First Impression VT X BT21 Cosmetics! Lucu-lucu banget! | Asakecil

First Impression VT X BT21 Cosmetics! Lucu-lucu banget! | Asakecil

Hai everyone! welcome back to my youtube channel On this video, I am going to do a first impression using VT Cosmetics X BT21 proudcs if you are an Army, you have to watch this video and you have to try their products VT Cosmetics ask me to try their products and do a review about their products if you are wondering about my eye bags or about imperfections on my face, this is because i’m not wearing any make up on I only wear a lip matte this is my bare face I do have dark circle on my eyes I hope its not bothering you VT Cosmetics sent me a lot of products this is the first one their packaging is really cute there are BT21 Character all over their packaging this is the details Oh! This is a compact powder This is super cute, I can’t handle it I don’t know what shade is this They don’t have any information of shade number on their packaging This is what inside looks like I don’t know, if its too bright for my skin or not lets see the second one is Chimmy! This might be a cushion this shade is 23 and they said this cushion contains SPF 50+ PA ++ this Chimmy is 3D I wish this cushion isn’t too bright for me but I’m not sure, its kinda too bright for my skin hehe if its too bright, I know what to do there is always a way. So, chill! next one is this one this is Koya by the way, what is your favourite BT21? please comment! my favourite is Chimmy and Mang because they are too cute okay this one is cheek cushion looks like blush on but cushion-version I never tried cheek cushion before, and I’m so exitec to try Aw, this one is cute too! the puff is too small for my finger lol this one still sealed the color is coral I also never tried coral blush on I always wear pink blush there are cooky and shooky I’ve got shade number 4 this is the details of their packaging they have 3 shimer colors let me swatch the colors this is really wearable on our daily life as you can see and this is really compact its small and we can bring it anywhere the next one is I’ve got another Chimmy I love Chimmy because Chimmy is yellow I love yellow Their packaging is also really cute there is Chimmy’s sign let me swatch the color OMG! I really love the color the finish is not matte kinda satin or velvet finish and the last one i’ve got I’ve got shade number number 4 I’m not going to throw away the packaging when its empty Woa! I never tried the color before this color is very intens I think i’m going to use this to make an ombre lips So lets try them! If you interest with the products, I’m going to leave links on description box so please do check! don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you are an Army, please do subscribe! Let’s try this one I never used this to blend cushion I usually use a beauty sponge as I see, the shade is too bright for my skin but I know to handle this I usually use dark concealer to correct the color the coverage is light but still can cover imperfection on my face my face is really white XD actually we can wear this to go to college to school, to hang out, we can wear everywhere we want I’m mixing this cushion with my dark concealer to correct the color, because is still too bright for me Bismillahirrahmanirahim don’t forget to say Bismillahirrahmanirahim can you see the color? You can see right? I think is not really works on my skin tone my skin tone isn’t really white, so maybe because of that, the color isn’t really works probably I’ll try the pink one someday its still not really pop out I usually put too much blush on my cheek the color of this one isn’t really pop up oh! Its not really that bad tho hmmm nice I looks like korean girl XD lets try the compact powder it smells really good I think I’m going to use brush instead of the puff am I too white? Looks like my face is too bright looks like super white in front of the camera on camera, my face looks like very very bright on mirror, my face is totally fine Okay move to the next steps I’m going to use this one I’m using my finger On my opinion, shimmer eyeshadow will more pigmented if we use finger to blend that out Can you see that? am I looks like Korean Oennie? I’m wearing the dark one on my outer corner can you see? My eyes has dimentions after I put the dark one then I’m wearing the bright one on my eyelids this is my first time wearing this color this color is very instens for me my lip pigment is little dark also, my skin tone is not really bright, it seems like I don’t belongs to this color I think its still feels weird wearing this color When I swatch the color on my hand, I thought I’d love that but when I try to my lips, turns out it didn’t go well or maybe, maybe its not a big deal but I’m not use to it so yeah so I’m trying with the other one this is super red I’d reather pick this one then the last one this one would be better for ombre lips this is not a lip matte This one is similar to lip tint I’m not going to wear this all over my lips I’m afraid, it would be patchy so if you want to buy this one, its really good to use as an ombre lips again, my dark lips still can’t be covered by this So, I’m going to mix it with my lip matte Ah, this is much better then before so this cute little Tata Its similar to lip tint Not a lip matte, neither a lip gloss So this is my final look not perfect but I’ve tried my best to achive Korean-Oenni look what do you think? I really love this cushion this cushion will usefull on my daily life next, my favourite one is this mini eyeshadow palet I will use this almost everyday I will bring it everywhere My third favourite is the compact powder I really like the color and it smels really good the next one is this one this is super cute I will use it everyday XD unfortunatelly, this one isn’t really works for me there is no problem with the product I think the problem is on my skin tone this one also not really works for me again, my skin tone is not fit with this color but for you who loves this kind of color, its totally okay to buy this one so thats all so yeah! I’m sorry if my video duration is too long sometimes I confused and speechless when I do make up review This is literally my daily make up super simple make up I think with 6 items they sent me, its really help us for daily make up thanks for watching do not forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check links on my description box you can buy products I use on Shopee you can also buy their product on their official website so please check my description box please press like button if you like this video comment if you are an Army and which BT21 do you like?

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