Farba betonowa Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

Farba betonowa Primacol Decorative – film instruktażowy

This movie is only for instructional purposes. The manufacturer recommends that before starting to perform each of the decorative effects presented, carefully read the description on the product packaging and perform the test on a small surface. Instructional video Concrete-look paint Concrete-look Paint Primacol Decorative is a decorative mineral paint for indoor use The walls covered with it are particularly suited to the modern or industrial style and harmonize with elements made of glass, wood or metal The product is available in four color versions Products necessary to perform the effect Concrete-look paint Primacol Decorative Contact Primer Primacol Decorative Decorative varnish Primacol Decorative Tools necessary to perform the effect Painting roll Plastic trowel Venetian trowel Brush Before proceeding with the effect, we should protect the unpainted surfaces and prepare the substrate accordingly The substrate should be stable, dry, smooth, free from dust, paint and adhesives Losses of material and cracks must be repaired and made even using filler putty. Then, with the help of a painting roller, we coat the entire surface with at least one layers of Contact primer Primacol Decorative It is a ready-to-use agent that only requires mixing When applied on the wall, it strengthens the binding strength, allowing decoration on non-absorbent substrates The content of quartz sand in the composition of the product causes that the resulting coating is rough, which significantly increases the bonding strength with the layer of a concrete paint We leave the prepared surface to dry for 12 hours After priming the substrate, we proceed to the effect Concrete-look Primacol Decorative is a ready-to-use product, requires only thorough mixing before application After opening the container and thoroughly mixing with paint roller, apply the paint to the surface of approx. 1 m2 This will allow to avoid a situation in which part of the applied mass will dry out without decoration, and some will still be wet and ready for processing. Before the paint dries, we smooth it with a plastic trowel Repeat the operation until the entire surface to be decorated is covered Then leave the wall to dry for about 24 hours After this time, again, each time on the surface of 1 m2, apply a second layer of Concrete Paint using a paint roller, leaving small cavities in places Before the paint dries, gently, with circular movements, we smooth the painted surface with a plastic trowel, which we apply to the wall flat After about 15-20 minutes and making sure that the material on the wall is so dry that it does not stick to the tools, we take the Venetian trowel and, applying it flat, circular movements, once again smooth the decorated space Thanks to this, the grains of paint will settle down, which will allow to effectively eliminate any inequalities Only minor concrete defects will remain on the surface After finishing work, leave the wall to dry to dry for 24 hour After day, clean the surface of unbound paint residue. We use a brush for this purpose Then apply a decorative varnish Primacol Decorative with a brush or roller When applying varnish, pay particular attention not to leave stains that will negatively affect the final visual effect If necessary, repeat the action and leave the wall to dry for 24 hours The decorative effect is ready after this time Primacol Decorative concrete paint allows you to create many interesting decorative effects. Depending on the expectations and the way of application, we can receive: a smooth, shiny wall covered with a Decorative stain dyed with Colourant Primacol Decorative structure with attractive pits and cavities or imitate boards made of architectural concrete In this case, identically, after priming the substrate, apply the first layer of Concrete Paint and smooth it with a plastic trowel After the surface has dried, before applying another layer of paint, stick tape to the wall at the designated places, which will imitate the joints of the boards. Then, with the help of a paint roller, we apply a second layer of Concrete Paint, which before drying completely we smooth it with a plastic trowel, and after 15-20 minutes with a dry Venetian trowel After drying, we pluck the tape After 24 hours, clean the surface and cover the wall with Primacol Decorative Decorative varnish The final decorative effect is ready after the day

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  1. mam ścianę pokrytą tynkiem gipsowym a ten z kolei gruntem uniwersalnym acryl-putz'a. Czy mogę na nią bezpośrednio nakładać farbę czy powinienem dodatkowo potraktować ją Waszym gruntem?

  2. Witam, jak można uzyskać efekt, tak zwanego przepalenia, na myśli mam ciemniejsze miejsca.

  3. Witam, nurtuje mnie taka sprawa. Pięć lat temu kupiłem nowe mieszkanie, ściany były szpachlowane i pomalowane. Niestety jak to już bywa w nowym budownictwie po jakimś czasie pojawiły się pęknięcia. Teraz je usuwamy i tak się zastanawiam czy można położyć ten beton na farbę? Na początku niby jest powiedziane, że nie… Czy trzeba by było skrobać wszystko do tynku?

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