Foundation Review & Demo: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer| WOC Friendly

Foundation Review & Demo: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer| WOC Friendly

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  1. Yahhh first comment😊. You should try the Sacha Cosmetics foundation because I don't see too many vids on it. Nice video as always😁

  2. Great review! I remember using this several years ago but never repurchased. I liked it, but couldn't get passed the fact that you have to reapply it (though I never did). At the time, I was also using the MAC Face and Body and started to lean more towards that one. If only MAC would make a SPF version of the Face and Body.

  3. My holy grail tinted moisturizer is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I don't see many WOC you-tube videos for this product. I think it would be great if you did a video 😀

  4. I do love this for the summer. When I first put it on it looks like I'm glowing! Malaga is a perfect match for me as well. The reapplication part does suck though. If there was one just like it that was longer lasting, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  5. I love your reviews. Very very thorough. I'm of mixed heritage, east India/ Latin/Polynesian . And finding matches is a nightmare lol. We seem to wear the same colors. I must give this a try. But in my winter color. Keep up the great content. Much love and happy new year 😀

  6. Annoyed it doesnt last long because i specifically mentioned to the girl at sephora that i wanted something long lasting……guess she was too focused on getting me to buy the most expensive product.

  7. I watched your review and went to sephora and was marched to the same exact shade. I'm absolutely love it!! Your great review lead me to my favorite tinted moisturizer now. Many thanks 😊

  8. I know this review was from last yr but I just heard about this moisturizer. I purchased today and tried it out at home and I love how easy and fast I can apply it. Definitely pricey for it to not be a foundation. Do you think its really necessary to reapply? Thank you

  9. this is incredibly thorough, cohesive and well made. Thank you for taking your time to make these videos to give us the BEST reviews possible!! <33

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