Girl… the best way to exfoliate is to SHAVEyour face! It’s called Dermaplane for smooth skin!

Girl… the best way to exfoliate is to SHAVEyour face!  It’s called Dermaplane for smooth skin!

– I’m gonna be shaving my face. And what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna do my bout of Quiver with it. Because Quiver is actually going to help with my skin exfoliating. So, I’m just putting my. All right, so I got my face wash on, and then I’m gonna turn my Quiver on. So, Quiver, I’m gonna do my little mini face lift technique. But right now, I’m not as concerned about my face lift technique as I am just stimulating
my skin with Quiver. This is causing my skin to come alive, it’s increasing circulation and it’s gonna help get rid of toxins. It’s also stimulating
collagen and elastin, and doing a little bit
of exfoliation as well. So, whatever I use it’s gonna
penetrate deeper into my skin. So, it’s also deep cleansing
because the sonic vibrations are causing my pores to open. So when your pores are closed, it’s really hard for your face wash to actually deep cleanse your pores. But, when you use sonic
vibration with Quiver, it actually opens your pores up. Now, here’s what happens, Quiver’s not necessarily
gonna pull that out, your normal face wash isn’t
gonna deep cleanse your pores. But my face wash will
because it’s got clay in it. And clay binds to
everything that’s in there, in your pores, and deep
cleanses and pulls it out. So, you wanna use a face
wash, that’s my biggest tip, a face wash that has clay in it. All right, so after
using, washing your face, I’m gonna rinse mine off really quick. Sorry guys for the technical difficulties. It’s always like, a fun day when, pat your face dry. All right, so the next step
is using my, there it is. One Leg Up, this is my One Leg Up, this is my shaving cream for women. I also have a shaving scream for men. I’m gonna do this so you guys can see me. I have a shaving cream for men as well. So ladies, you can use either or. This is the one that I
use to shave my legs, It’s the exact same formula, and you don’t need much
when you’re doing your face. All right so, hi Dawn. All right, so, I’m just
gonna show you guys, I’m gonna put little
bit, you don’t need much. It doesn’t need to be super
foamy or anything like that. Mine really won’t foam up, but it’s moisturizing, hydrating, and it’s gonna keep your
face feeling smooth. So I’m just gonna do half. Let me see, where is my,
I’ve never shaved my face without the mirror, and
oh, here’s my mirror! I thought I had my mirror. All right, so, I am going
to look in my mirror, and you guys can kinda watch. All right, hold on. All right, there we go. All right, all right,
so what I’m gonna do, this is my technique, I’m
gonna start here on my face. The first time that you do this, you go with the shape of your face, the growth of your hair. So I’m gonna start and just pull down. The reason I like, so
I’m gonna give you guys the really gross view, can you see that? I have to get rid of
something, there we go. You can see that, it’s really gross right? (chuckles) Who in the world would think that they’d be showing people their hair? So, I’m just gonna dip it in the water. Just like the men shave. And then I’m gonna pull, you wanna kinda keep your skin tight, and pulled a little bit. Stay away from under your eye, and you can do right there by your ear. Your goal is to create,
you can see all that gunk. Your goal is to create, a
little bit of like an abrasion, an irritation on your skin. You want to do it hard enough, that you’re actually exfoliating. You’re not necessarily just
taking the peach fuzz off, you’re exfoliating. So, you wanna pull your skin tight. And it’s rare that you would cut yourself, especially with these razors. And you just wanna, that’s really gross. (laughs) Show you guys all my fuzz. So, you wanna do that around your face, you can do right near your eyebrows. So, for my eyes, I’m gonna
hold my eye and go up. Right above my eyebrow, you don’t wanna shave
your eyebrows off ladies. Do not be emailing me saying, I shaved my eyebrow off, don’t do that. You gotta be careful, so
just going all around. So, you want to create like a scraping. It feels like you’re scraping
your face, all right? So that’s literally what it feels like. It should not feel like you’re
ripping your skin off, okay? If you’re doing that, it’s way too hard. So, you just wanna
continuously move it around. Now, I didn’t put the shaving
cream on this side of my face, ’cause I didn’t want it to get
too dry while I was talking. This always takes me longer to do when I’m talking to you
guys and demonstrating than when I do it at home. The whole process takes me
less than 10 minutes to do. So the same thing, I’m gonna
hold my face right here, hold my nose, and just kinda scrape. And you can go in one swift motion, or what I do is I’ll do a long one, and then I come back. I’m gonna do this so you guys can hear it, so you can hear the scraping. It’s easier for me to do on this side, so listen, if you can hear it. (scrapes) So I’m actually scraping my skin. And you are taking off all the peach fuzz. When I get done with
this, under your nose, don’t forget to get under your. So I’m holding the razor, and you can actually hold it, this is how the surgeons hold it, you can actually hold it like this. With your finger right on that. All right, now anywhere you
can, if you can hold your skin, and make it more taught that’s great. Let me get above my eye. Sometimes it’s a little
difficult to hold your skin. So that was my first go around, so I usually do that, go
all the way around my face. And then the next thing that I do is I put just a little bit more on of my shaving cream and I do the opposite. This time I went down and up, I always went from midline to up. This time I’m gonna go the opposite. So now, I’ve pretty much removed all the, this is why I like using the cream, because now you can totally feel the difference in your face. I did not do my nose, you
can do your nose if you want. I don’t usually do my nose, but you can. All right, so this time
I’m gonna start down and I’m gonna scrape more of the scraping than a shaving motion this time. And then all the way around, again do not email me that
you shaved your eyebrows off. (laughs) So please, be very careful, you do not need to get super
close to your eyebrows. But this is an eyebrow utensil or tool, I guess you would say. So, I’m just going all the way around, scraping, scraping, it’s removing. Like this is my second time around, you can see how much some of that is the, I don’t know if you
guys can really see it. Some of it’s the shaving cream, but it still has quite a
bit of the dead skin on it, that you really wanna get off. This is gonna make a huge difference. So tomorrow, when you get up and you go to put your make up on. So I’m gonna go this way this time. When you put your make up on, your face is gonna super smooth. So it actually looks, your
skin can look flawless. Almost flawless. Almost like airbrushed
is how I described it. When I put my make out
on after exfoliating, and doing dermaplaning my skin looks like it’s been air brushed. So, I’m gonna be a little red, so you don’t wanna do this first thing in the morning when you’re
gonna have to go to work. Unless you’re, you
know, working from home. But, I would do this in the evening, mainly because then after this, what I love put on is my Fire and Ice. All right so, after I’ve done my shaving, my face is a little bit tingly,
but it feels really good. I’m going to just wash off the rest of the shaving cream really quick, so do a rinse. By the way, I don’t know
if anybody out there uses wipes to clean your face, wipes are not effective at removing all of your makeup and grime from the day. So, I would not suggest using face wipes for this or on a daily basis. You really want to be
able to wash your face with something that you’re
going to be scrubbing or using a motion to cleanse
your face and then washing. All right, so the next
thing that I’m gonna do is, you can either apply something that has, that’s the Coffee, I’m gonna
use either the Beyond Serum, the Beyond Moisturizers,
or the Blueberry Serum. Those are all very good, why? Because we just took off all of that dead skin, and the peach fuzz. Everything in your skin, right now, anything you put on your skin, my skins feels like it needs something. Like you just scraped
off that first layer, you’re gonna feel a little bit tingly and a little bit tight. You do not want to use
anything with water in it, that’s my biggest no no. No no, water. Remember that, no no water. If your serum or your
moisturizer has water in it, it is actually gonna
pull more moisture out of your skin and actually
cause more damage. You just took off that
first layer of skin, and you want your skin to be
re-hydrated really quickly Water will not do that. So, I recommended using the Beyond Serum, the Blueberry Serum or
the Beyond Moisturizer. What I’m actually gonna do
is put on my Fire and Ice Face Treatment right now. Right now, if you purchase
any of my full size serums, I will send you the Fire and Ice free. So my Fire and Ice face
treatment is my hot and cold, re-hydrating, rebalancing
and restructuring your skin and the best time to do this is right after you’ve exfoliated. This is gonna penetrate deeper. I’m also gonna give you the warning that because it has cayenne pepper in it, it’s actually going to create some heat. And you’re gonna feel more sensation when you do it after you exfoliate, than when you just do
this on a normal basis. So, you just add a full size
face serum or moisturizer to your cart, make sure
you add the Fire and Ice to your cart, the Fire
and Ice will be free. And that is my gift to you guys. So one drop, one good size drop, is usually what I use. One good size drop on your
cheeks and your forehead. And so, cayenne pepper, it
has a really strong smell because it’s the, sorry,
I got a good whiff of it as I was putting it on. Fire, whew, it’s strong, it’s stronger when you exfoliate. So, the cayenne pepper increase
blood flow to your skin. And I always like to put
it on my neck as well. So, cayenne pepper does
for your skin exactly what it does when you
eat a cayenne pepper. It causes this heat, which
is a signal, of blood flow. So right now, after I
took off all the dead skin and I actually scraped
away some of that layer, that first layer of skin. Whatever I put on is
going to go in deeper. So my fire is actually going, penetrating deeper into my skin. So that it can actually
detoxify my skin even better. It can cause a lot more changes, so as we’re doing all these things my body is now going, oh there’s
something happening, let’s send extra things to help repair. Let’s send more blood,
let’s send more oxygen, let’s send more nutrients. And while it’s doing that,
it’s pulling things away, taking out the waste, out your trash. It’s really deep cleansing your skin. The other thing that you can do, I wanna get a different Quiver, because that one has my
face stuff all over it. So, the other thing that you can do is add Quiver right here. After you put Fire on,
and Ice, you can add just a quick penetration of, or a
quick treatment with Quiver. Quiver is gonna make
your skin absorb whatever you put on it, whether it’s
Fire, whether it’s Ice, or if it’s one of the other serums. It’s gonna penetrate
deeper into your skin. This beauty treatment guys,
normally costs you about, I went and had it done two years ago, so I could figure out
how to do it at home. And I think the treatment
was around $200 for me, and she said anywhere between two and $300 is typically what you will get charged to dermaplane your skin. And stop and think about it, sorry I got some of that
cayenne pepper in my mouth. The smell of it. So, if you stop and think about it though, the products that she’s
gonna putting on your skin at most beauty salons have
ingredients in them that when they absorb deeper in your skin, are not going to be as healthy for you. So, Fire is on, typically I wait, the treatment of Fire and Ice is, you put Fire on, wait 15
minutes and then you don’t wash it off, you put Ice on top of it. So what I’m gonna do, is
just for the sake of time, is I’m going to go ahead and
apply ice again right now over my Fire, even though
it hasn’t been 15 minutes. So same thing, a little
drop on your finger. Now Ice has menthol in it,
so it’s gonna kinda calm. This is like the completion
of the whole beauty treatment. Which is why I love it, my
face you can see the color the rush of the blood to my face. So I’m putting Ice on it,
Ice has menthol in it. So, it’s got that cooling sensation, but you’re not necessarily gonna feel it because Ice won’t, it competes with Fire a little bit, my skin is really feeling the tingly sensation from Fire. So the menthol may not overpower that, so what I’m saying is might not feel that cooling sensation, but
it’s happening inside. So menthol is like ice,
yesterday I came on and did a treatment with Ice, a cryotherapy treatment
treatment with Ice, and that helps to cause
reduction and inflammation, and redness, and really
get your skin alive. Ice with menthol does very similar things, it’s gonna help decrease inflammation, and decrease the redness,
so it’s a great treatment to use after you’ve done your exfoliation with your dermaplaning. So, Fire and Ice, I wanna see if you guys have any questions. So, that is it, that’s it guys. It really it doesn’t take that long. I will–

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