Facial Feminization Surgery – Week 3! | | Stef Sanjati

Facial Feminization Surgery – Week 3! |  | Stef Sanjati

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  1. hey stef, why don't you make smoothies yourself?? it's so easy! really, all it takes is a good blender and fresh fruit n veggies (and maybe some superfoods like chia or spirulina if you're feeling super crazy =P). and it's soooo much fun trying new combinations, being creative and following recepies. first of all the fresh is always healthier! plus you dont need the plastic bottles and are able to really see and control what goes into it =)

  2. Stef, i think you are great! You're beautiful the way you are! The Waardenburg Syndrome just makes you special! Love your video's! Love from the Netherlands!

  3. Ahhhhh, it came out so well, you look fantastic and so happy and I'm so happy for you. Gorgeous baby! All the love to you!

  4. Congrats Stef!! You look beautiful, I can see a difference your upper lip is fuller and your jaw line is rounder more feminine and your forehead is also more feminine and no Adam's apple!!Now after saying that I still think you were beautiful before but I understand what you have been saying and feeling but those people that are saying there's no difference because they think you don't look different don't understand that you didn't want to CHANGE how YOU look that you just wanted to be a more feminine looking you.
    Gosh I hope I've said what I wanted to say right and not offend you.
    Anyway congrats! 😘

  5. so happy for you getting this done now if we can find a way to get this type of help for the rest of the world life would be great. keep up the great work you do

  6. You look fantastic!!! I couldn't see a huge difference before but once you put the video for comparision the results were fantastic

  7. Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness is my jam. Blueberries are my favorite fruit and their smoothies are the tastiest way to get my fix when they're not in season. Glad you enjoyed them! And glad the company sent you some freebies to make your liquid diet much easier. πŸ’— P.S. You look fab! Your FFS looks so natural. Lovely to see your inner you revealed. You have such a happy glow post-op, it highlights how good the FFS work you had done is. (I'm disabled — degenerative disk disease in my spine — and I get all my medical and especially pain management treatments at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. I feel so lucky to live near the biotech capital of the world. I'm glad you were able to come out here and get exactly the caliber of treatment you were looking for!) Congrats! xoxo

  8. i never commented before but i watch almost all of your videos. I think its a great thing that u decided to show everyone the step by step healing progress becoz it might help alot for those who are also planning on doing something simillar.
    You are great and beautiful, the surgery made ur womans beauty come out even more!
    Love it all!

  9. I'm happy for you, Like I'm genuinely smiling. I feel better about going on with my day today. You're an absolutely stunning young woman! Thank you! I subscribed! xx

  10. Steff your hair is always so great πŸ‘Œ like it looks so healthy and perfectly colored and bouncy and just so perf!!!!

  11. Girl, can I just say how flippin cute you are? I definitely see what you mean about doing a subtle surgery so that you still look like you, the you you would have been without testosterone. The mandibular reshaping is perfect and you have cheekbones for days, you can definitely tell your brow has been reduced, and your lip lift is cute as hell. I'm so happy you were able to get this surgery done — it's clear what a difference it has made for your mental health, and I hope it drastically reduces misgendering incidences. It is so wonderful of you to have documented the FFS process so thoroughly (as well as hormonal transitioning, your experiences as a transgender woman, etc) to help educate others, both those who are considering the process for themselves and those who want to know more about what transgender women go through.

  12. I TOTALLY get where you're coming from. the same reason you got the facial surgery is the reason why some transwomen get the breast augmentation surgery. of course there are (cis)women with smaller sized breasts naturally and don't need to be like a C cup to feel feminine, but they're cis, they don't feel the need to specify their gender through their perception (at least, most don't). I can see the feminine differences and I'm so extremely happy that psychologically, you feel like who you've always been. I love you!

  13. In the last part of the video (dark grey sweatshirt) you kinda look like Lindsay Lohan in her prime lol. Looking absolutely amazing!

  14. Hi Stef, I just found your surgery videos and I thought you looked great before surgery but this video really stands out the changes the doctor made. I can see the difference and if I were in your shoes and had the means to do it I think I would too. I never knew what effect those areas of the face make on how people appear.

    Anyhow, I thought you looked great before (I'm super jealous of your blue eyes) and now you look even better. Also, I can see the improvement to your self image. It shows in your kindness to yourself and others.
    (side note: I believe being feminine is how we show kindness to ourselves and others as we journey through life, but that is my personal view)

    You be the best you possible. πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Stef, I'm going to have surgery soon. I've decided after many years of feeling insecure about my profile to undergo a chin augmentation. The surgeon will be doing this the same time as my deaveted septum surgery. I'm really nervous. thank you for posting all your videos. I should be getting a date to schedule my procedure any day now.

  16. Green Goodness is the best. God, I love Bolthouse farms. Don't know if the Strawberry Banana comes in that giant size, but look for it. Oh, it's heavenly. xoxo

  17. Oh my gosh!! You look amazing compared to your older video you showed side by side. I love it! I love how proud you are of yourself! Thank you for being you! <3

  18. Those smoothies have a lot of sugar compared to other brands right next to them at the store. They are really good though lol

  19. You look so beautiful (you did before as well) and I'm really surprised at how much different your nose looks since you had the forehead reconstruction, it just looks lifted and maybe pointier/ thinner? I'm really glad you're feeling less dysphoria now since your operation, and I want to wish you the best in the rest of your healing πŸ™‚

  20. I just spent hours watching your entire FFS playlist and I'm shocked at how amazing the results are!!! Look at how pointy that chin is, even with some swelling! You're a very beautiful person, Stef, thank you for these videos πŸ™‚

  21. oh my god the side by side comparison just shows the beautiful work that Dr. Spiegel did! steph you look so feminine and gorgeous!

  22. I really love the white stripe in your hair!! I know it's natural from the first 'My Face' video and I think it's so cool!

  23. You are absolutely lovely. Michelle sends her love. her surgery many, many years ago had some problems. Persistent camel toe being one of them. Seriously, you are a beauty.

  24. I thought you looked beautiful before but that surgery was perfect. You still look like the same person but well you look like your twin sister. I hope that is not insulting in any way, if it is, it was not meant to be. You are beautiful before and after is what I mean to say, but the doctor did a wonderful job….Love to you…Love to all…Kitten

  25. I know some people might find this weird or macabre but as an osteoarchaeologist I'm very curious how this would show up in an excavated skeleton. Like how would it look different from a similar skull without surgery.

  26. I'm not really sure why I'm watching these FFS videos but it's really interesting to see the change and the process. Somehow I ended up on Ash Hardell's channel and through there I came to check out your channel. I'm glad the surgery went well and that you're happy with the results. And your family's been so supportive, your mom especially is so sweet! And I feel like I've learned some new things about dysphoria and being trans through these videos.

  27. I thought you looked totally feminine before, but the side-by-side… You are one pretty princess. Keep on shining. <3

  28. Hi Stef! I know I'm late to the game but I came across your videos a few days ago and I am just smitten with you! You are the cutest person ever. Your looks, personality, positivity… You are just awesome. I enjoy when your mom is in the video. The interaction between you both is adorable. I'm so happy you have an incredible support system. You are such a beautiful person, even before surgery. I wish you all the best and look forward to watching many more of your videos.

  29. You are so beautiful!! You were before, but wow 😍😍 You look just as stunning with or without makeup, plus you are unique in your own way. Lov ya 😚

  30. This is almost a year late, but I'm so happy you got the FFS. You look more like Alicia Silverstone than you did before. Absolutely beautiful and I'm glad you're feeling better, mentally.

  31. I love the cappuccino one and love them all too…they just sent you them? wow! I wish I could get stuff sent to me XD where do I sign up for that? ha ha ha. you look like Lindsay Lohen sorry if that is an insult I wasn't meaning it as an insult I like Lindsay well before her off the deep end things…anyways…sorry…I can totally see the difference…wish I could afford that so I could look more femanine…I have a Jay Leno chin…you are amazing…with or without the surgery…I am glad you are happy…God Bless

  32. I know you didn’t do this as a political statement..I know but you are so brave and positive. Don’t forget to thank your mom for her support

  33. I love u U are awesome and im so proud u are ok and u did it and u get it all on camera for others u have been so brave ! :3

  34. Give likes because this is the day my grandma passed away and I miss her so much!!!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ’–

  35. Your cheek bones and your lips look so good and your forehead has such a great structure now. Good luck.

  36. I just wanted to express a heart felt thank you for posting so much detail about your experience with FFS. I was planning to have it done while being alone and I know now that would be a horrible experience, if not impossible. Your videos saved me from making that mistake, from turning a miserable experience into a horrifying tragedy. You are blessed to have such supportive parents, and your mom deserves an extra hug every time you see her.

  37. Girl, I've been binging your videos and I love you so much, and your messages and your content. Literally, your transformation is incredible, and you look so amazing

  38. You look beautiful! I haven't been watching you for very long but I'm addicted already, your voice is so soothing and you are so kind and bubbly, I'm in love with you! You are beautiful inside and out and please don't let anyone tell you otherwise ❀ joined the #BreadSquad, love you! Mwah!

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