Future of Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers, Implants, Dentures! New Smile Makeovers – Brighter Image Lab

Future of Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers, Implants, Dentures! New Smile Makeovers – Brighter Image Lab

we’re looking for people over 50 years
old that want to improve their smile guys my name is Bil Watson and with brighter
image lab and we do smile makeovers for people all over the world anyone over 50
knows that the number one thing that you can do to improve your overall
appearance is to improve your smile these are real clients this is a real
before-and-after this is a real before-and-after and so is this one who
would say I don’t want whiter teeth nobody would they won’t say no I like my
yellow teeth or I like my coffee stains I love these aging stains you won’t hear
people say it the reason why they don’t fix it is because they don’t think it’s
possible but you can have an amazing smile and it’s affordable every one of
these smiles that you’re going to see can be done for 149 dollars down all you
have to do is want to take the time to make a change all these people are over
50 and all of these people did exactly what you’re doing right now bad teeth
crooked teeth broken teeth misaligned teeth you don’t have to go to a dentist
you don’t have to get braces I did it for this person and for this person and
for this person our process is lab direct there’s never a dentist visit all
you have to do is want to work with me on improving your smile if I did this
for her and imagine what I can do for you there’s no better way to reintroduce
yourself than just show people that you’ve got a new smile you truly owe it
to yourself to look at brighter image lab-dot-com look at the kind of work we
do this right here it’s just people who said I don’t want to pay a dentist I
don’t want to go in debt and I don’t want to have to wait two and a half
three years for someone to correct my smile with braces now you have another
choice come see how we can improve your smile in a way that you never thought
imaginable come see me today ask about our YouTube special you have
to click the button below I think you’ll be glad you did
we did it for them I’ll do it for you come see me at brighter image lab.com

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  1. I wish having you one day in my life but I guess not possible I’m from Africa and doesn’t been citizen yet even I’m in dc Washington . I’m very sad 😢 my teeth are a mess

  2. I don’t know if you’ll see this, or if you’ll even pay any attention to it if you do; but I recently came across your channel and couldn’t believe it. It has been so long. I don’t expect to be acknowledged, I just wanted to say it is nice to see you and hear your voice after 20 years. I’m glad to see you’re doing well, from what I can tell on your channel.

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