Glastonbury Perfect Makeup | ALEXACHUNG

Glastonbury Perfect Makeup | ALEXACHUNG

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  1. The mirror meme is so true, like when i look at the mirror im like "mmm who is that hottie wow" but on most pics i wanna die lol

    Also im a dude and dont do makeup but these are just fun to watch for Alexa herself, like she is such a fun person honestly and if i say so myself, very goals in like every way imaginable lol

  2. Chronically straight lashes🤣 i think the most transforming part of the look was post cat eyes. Also you were too humble about “this is the only thing I get right- the cat eye! “❤️I’ll be over the moon the day I get it remotely right!🤗

  3. I love this! Simple and plane! No loads of foundation and products. I believe this how makeup should be. 👌👏🏻👍🏻

  4. This made me feel better about the fact that I also have no idea about anything when it comes to make-up. I just put the smallest number of products on my face until I think it looks fine and be done with it.

  5. A warm tightline eyeliner with a very thin smudged in line on the upper lid in a warm bronze with a peach/warm beige cream shadow and neutral lip and cheek would look pretty.

  6. I love Alexa!! Please don’t put moisturiser under your eyes, light eye cream only. You’re gorge, so don’t need much slap on hon x

  7. I have very similar colouring and ethnic background as do you. For whatever reason, my mother still does not wear very much make-up, so nor do I. I also deal with the “red bits” around my nose and questioned whether it was from being too much of a lush. Apparently, both my mother and I were both born with them. I use concealer mixed with moisturizer to cover them up.

    And yes, eyebrow curlers are essential! If I could only choose three cosmetic items for any event: eyebrow curler, concealer, lip balm (which can also be used as browscara [been using that trick, since the 90s, too], if you happen to have a comb, fork, or anything Velcro, if in a bind).


  8. In bad mood all day but got in bed and started watching Alexa talking about random things. Thanks for cheering me up Alexa

  9. You seem like a real normal person in the way you do makeup..or maybe just like me. ' I use same brush' ..'have this 8 years'

  10. This ! The best makeup tutorial on youtube because how many of us have 30 min to apply makeup or 3 layers of foundation! 👏👏

  11. Looking flushed mimics arousal…that's what I've been told.Same with your lips…lips swell when you're aroused. I'm not condoning it…this is for informational purposes

  12. Well you have made my night and as for a new look I suggest less is more for you. Maybe a liner under only half the eye and smudged along the lash line in a plum or warm brown across the top as well with a softer flesh or pink color as your main color choice. But I do love your work. Thank youuuu. So fun and real.

  13. This has probably the best makeup tutorial I've ever watched! I am really humoured by Alexa and it's really realistic for girls like me! No time for a two hour full-on makeup. This one is quick, easy and natural!! ❤️

  14. Before your video, I was thinking my whole life That I was the only one using my fingers for most of my makeup rutin. love it. I think like that looks very natural 😍😊❣

  15. Every time you say “for PERFECT make-up…” i burst out laughing 😭 you’re not bad at make-up but knowing your personality, i recognize the sarcasm 😂 and you kept repeating it!!

  16. self deprecation is not attractive on a grown woman. nor is pretending as if you don't know what you're doing when you do.

  17. I clicked because of my curiosity over your make up tutorial, I stayed because your personality. Your inner beauty is on another level

  18. I wear glasses for reading and seeing small things- how do you do eye make up especially mascara when you dont have your glasses on?

  19. Your videos bring me joy and my husbands asks what I am laughing at…I am laughing with you and that almost laissez-faire state of mind. I am at the age I take makeup off and moisturise the face, neck, ears and décolletage. (I do wish I didn't have to google these French words we have English sentences for). I recently got badly sun scorched on my face and décolletage (Australian Summer) but hey, the peeling has given me new skin – yay free peel! So getting older …SPF, moisturise, drink water, exercise, eat well – you know the story. Then overindulge those fun times!

  20. Alexa, I wish we could be girlfraans. I am laughing obnoxiously loud watching these videos. Also 100% love the cat eye look on you (and I'm not giving it up either). Would be interested to see contouring on you. You are beautiful sans makeup of course! Cheers!

  21. I am sharing your video/channel with all my friends especially my 20-something daughters of which I have 3. You are so refreshing and flipping hilarious and I feel like we would have been fast friends in Uni had we met. (I realize our meeting is impossible because I could be your mom if I had a baby at 20 which would have meant that I had to leave Uni and start work full time to support said baby) Thanks for these videos and keep them coming. Wonderful job! Cheers from Saskatchewan!

  22. I hate and love that she's cool whatever she does… Like no one will ever top this category of very well-spoken girls, cool, stylish and incredibly clever and funny girls

  23. Hi. Sun tan mustacher here. Besides, you would look gorgeous with a cobalt blue eye shadow. Or switch up the black liner for yellow or green for some 60s California girl vibe 🙌🏻 bless your heart.

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