Fashion with Ginger – The importance of moisturizer

Fashion with Ginger – The importance of moisturizer

Hellooooo, I’m the Ginger Jihadist, but
you can call me Ginger! Now, no matter whether you are a homicidal,
suicidal, or even a genocidal maniac, it is still ever so important to look your best.
That’s why I am going to share with you my very best tips and tricks, for feeling
younger, staying fresh, and looking fabulous. Kittens!!! Let’s face it, living in the middle east
can be pretty brutal, and living in constant fear of being bombed by the infidels is like,
such a bummer! But having dry, cracked skin on your face and hands, is simply a no no!
And that is why you simply have to have a good moisturizing routine. Kittens!!! As a general rule, you should moisturize your
face and hands after having a shower or bath. But for some of you, especially the boys on
the front line, that isn’t going to be very often. So I recommend carrying some moisturizer
with you on the front lines. That way, you can have soft supple skin, even in the harshest
of environments. Kittens!! So, here are my top 5 moisturizing tips: 1: Moisturize your face and hands twice a
day. Especially in the morning, and just before you go to bed. But if you have been out in
the hot desert sun, you may need to top up during the day, so carry a small bottle of
moisturizer with you. 2: Use a good quality moisturzer. Don’t
be afraid to spend a few more dinar. It will pay off in the end when you have a soft glowing
complexion. 3: For a job well done, use a cleanser on
your face first, to wash the sand out of the crevices. Then finish with toner, to make
your skin all sparkly and fresh. 4: Moisturizing with a tinted moisutizer will
not only enhance your good looks, but will also protect you from the damaging rays of
the sun. It’s a win win! 5: Lastly, don’t forget your lips. They
can get dry and cracked too, so be sure to moistuize your lips with a lovely scented
lip balm, or if you are daring like me, a lovely coloured lip balm. Kittens!!! Well, those are my top tips for keeping your
skin looking tip top. And now, for todays joke (I made this up and
it’s funny so get ready to laugh): What type of car does an infidel drive. An
America! Well, that’s it Thanks for watching. I’m
Ginger and until Next Time, Byeeeeeee!!!!

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