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  1. I hope you signed the actual petition as well they can't send the store window to the European Commission!

  2. If Lush can be cruelty free, so can everyone else. There is no excuse and the cosmetic companies saying they 'need more time' to figure out how to not test on animals is a joke. It's all profit, profit, profit for these people. The law needs to come into effect now, before more animals are forced to suffer needlessly for the sake of greedy, cosmetics producers. Glad Lush are taking a stand on this issue,

  3. @geri901 I thought there might of been an age limit for signing the petition? And I thought I'd be too young…
    And at least I'm supporting the matter in some way,I hope you realise your comment kinda hurt me in a way:(

  4. The Fighting Animal Testing campaign makes me love working at LUSH. Best company I've ever worked for. 3

  5. damn you all i pro ANIMAL TESTING i make life for us human so much easyer screw peta rigth in the ear

  6. Firstly, there are easy ways to test on computers/cells which are more reliable on how a human's cells or tissues may react to a certain product, and so an animal's reaction to a product may be different to our reaction. So, if there are more accurate cruelty-free ways of testing for products, which also ensure animal's safety and our own, what's the problem? Please don't be so selfish.

  7. sorry i know i just hate peta that why i say it but it still easyer and faster testing on animal so i be a ass if i want hippy

  8. Before signing this petition it said 210,558 had already signed it. After I signed it it then said the total was 198,817! So it's going down not up!
    What's that all about???

  9. You also should type properly instead of spending your life watching South Park as I barely understoof whatever you just wrote.
    It's not easier nor is it faster.Infact, using technology is much more easier in terms of avoiding protests from animal right supporters and also much more faster on technology as you get your results faster. Please research before you comment.

  10. Signed. For years now I've only been buying the cosmetics from Lush, and they're totally fine and thank God testing-free.

    If they want their testing so badly, why don't they take their goddamned lobbyists?

  11. is the law that was suposed to be granted in 2013 been delayed again, or has it finally happened? I really hope someone can anwser.

  12. Animals have also the right to live. We don't have the experiments on human. Why? It is because some people think that we are the one who have the right to control animals. Every animal has their own feelings!

  13. I seriously want to act as someone open for business with the cruel companies to expose them I don't care if I'm imprisoned id do anything for our furry animals

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