Freedom for All: Undocumented in the United States Trailer

Freedom for All: Undocumented in the United States Trailer

– My parents wanted
the best for me and my brother, so we decided to come to United States for the American dream. – I would never
talk about my heritage. I didn’t have pride in myself, whether as a Latino or as an immigrant. – I remember telling my mom that I was a permanent resident, and she was like no you’re not. (speaking in foreign language) – This is our
home, the Earth is home. – It’s where I’ve grown up, so it’s hard for me to feel like there’s any other
place where I belong. – My hope for the future, my hope that we will get to place

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where this country loves
and affirms the existence of each and every one of us. We’re a part of the
fabric of this country, every single person, regardless
if they’re undocumented, if they were born here, deserves to be able to live with dignity.

About the Author: Earl Hamill


  1. Undocumented= ILLEGAL.
    Shame on the parents who brought children here illegally and now the kids must deal with it.
    Shame on the people who made legally immigrating nearly impossible which leads to this.
    Shame is on everyone in the issue of immigration, there will be no fixing the issue until it becomes easier to legally come here permanently.

  2. So happy & proud to work for a company who chooses to stand up & be a voice for others time & time again. <3

  3. If you are in the USA ILLEGALLY you have committed a CRIME and rob those who have follow USA & International laws to enter LEGALLY. Some have been here 20+ years, cant speak English, never worked, popped out kids and sucked our welfare system dry for those US CITIZENS in need. YOUR FREEBIES ARE OVER AND ICE NEEDS TO STEP IN AND DEPORT ALL CRIMINALS! Fight your OWN Gov and stop yelling for the USA to bow down to you. You are entitled to nothing in the USA

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