Flormar Cosmetics | Full Face of First Impressions

Hey my little artists! Today I’ll be
trying out Flormar Cosmetics for the first time. Recently, I was on holiday on
Mallorca, which is a Spanish little island and I came across this brand, a whole
store of this brand that I didn’t know before, so I thought I’d pick some things
up and try them out and show you guys as well, in case you don’t know this brand.
Flomar is actually an Italian brand, I think it was founded in Milan, most of it
is produced in Turkey though and it is actually present a lot of countries. I
was surprised to find out, it’s not in Austria though! Let’s get started! I’ve
already done my base, because I was traveling with hand luggage only, so I
could only take a certain amount of liquid and that’s why I didn’t buy any
foundation or anything like that, so this will all be stick or powder products. I’m
going to start with my eyes. I already have foundation on my eyes and already
set that with a loose setting powder. Let’s start with this Flormar Intensive
Kayal eyeliner this is in 03 Transforming Nude. Gonna put this in my
waterline first. This is like a sparkly, let me swatch that real quick for you,
this is like a very nice goldish, very wet looking color and eyeliner. Wondering
how this is performing in the waterline. That’s pretty nice actually.
I’m also gonna put this on my lid here, because I only got one eye shadow for
the… for the eye, so I’m gonna use this as kind of like an eye shadow on the
movable lid and then the rest, I’m gonna do with that one eye shadow I got. This
is making that look very strange. Hold on. That is making the texture on my eye
really weird, so I’m not gonna do that after all. I’ll just use one eye shadow,
but it looks nice in the waterline. The eye shadow I got is the Flormar
Diamond’s Terracotta eyeshadow and this is in D03 Crystal Amethyst. I just
really to wanted a purple eye shadow. Let me try and open this. There we go. Let me
swatch it for you. It swatched a lot better in the store, which is making me
think that maybe you have to scrape off the top layer a little, but
look how sparkly that is. That is so beautiful; and let me try first just with
a normal shader brush. This is the MAC 239 and I’m just gonna place this on my
eye here. That is not as intense as I wanted it to be, let’s see if it gets
better the more I use it. It could be; and then ahhh did you see that fallout? Okay…
it’s a beautiful color though. I’m just gonna put this all over my
movable lid and now I’m gonna switch to a blending brush and I’m just gonna
extend this and do a large tail and also blend this upwards on my crease; and I’m
also taking this underneath my eye. It’s really, I mean, this is slight wash of
color. This is nothing too pigmented, especially with the blending brush. I’m
getting like, I mean, I want this smoked out look, so it’s not like anything too
bad, but could be more pigmented to be honest. I’m just gonna spray my shader
brush, that I used before, with some Fix+ and see if that makes a difference. Now
it’s nice and wet maybe you can’t even use this wet, I don’t know. Oh that is so
much better! Look at that! So I’m just gonna place that on the moveable and now,
to intensify that, and then blend it out towards the edge here. I’m also placing
some of that underneath the eye, so it’s a little more intense there as well. For a
one shadow look, that’s pretty nice, but this is not the easiest, nor the nicest
eye shadow I’ve ever used, but it works. There’s quite a bit of glitter fallout on
my face. I’m like glittering all over now, but I don’t mind that look, so that’s
okay. Next I got an eyeliner pen. This is the Flormar Eyeliner Pen in number 600.
This is one of those, with like a felt tip
tip and I already noticed that this bleeds out on my hand. Maybe I can show
you now. If you can see, that the edges are not, it doesn’t pick up on camera
very well, but it does bleed, see down there? It kind of bleeds out a little bit.
If you can tell, but it’ll be fine. So I’m just gonna use this little plastic thing
to give me a guideline of where I’m drawing the wing. I’m just drawing a wing
here. I feel like it’s kind of difficult to get the product out, it seems kind of
dry, but I mean, I managed to get a nice enough line. Let’s face it, I’m just not
good at eyeliner on myself and that’s probably never gonna change, because I
practiced so much and I’m still not very good at it,
but yeah it’s very nice and black, I have to say. It’s pretty pigmented, it’s just
kind of dry so with more mature eyes, like I have, it’s difficult to get a
straight line, like I have this problem all the time. I need to get a liquid
eyeliner with a brush tip, I think, for my eyes that’s gonna be the one that works
best. So let me just finish my eyes. I’m just gonna put some mascara and do
the other eye and I’ll be right back! How the hell do people do eyeliner on
themselves, like, okay, it’s so much easier on other people, I mean there’s more,
like more difficult eyes and more easy eyes, but like, on yourself I find it
impossible! That’s why I pretty much never put eyeliner on, on my channel. I
should really practice that, I should be good at that, but I just can’t be
bothered and it also doesn’t look very good with my hooded eyes, so yeah,
eyeliner: nah. Anyways so, so far these products… um I like the eyeshadow when you
make it wet and it would be nice as just, like, a movable lid kind of thing. It does
have a lot of glitter fallout, so I would do my eye makeup first and then my face
makeup. the inner, what’s it called? Water line eyeliner kajal, is only possible on the
waterline, not on the skin, that looks terrible and the eyeliner, I don’t feel
like I can give a fair assessment to the eyeliner, because I would have to use it on
another person to see whether it’s actually good or not. I felt like it was very
difficult to use, but for me every eyeliner is difficult to use,
so yeah. Let’s move on to the eyebrows! This is the Flormar Brow Sculpting Duo
in 01 Beige, so it has a pencil and like, this, and it’s kind of… like I’ve
tried on the back of my hand and it seems like it’s very good to make
individual hairs with. It does do very fine lines. I think if you use it
correctly and it’s not too soft nor too hard. Then on the other… and you have this
little sponge thing and there is, you know, product that comes out of there, so
I guess that’s to kind of fill out the eyes. Let’s do the pencil part first.
I’m gonna brush up my eyebrow and now I’m just gonna go ahead and… where can I
place my finger? On there and draw little lines. Wow, okay, it’s pretty pigmented. I
went way too far up there; and I’m just gonna draw lines in the direction of
what my hair actually grows in. This was the lightest color they had, by the way, I
would have preferred a color that is even lighter than this but this was the
lightest. I like that though. It’s working very, very well; and brush it down and do
exactly the same thing again. Just starting a little further inwards. Ah that was a little too intense there, but I’m gonna brush through it so it doesn’t really matter.
Now I’m gonna try this squidgy thing. I’m just kind of, okay, I
feel like it’s too large a little bit. I’m really having to be careful. It looks
nice though, you hardly have to touch down at all and it’s really just dying
the hair is and not the skin, because I’m only touching the hairs. Yeah, I didn’t
think I would like this, but it actually looks really good. If I could ask for one
thing, I’d prefer if this sponge tip was a little smaller,
to be able to work more in detail but those are some good-looking eyebrows. I’m
very happy with that. All right let’s contour our face. This is
the Flormar Sculpting Kit and I got 01 Light. I got this particularly
because it just it looks very, very light. It looks like it could be a
really good, cool sculpting or a contouring product for me. So I’m just
going to put this on a Sigma small contour F05 and I’m just gonna take a
little bit of product to start out with and place this…Can you see anything?Because
I can’t. All right, maybe it’s too light. Oh there’s some… something is happening! This
is a really nice light color. You can do a really natural contour with this I
feel like. Let me do my forehead as well. J Just a tiny bit. I found this reddit,
which is a subreddit called bad contouring and it’s literally the best
thing I’ve ever seen. It makes me feel better about my own makeup. I know that’s
bad and I shouldn’t… and like people are really nasty in that subreddit,
don’t get me wrong. Shouldn’t be that nasty, but it’s just
kind of funny, because this Instagram contouring trend in the real world just
doesn’t really work out very well. Since this is so light, I’m also gonna do my
nose a little bit because I feel like this could be good for nose contour. I’m
still breaking out by the way, from the… from the holiday, so don’t worry about my
nose. It will be fine. Did I take too much? It’s a little too dark now. Gonna
blend it out. It got stuck on my pimple there, so that’s why it’s looking so dark,
but let’s fix this. I’m gonna take this Zoeva 105 luxe highlight and I’m gonna
take the highlighting color. I’m just gonna place this on my nose and blend
that out a little with the contour; and also place that in the center of my face,
a little bit here underneath my eyes. This has a shine to it
and it’s very light but it does give a nice texture. Yeah, that was very nice.
Particularly for pale skin. Let’s move on to the blush. This is the Flormar Smooth
Touch blush in 03 Peach. I love peach blushes! I can never have enough. so
yeah, I’m gonna use the 125 stippling from Zoeva, just put it in
there a little bit and just flush my cheeks with this. Wow, that is really nice!
That is beautiful! I knew when I swatched this that this is
going to be a really, really nice blush, because it’s super, super smooth and it’s not
pigmented to the point where, when you place your brush, it will just stay there
and you won’t be able to blend it out. This is really blendable and not
pigmented to the point where you have a problem. That is beautiful! I’m gonna
definitely use that more often. This is actually not the highlighter I wanted to
get. I wanted to get a more gold one but I didn’t see that there were different
colors, so I accidentally got this one. This is the Flormar
Holographic Highlighter powder in 01 Radiant White. This looks very intense, so
I’m gonna use a fan brush to attempt using this first. This is the Zoeva luxe
fan and just taking a little bit of that and putting it on my cheekbones. I can’t
see anything. Yeah, this is a pretty chalky highlighter. Okay now, now I can
see something! Not really liking what I’m seeing though. This is kind of like the essence highlighter that I recently tried, that
just has a really weird texture to it and it is really light. Yeah,
I mean there’s probably a place where you could wear this, but it’s not my face.
It’s looking, I don’t know if you can see that, but it’s looking incredibly chalky
on my skin. It’s enhancing my texture, it’s enhancing my wrinkles, also the
powder seems to be quite drying, because my wrinkles… either I’m just really tired
and I didn’t notice before, or my wrinkles just got like a thousand times
worse. Anyways, so highlighter is unfortunately a fail. I feel like I would
have preferred the other color, but it’s too late now. Alright the
last product I have is the Flormar Color Up Lip Crayon and this is in the
color 03 Brownish Nude. Let’s try this out. Okay, it smells like milk chocolate.
Okay, I like the way it smells. I like the way it applies and I like the
color. I’m not sure I like the color to this look in particular. I think the
purple and this is very warm… I thought this would be a more cool toned Brown, but
it’s more like of a very peachy… it matches the blush very well, it just
doesn’t match the eye makeup that well, but….ah, okay, I look horrendous!
Sorry, I’m not happy with myself at the moment, I think everybody knows what that
feels like. Anyways, this is a really great lip product. I’ll have to see how
much… how the staying power is, because if it rubs off after like 30
seconds, then this is definitely not for me, but I’m… it feels very hydrating, which
I’m liking. So that was all the products already! This is the finished look. I hope
you liked this video. There were some products I liked, some I didn’t like. I’m
definitely gonna continue using them. I might put some of them in my monthly
makeup basket uh just to try them out further and yeah, again I hope you liked
this video. You can subscribe if you want to, if you don’t, then don’t! I make new
videos every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, so I really hope I’ll see you
next time! Bye bye!

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