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  1. Fucking badass! I kept waiting for Garret to fuck it up and it just kept getting better and better.

    How appropriate that Jeffree looks as if he ripped a bitches throat out with his teeth and has a permanent blood stain around his mouth. ICONIC.

  2. Honestly I don't think Jeffree was being super sexual they just have this super good chemistry because it's SCORPIO x CANCER vibez😏

  3. Is it sad he went from saying James is one of his smartest friends &he just shaded him in his Dollar General video from today (9/15/19). Which I don't want to reveal too much of. Go check it out, Jefrree's got some EPIC, ICONIC, MIND BLOWING surprises! THIS IS NOT CLICK BAIT OR TROLLING!

  4. I freaking LOVE Garrett but I get a bit of anxiety watching him. Hes ways so hyper amd fidgety but hes so adroable and sweet

  5. Okay I'm re-watching this video a year later and….'Garrett is only here because Jenna Marbles said no'. Ummmmm I WANT A JENNA AND JEFFREE COLLAB!

  6. I love how Jeffree kindly guides and corrects Garrett the whole time. Breaking bad habits before they start. Don’t touch the face!

  7. Jenna said no?? I really hope that's because of a scheduling conflict and no other reason because my heart is broken otherwise. 💔

  8. Oh my God why is this so stinking funny!!!! Its like a total nerd and a slut trying to seduce him but hes too stupid to come in out of the rain. Pure genius. Just pure genius.

  9. Garrett HAS to be a sweet little 6 month old puppy that has been reincarnated into the body of a human man. He is SO sweet and pure and full of sunshine and rainbows and joy. Jeffree and he have the CUTEST chemistry. ❤

  10. Instead of his innocent look, Garrett was clearly flirting for 30 minutes straight… Look how hard he was trying to get close to Jeffree (he almost kissed him) and touching him when it wasn't necessary

  11. Im so upset ! I would love to see a Jeffree and Jenna Marbles collab 🙁 they are probably my favorite YouTubers!!!!!! Is it bad that I may like Ryland's personality alittle bit better than Shane? Dont get me wrong though, I love shane!!! But why unearth would Jenna decline!!!! So sad

  12. I was about 10 minutes in and was like garret you doing kinda good then skipped to the end and I was SHOOK! What happened??

  13. Every time jeffree does that high pitch“aaahh” 😂 these two are hilarious together. Jeffree is awesome. He really gets along with everyone.

  14. Garrett Watts makes me happy and we all know I obvi obsess over Jeffery Lynn like idol spirit animal president queen bee leader everything

  15. Jeffree is lowkey having an orgasm the entire time and Garrett doesn't know what's going on lol this video is iconic

  16. He's so awkward and so is his laugh, I love him so much
    He make everyone so sweet. Jeffree is so murderous but Garrett is like a little dog and makes everyone in his path soft.
    We need more Garretts and he needs a boyfriend

  17. Ya this is actually really fierce, love the DC villain realness. Also I hope Nate and jeffree fucked this adorable boy silly. 🤣

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