossed they can be cross-referenced I
just want to point out a couple things just to get it out of the way
first of all people ask me about my age a lot of questions when I made that
video I was fifty nine and a half now I am sixty there was a lot of interest in
my age I also received a lot of questions about whether I had Botox or
fillers and the answer is no I never did I never had any facial injections and
it’s just not something on my on my radar it’s not on my priority list I am
NOT that person it’s nothing wrong with them and I’m not against them for others
but it’s just not for me I started my channel a little over a year ago and it
has always been about things that I love and things in my life that I want to
share with everyone and my philosophy has always been simple skincare simple
makeup simple life and it has always been like that
for me and it always will be and that’s my channel good health is
always my ultimate goal okay let’s focus on the questions for the facial massage
video okay what type of oil to use any light facial oil is suitable for the
facial massage in the video I used rice bran the Japanese rice bran oil it’s
coal its copra it’s meant for facial use and but I also mixed it with a few drops
of marula oil rosehip seed oil carrot seed oil and yuzu oil that’s only
because I had them you know I was trying to use them up so I mixed it it’s not a
special recipe I just wanted to add a few things in there but I could have
used the rice bran oil all by itself and what are some of the oils everyone can
use again it’s the best choice is a light facial oil and jojoba oil is
excellent argan oil is excellent sweet almond oil is good safflower seed oil
facial sesame seed oil they’re all good and if they’re if those are the oils
that are available to you then you should use those but the important point
I want to make and this is very important is that it
doesn’t matter so much about the oil it’s the function of the oil the oil is
– and we use a generous amount of of oil the function of the oil is to provide a
good slip on your face so that your face is completely lubricated and so is your
neck so that there is no pulling and tugging on the skin that it’s a a
slippery process it’s a slide or glide on your skin to make the movement of the
of the massage so don’t be don’t be too concerned about does it have to be a
specific oil for it to work it’s not it’s really for the for the hands to
glide and for the movement but one thing I do want to point out though is olive
oil and coconut oil are probably too heavy for the skin when that generous
amount is used for all over the face that those oils tend to be too heavy so
those are not the most suitable choice of of oil to use another question is do
I wash my face first I think it’s a good idea it’s good to start with clean skin
and definitely without any make upon your skin another question is do I
wash my face after the massage you can I I wash I wash my face first do the
massage and then toward the end I would take a warm towel and put it all over my
face to remove the initial oil off my face you could also blot it with
blotting papers if there is excess but the best way to remove all the oil is to
wash your face and so it depends on your skin if you have very dry skin then you
don’t completely have to wash your face again you can just use a warm towel but
it’s again it’s really up to you there’s no rule as to whether you need to wash
your face again but the answer is yes you can if you watch the video all the
way to the end you will see how I some of the suggestions about removing your
extra oil and another part that is really important in the video is the
beginning the warm-up when I first started and the first thing you really
concentrate on is your neck to warm up your lymphatic these pressure points
here and it’s really important to to warm up and at that point your hands are
already already lubricated with oil so that it’s a slipping kind of just
slipping and sliding down to warm up this area too and also to clear clear it
out because because as you do your massage
supposedly the more drainage is going to happen from your face down toward your
neck it’s important to have this area warmed up and also cleared so what is
the pressure used the pressures should be light to medium and but not so hard
that it’s painful but you should feel something somebody mentioned that that
it felt itchy afterwards or during but it could be because you know the
circulation is moving around so you do feel some kind of sensation so another
question is how many times a week and can it be done daily here the frequency
is up to you what works with your lifestyle and your schedule for me I do
it once a week and but I have done it more than once a week a couple of times
a week when I feel like it it’s it should never be you know forcing
yourself to do it or feel bad if you miss a week again what’s important is
what works for you and if you do it daily would it hurt you know if you do
it properly it wouldn’t hurt you so another point I want to make is it
should never feel like a job or a chore it’s supposed to be relaxing and
beneficial so I don’t want you to rush through it or get stressed out why you
are doing it and you could do it with someone together you know and/or do it
by yourself in a relaxing environment another question was how long have I
been using facial massage as long as I can remember I’ve always
done some sort of some form of facial massage always at home not not by anyone
not by a professional or by a skincare specialist I think I grew up knowing the
importance of having good facial circulation and the principle of
detoxification for your skin so it’s always been something I do maybe not
well I know it’s not exactly this particular method but it’s one form of
another of facial massage I like this method because first of all
it doesn’t need any tools I like I said I like everything very simple
I think our hands are excellent tools in cooking or gardening and also in skin
care so with that in mind I love this method because you’re just basically
using your hands can oily skin type do this massage if your skin is super oily
and acne prone or it’s with acne blemished the answer is no it’s not the
best thing for you but if it’s just on the oily side then
someone had suggest had suggested that to use a moisturizer a good moisturizer
or even aloe vera gel I’ve never tried either one for this particular massage
but someone had a couple people had suggested that for oil oily skin so you
may want to try it but again just keep in mind the important the most important
point is to provide that slip so you’re not tugging or pulling on your skin and
that you’re able to perform the steps and to do this or you know the
circulation the you know toxification steps so move
you know moving everything down to down for lymphatic drainage so those are the
important things not so much again you know the oil itself and just be sure
never to pull or tug on your skin but if you have open sores on your face it’s
best not to do that until you don’t have any any open cuts or sores or if your
face is already inflamed or irritated this is a really good question somebody
pointed out that we’re always told to when we touch our face or anything the
movement or when we massage our face it should go upward and not down and so
there’s many steps in this particular massage that we’re pulling downward down
on the neck and also you know as we glide down to the temples and the reason
for that that it’s not a problem it’s because our hands are so well lubricated
that when we are actually doing those steps we are bringing any toxins to be
drained out of our you know the face so that to these points so that we’re not
we’re not really again pulling on the skin we’re not tugging we’re not pulling
so it’s it’s just the gliding motion and kind
facilitate the movement to pass out so it’s not it’s not contrary to what we
were told about pulling down on the skin it’s not the same thing I think people
really enjoy the background music that I’ve chosen they’re free music from
YouTube when I made the video it took me a long time to select those tunes but
I’m glad I really I’m really glad I selected those but I do have to share
with you at this time I spent a lot of time right
finding the right music to all my videos and I’m really grateful for the YouTube
free music because I think every video that you know really need something in
the background to kind of enhance the content the music that I selected for
this video I I was really happy with or when is the best time to do this massage
the best time is at night I would think before bedtime and because I have washed
my face I’m ready to kind of relax wind down and so I could do this facial
massage and then just relax and go to bed so it’s to me that’s the most ideal
time but of course you can do it any time that works into your schedule did I
create this no I did not I watched this from a video by dr. Ivan six I listed
his name and channel in facial massage video and the credit goes
to that and I’m not sure if he created it or if he had learned it from someone
else but I did did watch it in one of his I think nighttime routine that he
was kind of showing what he did you know facial massage has ancient history going
way back and there’s so many different methods and had evolved evolved through
time so I’m not sure if any one person can take credit for it but I definitely
did not create this method I just use it from many of my international viewers
the question are for translations I’m sorry I won’t be able to translate my
video into different languages I am just a single person making homemade videos
using my iPhone it’s very low budget and I just want to jump in and add this
additional note since I recorded the this video I was able to make subtitles
in many different languages for my facial video and for this video so
please check those out by using the subtitle closed caption feature thank
you now back to the original recording many people ask me about all different
types of skin care problems issues and I just want to point out I am NOT a skin
specialist I’m not a esthetician I’m not trained this is just
me practicing facial massage that I’ve been doing for a while and that I want
to share with everyone so I I really don’t know about so much about how to
deal with different types of skin issues oh I’m sorry that I won’t be able to
give you good answers to these skincare questions so I also get some questions
on my own skincare secret or skincare routine I really don’t have secrets
maybe if I share with you here what I in general I don’t put I don’t put more
than three products on my face at any one time usually at night I only put two
I wash my face and then I put moisturizer and the retinol that I’m
using now it could be threatenin or a retinol cream like a three one three I
have a video on that and and that’s it I don’t I’m you know I moisturize all the
time I really don’t use the you know 10-step skincare or anything like that
and of course during the day it’s the same thing you know moisturize I
cleansing is so important I always believe in cleansing
but moisturizing is really important and using good quality skincare but doesn’t
mean expensive and just good skincare that works for you and and I always use
sunscreen now I mean in my younger days I did not use sunscreen so I have a lot
of sun damage that I don’t have my I don’t have any makeup on so you can see
I do have sun sun damage but usually there on the sides of my face and so
unless I really you know angle myself you don’t really see them
straight forward so people always say that they think I have flawless skin but
I don’t I really don’t I have freckles and spots and age spots and it’s to be
expected at my at my age and I don’t go out of my way to hide them i I think
it’s always more important to look natural but again that’s just my way of
doing my my makeup and so I don’t overly try to hide them
but sunscreen going back to sunscreen that’s super important I never go to bed with my makeup on and
always remove everything I will continue to share future videos with you not all
of them will be about skincare I like I said my channel is about everything I
love so there are travels and you know my garden my cats and make maybe makeup
I’m not a makeup artist but sometimes when I do my makeup I like to film get
ready with me they’re just super simple you know nothing nothing artistic about
my makeup routine and a lot of times I just kind of look messy afterwards but
it’s um but I like to film those and share those with you they’re super
simple and maybe you’ll enjoy watching them so I think that’s it for this video
I hope I answered all the questions from the facial video I received a lot of new
subscribers from around the world really around the globe so again I was just
overwhelmed about the interest in facial massage and skincare anti-aging skin
care it’s fantastic I guess we have this common passion of taking care of our of
our skin and that’s it for today I hope you enjoy this
as always I look forward to seeing you in my next video

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