Fresh Glowing Summer Skin Tutorial I MAC Cosmetics

Fresh Glowing Summer Skin Tutorial I MAC Cosmetics

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  1. I absolutely would not recommend studio finish concealer around the eyes if you're older than 25 or have any texture there. It will emphasize every wrinkle and doesn't hold up well for long wear. It aged me at least 10yrs when I tried it! The pro longwear works much better IMO.

  2. 😪 stop it with young models with already amazing skin…need to see real women with real discolorations. But then again I heard next to nothing tints and not cover which is really for the lucky ones with great skin

  3. I felt like I was only getting 1/2 of the techniques since the model's face was turned away from camera. At times, I actually couldn't see anything since the model's profile was hiding what the MA was doing.

  4. I think we're at a point where doing looks on conventionally pretty thin models is kinda redundant and beyond unrelatable from the perspective of of a consumer and as an artist I'm completely uninspired by this look, painting perfect skin is easy mode.

  5. I would appreciate it more if you guys would also have models with slight acne, blemishes,dark spots and discoloration. Cuz most girls ,"viewers, feels insecure and i am included. I do enjoy Mac videos .

  6. Isn’t it funny that I prefer tutorials from YouTube influencers…. This is way to subtle for me, I’m much older than this model and my skin doesn’t look nice enough to wear barely any makeup. What about doing tutorials with older models.

  7. I love the look but I think the model really needed a bit more coverage riiiiight in that inner lower corner of the eye. That shadow reads as tired.

  8. The model looks like she jumped from another era the victorian era or something 💖💖💖💖💓💓

  9. brb going to put a face mask on and hope by the time I take it off my skin is as perfect as the models skin

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