GRWM Kylie Jenner Billionaire Birthday Collection 2019| WAS IT WORTH THE MONEY?

Hey dolls, welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel, my name is Karissa and in today’s video I am finally going to be reviewing the Kylie Jenner 22nd birthday collection It is called the billionaire’s collection and it looks so bomb. I cannot wait to show you guys So I’m going to show you what is in the collection first and then we’re gonna be doing a get ready with me So you guys I can’t wait to try this collection, but there is a little note from Kylie herself. It says 22 years young. Thank you for helping me do amazing things for amazing people this year I can’t wait to make my birthday wish come true Tag at Kylie cosmetics and show me your looks Xoxo Kylie Jenner, which is super cute for her to do that. Alright, let’s go so first thing that caught my eye in this collection is this incredible Money Roll and it says 22 for her 22nd birthday and it just looks so cute so once you open this up three Lipsticks come out of it and it’s just oh my god. So cute such a cute idea. Um, So the first one in this collection is the mama Boss So the mama boss is of more of a deep like hot pink color. So the second one is this Money mindset. It’s more of a nude pink So that one might be my favorite so far. So look at that third and final one that is in this collection and This little money roll is the hustle honey. And this is more like of a mauve color, which I love mobs So I’m gonna show you guys the swatches. These are the swatches guys. The first one is the mama Boss. It’s more of a dark hot pink Second one is money mindset, which I think I am in love with and then the third one is hustle, honey Which I’m also in love with these ones are so beautiful you guys Seeing that I am in love with in this collection is that you’re so money baby. I shadow palette and It has like glitter the only thing that it does have fallout. Um, So just be careful with that, but it does have a little bit of Fallout on the packaging but it’s still so cute You’re so many baby. Oh My gosh you guys this Packaging is just everything look at that about the hundred dollar bills. Like are you kidding me? and these A stool they’re so pretty. These color will do a little bit of swatch tests on these as well. So Time is money Which is more like a Soft Color than birthday Queen this looks like Oh glitter oh My gosh birthday Queen time is money birthday Queen Stax is like a green This one you might need to put a little black maybe two three codes cuz it doesn’t show very well so That line is called Stax 100 So you might need to go over it like two three times. Oh my gosh, look at that 22 candles Then build your empire Which is what I’m trying to do Kylie build your empire Time for a cake is like this bright green Dance and then the last one in this palette is called breaking records is a more like of a Darker color, so these are the colors in the palette you guys and I am in love Like I cannot wait to try them next up. I’m going to try this 22 carats and It is a jelly highlighter So the packaging like I said is just so cute They all have this glitter in it, which is really really cute. You can see glitter with the fallouts tail, but still cute It is Whoa, like look at that. It is kind of like, I don’t know a Jelly, but it’s kind of like liquidy. Like it looks like it’s about to pop off fall out and So this is the color I’m going to take a little bit because it looks really really thick But it looks really pretty guys and This is the loose illuminating powder and look at the packaging on this like look at how bomb she looks it has Her glasses have glitter in it Like come on and her necklace has bling and glitter as well loose illuminating powder Eileen Okay, ooh When it has like, you know like so okay. It has the You know the holes that you can like put it in there and it actually has like something already over it like a sticker, but if you can tell it’s already like pouring out so Just be careful with that because all of this was Worn out I have another jelly CAI lighter. It’s called pink paper This one is more Bright, and it looks like it’s pink It looks like it has like a little bit of like grain tones in there, which is cool. So This one’s pink paper Whoo, I like this one You can see Can’t really see it in the camera very well. The family is gold is another jelly kai lighter bold super bold So super gold you guys That one is actually the best one if you want to go for like a more gold and more like BAM Next is this shimmer. I glaze it says 22 on there. This one’s called dying piece which is Super cute packaging again. Has the glitter on there for 22? Damn this one looks higher Alright. Oh, wow. Okay, so this is called dying piece and look at you guys Like I don’t even know if I want to put that on Let’s see And it is I glaze oh my gosh that looks so Wow Wow we have the money ain’t everything I Glazed as well. I’m gonna show you both of them side by side This is more cold Money ain’t everything guys I’m taking these guys. I love both of these Dimepiece money and everything but the eye glazes that’s for sure because I’ve been looking for like Some glitter eye shadow that makes it like I am and these are it Love it. I love them next I’m going to show you the kylie. Jenner Velvet lip kit, which is awesome This is the packaging like the green is just so long. Um, and then the lip liner Alright this one Set the velvet in the hurt so the sense of her lip kids are just I like it so if this is like a duo right here guys, it’s more like of a mauve color and a Brown lip liner like hell. Yeah, Kylie Jenner’s One-in-a-billion gloss so I’m gonna show you that as well And this is the one with a billion gloss There you go Now let’s get started so I can start getting ready because I know I’m scaring you guys but let’s do it Okay guys, so I’m going to be starting off with my foundation I’m going to use the face primer from Kylie Jenner and This is the packaging which is really cute and I don’t know. Oh, I like this too. It has a pump so you don’t feel like squeeze it out I like the little pump. So I’m gonna put a little bit on my fingers So probably like two little pumps Put it on Okay, so the primer Let that sit birth to you And then it actually feels really good. It feels like you know moisturizing it doesn’t so like my face is getting dry up because usually with Primers I could already tell like my face kind of like scrunching up since I have dry skin So this one actually doesn’t feel like that which I like and you can see like it gave me like a shiny little glow Hey not gonna show you too much of my foundation because this is based off of Kylie’s You know collection and but I’m just gonna go in with my foundation really quick Really quick guys do those Okay Next I’m gonna go in with my concealer. I like to use the Born This Way concealer and from Too Faced And you guys I am NOT a makeup artist, so if this does not come out good I am truly sorry I just want to show you guys I’m gonna let my eye set. Well, I Start doing my eye shadow Because you know, I gotta get rid of these bags So I’m looking at this pallet and I am not sure what I want to you by you guys so I’m gonna do this birthday queen with just like a Glitter brown color and then I’m gonna go in with the money and everything I glaze and let’s see how that works Guys look at this So a bomb I love it already Like kidding me like this so pigmented it looks so bomb So this is the birthday queen so I put birthday Queen here then Time is Yeah money and everything So you guys I’m just doing some little blush so that I can Highlighter on but like what do you guys think so far? I’m loving this Eyeshadow it’s like so glittery and I like I said I’ve been waiting for glitter and I couldn’t find it anywhere Something because every time I would put it on my eyes, it would be like clumpy Let me know you guys what is the next? Type of video you would like to see would you like to see a mukbang? Would you like to see more makeup? Please comment down below and let me know so that I can do that because I want to do whatever makes you guys Happy and watch my videos. I’m just gonna put on some lashes really quick and Because I want this look to look OH I don’t wear lashes everyday, but when I do I’m like Yes Have you guys tried this collection yet? Please comment down below. Let me know what your favorite item has been so far I think I’m a really loving right now that eyeshadows for sure I like the I glazed a lot the money in everything. I glaze. I love it I’m gonna eat the mascara just to get my lashes a little bit fuller because like seriously, I have no eyelashes okay, so Fill win And you guys like I said, I’m not a makeup artist I do not know how to do my makeup so good or anything like that. So thank you if you’re still watching Like this video if you’re still watching Anybody else do their eyelashes like this they put about some tweezers or something because I’m new to this Okay, so I got my eyelashes on finally so next up I’m going to be using the kylie jenner’s and Eyeliner, and it’s the liquid liner pen So it’s in black Which I always wear liquid liner. I use a pen and I always always always Freaking put it on and then I look I open my eye and then it fricking gets on the top here So hopefully this one does not do that because or if you sweat or something you get like You know that crease of this black liner. So I hope this one does not do that. Um, But this is super cute. It’s called chi liner Thing is so awesome. Like it has like a retractor like you put it in like a retractor, which is cool and you Snap it in there. Alright guys. So this is my eye shadow and got the Chi liner on looks really good so next I’m gonna do the Velvet and the lip liner. So let’s see Lastly guys I’m going to do one of the highlighters. I think I’m going for maybe family is going Here So you guys this is my final look, so this is my eye shadow Is birthday Queen and money and everything I glaze and then I used the Family’s gold highlighter, which is BAM right there Then I use the velvet Lip kit and then it has a brown lip liner and Yep. So you guys I love this. I’m actually going to put a little bit of the loose illuminating body powder See if I can This palette is so beautiful. This is the final look you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it I’m actually going to make my daughter in right now And I’m gonna do a more rustic look on her. So I’m gonna do like more pinks and the greens So let me bring her in. Okay you guys so this is my daughter Elia She’s 7 years old and she is obsessed with makeup and ever since they got this Kylie collection. She’s like mommy Can I try it? Can I try it? So now I’m going to be trying some I Try to warm her. I’m gonna do like more bold look and probably like the pinks and the green colors So, let’s see how it looks Okay, you ready? So we’re gonna do the year so many baby palette. I’m going to yeah, I Wanted to do the either the goal setter and time for cake or 22 and time for a cake. Which one do you think? Oh she wants to do is 22 and the work for it but might do it like a little wine with the grain. Okay My dad when I Wear that let me tell babies. Are you sure like plenty makeup maybe like chapstick an eye shadow on some bluffs and that’s it But you’re always having to wear makeup girl And I love wearing Makeup and I love wearing the clothes news. Yes. She’s 7 years old guys, and she is so Obsessed with girly girls stuff like I have acrylic nails. Okay. I’m a mom so she’s upset she’s seven and she makes my mom buy her these fake nails and She wears them to school Yeah, she’s seven and she my mom buys her these little acrylic nails and she uses the glue and she’s On it like if a nail falls off is like I need to get my glue out other than her bad part. Okay closer, Isis This one has a little bit of fallout So be careful. If you do like your mess, I mean your foundation first, you’re gonna have fallout there. So that’s And you guys this is just for home it’s not like she’s going to go out like this, so please don’t leave no rude comment and She is just really curious right now and what better way to to show her that in her own lung Okay, so that so far And then we’re gonna go with the bang guys. We’re gonna go in with that time for cake Um, I just want to see how it looks because she has look at my skin tone So I want to see how I would look on her. Okay? Take out the fallout cuz it does have a lot of fall out if didn’t really have much on me but on her it does Like Maybe because she is more of One this time look so far Fancy girl, okay. Boom Even maybe put like a little bit done She wants to try to choose one of these colors from the trio the lipstick trio So what do you want? Which color so she wants the hustle, honey? That’s all honey Okay And you guys I love having a daughter because I get to dress her up and try new things on her Yeah fun, it’s fun because I Really they’re like wrong so like we can do Children and if you haven’t watch our family channel, cuz I found out weed. I actually did your makeup Yeah, I’ll actually link the video in the description of her doing my makeup. Yeah, it was so cool So we like to have a little bit of like mother-daughter time spend some time because they do have a three-year-old son that means a lot of attention he always doesn’t want his sissy around me or he wants to be with her and sometimes she needs a little break so that is oh This is the loose illuminating powder, so Emanating powder oh, oh We’re going to be putting One of the Chi lighters on her the pink one and Try later is like highlighter. Somebody’s you like really below me right here. Like I am look at that It’s like a jelly but it’s more like a liquid Can you see that dangle yeah, you’d be below an Okay, guys So that’s a quick little Look on my baby girl. She loves it. Let’s take her hair down because she’s fashionista. She hates her hair to be up so BAM zing Girl, thank you so much for watching this video. I know is all over the place, but Thanks for sticking around be sure to hit that subscribe button and join my tribe and Say goodbye to my daughter she’ll be in more videos comment down below if you like her to be in more videos Comment leave comment subscribe like and share. We’ll see you guys next time

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