hey everyone so i wanted to share with you guys how I stopped growing chin hair and facial hair general and growing more hair on the head ok so I’m pretty sure you guys are aware of PCOS but if you’re not it’s basically where your body has a little more testosterone than the average woman has so with that um a lot of women with PCOS they get a weight gain you’ll probably see facial hair on them and acne not adult acne but like just acne in general because they’re consuming certain types of food or they’re not consuming certain types of foods that they should be consuming what i mean to say is if you consuming anything that has dairy products in there it’s bound to increase your testosterone level well I don’t know about everybody else but thats what it does for me so I try to stick to almond milk i try not to eat anything that’s processed of course I try not to eat anything that has a lot of high fat content in there I try to make sure i have my omega-3 fatty acids or take the omega-3 fish pills or even flaxseed and chia seeds every day I drink chia seeds 1.5 grams to 3 grams every day same thing with flaxseed has to be ground flaxseed I’m not sure if you’re aware but it literally doesn’t really do anything which is drink flaxseed not grounded you need it to be crush or like whatchmccallit cut open whatever and that’s where you get your benefits 1.5 grams to 3 grams every single day as well as… same thing with fish pills okay so for me after taking it for two to three weeks that’s when I started seeing the results like my hair started growing super thick mkay super thick and I stopped like what I noticed like after I pluck my hair or I wax or thread my hair like on my chin or anywhere on my face that has male pattern facial hair it stops growing well it slows down the growth and now I just stopped growing because I’m continuously taking my omega-3 supplements every single day make sure I have it with my food make sure my carbs aren’t that high and what I mean by carbs I mean by processed things like vegetables their carbs but they’re very low in calories they don’t have a lot of sugar content in it the you can consume them and you’re totally gonna fine with that your body’s gonna like it you’re going to benefit from it you want to say we’re from sugars anything that has a lot of whatchamacallit gluten yeah well that’s what I noticed for me anyways after taking it from two to three weeks i reduced my hair growth my chin anywhere in my face like I used to get like one right here and one right here and I don’t know what the hell was up that but i would get a lot under my chin like a lot you see I still have like acne from it because yesterday I drank milk tea my grand made milk tea and I was like okay i can’t resist (YAAWWNN) sorry guys it’s like two in the morning trying to get this video out of the way… it’s long overdue I hope that was helpful I hope I wasn’t rambling too much I hope you got what i was trying to say but yeah take care (KISSES) bbyyeee if you have any questions or concerns leave it in the comments down below XOXO

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  1. You're so beautiful! I wish I could kiss your gorgeous lips. 😘 Oh, yes, all of those healthy foods do help. Magnesium rich and leafy greens as well helps. Sea veggies are also recommended.

  2. 🙌 Girl on the ground flaxseed YES! I discovered that it works beautifully for that and my body overall. ❤❤❤

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