Going To the CLURB Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina

Going To the CLURB Makeup Tutorial  | Jackie Aina

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  1. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can’t touch aunties editing!! I’m always over here dying! Jackie is the only one that can beat her face and have me laughing like an idiot

  2. Miss Jackie Aina🧐! I'll have you know that you're NOT☝🏾 allowed to leave us like that without offering another video to watch💻🎬. It doesn't matter that we're GOING to watch like 6 more of your videos😅but that's besides the point. 😁Please don't let it happen again. Signed and co signed by fan management 🎉🎊

  3. AUNTIEEEEE JACKIE!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you?! I came for a makeup tutorial and ended up getting a comedy special with it 🤣🤣🤣 I was cracking up the whole time! Love you Jackie ❤️❤️

  4. I still come back to watch the ending of this video I’m fuckin crying maannn 😂😂😂😂 the skkkrrrr that I hear thru my headphones.. I fell out 💀💀💀💀

  5. I’ve been catching up with my favorite YouTubers for the last two weeks after having my little one and I have missed watching your videos! Your eyeshadow palette came out the day my baby was born ❤️. Thank you for your videos they always make my day ❤️

  6. Good God I don't even wear makeup but I KEEP watching your videos!!! You are so funny!!!!! Your personality just rocks!!!

  7. I caaanoootttt 😂😂 that thing that happened when you were talking about your nose being crooked had me dyingggg 😂😂😂

  8. Jackie, I can not stand you! Omg I’m dying at the face effect! I had to comment before I ended the damn video! Lmfaooo

  9. Jackie always saying and brag me about subcribing gurllll i dont really comment here but i do always binge watch ur youtube vids. And i already subscribe literally after watching 1 youtube video of yours. Iloveyouuu u always made my day. I hope i can buy your palette in my country im from philippines btw.

  10. I legit watch this video EVERY TIME I want a super beat and bought every product… and I ain't mad about it lol.

  11. I wish I could meet you and have you pick out the perfect shades for me because I wanna just get the colors you have but I know it won’t work the same 😭

  12. I can’t answer why in the hell im JUST now watching your hilarious videos but I can say you remind me of crazy eyes from oitnb 😆😆😆

  13. LOOOOL @ the spot on prediction — this is literally the third vid i've watched of u. ur such a character. a real fun beauty. love it

  14. I never realized how big Jackie’s eyes are they are so beautiful like wow, I’m white so I can’t relate to Jackie on that level but I love her videos so much I always watch them 🙂 your so gorgeous keep up the amazing work it makes my day always when you post

  15. Jackie you are sooooo dumb “doesn’t my nose look a lil crooked” had me tripping out for a quick sec lmfaooo 😂💕💕💕

  16. I just wanna crawl in a hole and die so thanks for making me laugh even when I don’t want to ❤️ I’m this late cuz I’ve watched all ur other vids😩

  17. Gurlll you got me EXCITED, I'm about to start my channel 4real Honey! YES! Except it's in Art, not makeup but I might try some cuz you're BEAUTIFUL My Lady!

  18. HANDLE ME! WHO GON HANDLE ME!? I don’t know why I just laughed for like 10 minutes at that. You kill me!! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  19. This is by far one of my favorite video from auntie Jackie. This was so pretty but besides that I was laughing so loud. Who needs Comic view when you got auntie Jackie. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. Lol ok Jackie you booked me I usually watch here and there and I never get to the Subscribe this time however ,you got me, I subscribed !

  21. "Mind your business and worry about your career and your children…why don't you do that." LMAO, LOLOLOLOL!!!

  22. @17:14 When she sprays her brush with the glittery highlight….my immediate thoughts…..OOOOOHHHHH, giiiiirrrrrl – YES!!!! lol

  23. All I have to say is people who own the Jackie Aina pallet are elite members of the human race… we not arguing sus!!!

  24. I love the idea of powder after primer before foundation I'm going to try this on clients tomorrow on anyone oily ☺️☺️

  25. Lmfaoooo Jackie I love your crackhead energyyy ❤️😂 You never fail to brighten my mood and make me crack tf uppp!

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