– What’s up? It’s Collins Key. Now I sent Devan on a shopping spree so I’m gonna make him appear right now. He’s got some really cool stuff. Let’s try this. Hey!
– Hey! – Welcome back, bro. Dude, you got some Kylie stuff, YEET! So today Devan and I
are going to be trying out a whole bunch of
viral Instagram products. You guys know Kylie
Jenner Lip Kits blew up. A whole bunch of other
stuff, we got Unicorn Tears. I don’t even know. I’m sorry, Devan, here you go. So we also did a magnetic face mask. Which, basically, you put a face mask on, use a magnet to take it all off. If you want to see that video, we had a horrible reaction to it. It went terribly wrong. That video is on my Instagram. The direct link to it is down
in the description below. And if you give that
Instagram video a like and you comment it on keyper
squad, I’ll be going through DMing you guys, liking your photos, and replying to you guys on Instagram. So, go do that right now. The link is down in the description. If you want Devan and
I to do another video where we try out even more girl products, let us know by liking this video. If this video gets enough thumbs
up, we will do another one. And also comment down below,
what’s a crazy girl product you would love to see us try. I’m also giving away a drone on YouTube, an iPhone seven on my Instagram,
a GoPro on my Twitter. All the rules for this giveaway are down in the description below. Also be sure to go follow Devan. All of his links are down
in the description below. Without any further ado,
let’s jump right in right now. I think we’re gonna kick it
off with a Kylie Lip Kit. Let’s do it. To kick things off we’re starting off with Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. We’re going with the
two most popular flavor- no, what are they called? Uhh, colors? – Yeah, colors. – I don’t know what it is.
– I don’t know. – I have Candy K. – I have Coco K. – So we’re going to apply these first and then we’re gonna continue
on with the rest of our look and our quest for viral Instagram looks? I don’t know.
– I don’t know. – Let’s just get into this. – Alright. So, we’ve got, wait,
there’s two things in here. – What are these?
– There’s this stuff, and then this thingy. What’s the difference? – It’s like a pen. Hmm? – So, one’s a lip liner,
and then one is a lipstick. A matte, liquid lipstick. What do you use a lip liner for? – I don’t know. I guess you’d put lines on your lips? I don’t know. – Okay, so like accentuate. – Oh like that. – The circumference of your lips, I guess. – I guess. Alright. – I feel like we need a mirror for this. – No, we’ll just do it on each other. – Alright, so I guess we’re
gonna do this on each other because, why not? Okay, you ready? Does it smell good? – Yes. – Oh my gosh, it really does. Mine smells good, dude, smell mine! – Whoa, they smell different, too. – Oh, these are delicious. Do I want top lip or bottom lip? – I’m going for bottom first. – I don’t like it. I don’t like it. I don’t like it. – These are very thick. – I don’t like it. It’s like peanut butter going on my lip. – Really? – Yeah, with like a wet
sponge putting it on. I don’t like it – We gotta complete it. We gotta complete it. – Ugh, I don’t like it. HAHAAAA You stop. You stop. You stop. I’m gonna do it on you. – It looks like the same. It looks like your normal lips. – Alright open up your. – Okay. – You can’t smile. How am I supposed to
apply it when you smile? You can see how weird this feels. – Ugh. – See? – Ugh. Ugh. – Ew! Bro, I feel like Kylie Jenner right now. She’s good at makeup and so am I. (laughs) I got it on the edge of his mouth. I have an idea. I’m bout pull the Kylie. Look forward. Look forward. Look forward. – No! – My lines are terrible. I never knew how difficult
it was to make your lips look convincingly bigger. – You have no care to this. – I’m trying bro. – These are my lips, not your lips. – Oops. It did go at an angle (starts laughing) HA HA HA – Ready? Ready? – I don’t like it. – This is great. – Yeah. – I can’t really see what
I’m doing on that side, but I’m sure it’s great. – You’re like actually making me sick. (laughs) You look like the Joker. – I’m gonna go for some super voluptuous. – No! We’re supposed to actually
be trying this stuff. Not like, no! – It looks amazing. – Are you done? – I’m done. – Great, I’m crying dude. My eyes are like sweaty. I like, licked my lips. – Yeah. – Never doing that again. You’re like eating her lipstick, bro. That’s disgusting. Alright, so Devan’s putting on the Huda Beauty eyelash extension. I want the nails. Bro, I do not wanna
put these eyelashes on. – I got the nails. – No! This looks like a nest of feathers, guys. Like this isn’t eyelashes,
this is just so much more. – Gotta figure out how to
apply these nails on myself. It comes with a mini nail file. – I am so not happy about this. This is gonna be horrible. The whole video, I’m gonna
look like an absolute fool. I’m gonna channel my
inner feelings right now on this Ho, Hoda, Hoda, Huda Beauty. The weak E because I’m
feeling weak at the moment. – It came with a little case. It says, no matter how you feel, dress up, and never give up. That’s right Collins, never give up. Is this going to be stuck
to my nails permanently? – Yes, Devan, these are
literally going to be stuck to your nails for
the rest of your life. Oh my God, these are rather grippy. Alright, I’m gonna need you
to try this on my eyelash. – Where’s the glue for it? – It’s already on there. – Already glue on there? – Devan, this is Stella eight, bro. This isn’t Stella seven, or Stella six. – Excuse me. – Make it look good. If you’re gonna do it,
just make it look good. I’m so not excited about this. I can feel it. It’s like a wing on my eye. – You can fly away with those. – Alright, we got the second one here. – I think we did these backwards. – What do you mean backwards? – The longer part of the lash is in. – I can feel it like hitting my brow. Do girls like trim these fake eyelashes? Because I feel like
they’re a little bit much. From my vision right now, it feels like I have really large eyebrows. Like encroaching down on my eyes. – Okay, so apparently
these are all-in-one, pop-on manicure kit. 24 nails. – 24 nails? I only have 23 fingers. Just, can go. So, apparently these
are holographic nails. I wanna see Obi-Wan Kenobi in this. – I know. I wanna see holograms pop out of these nails, you know? Wow. That is never fitting on
any one of my fingers. – Oh my gosh. That’s tiny. – I think the one for the
thumb is probably gonna work for my pinky finger. How do you put these on? – Dude, you’re asking a man
with fake eyelashes on, okay You need glue first. – Hold, hold, hold on. I think it’s supposed to be this side. Yeah, go for it. No, that’s too much, too much, too much. – I wanna make sure it stays. – I don’t. This better not be permanent. – These we go. Devon has a holographic nail. – It feels very stuck. It’s not coming off. I feel there’s no hope. I’m applying force. – At least I can take
these fake eyelashes off. You can’t take that off. Alright, now to the next
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. So, we are going to remove. Ew, I touched my lip. Oh! Why am I cut? – What? – That’s what happens man,
this look is just so sharp, you happen to cut yourself. How did it cut my finger? Now one of my favorite
things on the inside of this holographic nail box, is don’t follow trends, create them. The issue is, this is a trend so. I don’t know if you guys can tell, but like my lips and this area of my face are very red right now. Because I tried my mom’s
makeup wipe remover things, and I had a bad reaction to it. And, like, it stings. This
whole part of my face stings. So, moving onto the next one, and this is a metallic lipstick. – What’s yours called? – Mine is called Heir. – Heir? – Heir.
– Mine is called Reign. – Did I read that? Is that hair? (buzzer sounds) So, apparently, this is heir. Not like the wind, but like the heir to the throne. Devan, just because I made it look easy, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy. – Oh this one smells good, too. – Oh, it does. Kinda of like mm with your lips. Oh, nope, now just kind of
slightly open your mouth. Yo, this one actually looks pretty bomb. – Well, don’t over do it. – I’m not over doing
it, I’m just making sure it looks good. – It feels weird. – It look really cool. But I do need to add more
voluptuousness on the top. Open up. Yep. I promise it’ll look good. – I don’t trust you. – Open up your mouth. – Oh no. I’m scared. – Oh no. Oh no. – Look right here. That doesn’t look too bad. – I feel the mistakes. – There’s your Heir, Devon. – All right. Your turn. Come on, dude it’s not that bad. – I hate it. I hate it so much. – It’s not that bad. Oh, this does look cool. I kinda messed up, but it looks good. – Don’t get it on the inside of my mouth. – It’s not on the inside. – Yes it is. – Whoa, hey. – Are you supposed to swallow
when you put on lipstick, or are you supposed to
keep your mouth dry? – I don’t know. Don’t talk. – Okay. – Alright. – Sa dude! Sa dude! Sa Dude! Alright, next product. Let’s go. So, this next one, we’ve got a twofer. Ow. This is Becca Champagne Pop. Why is there no one ever
in a video that’s read them off in that way? Like, this one’s Becca by
Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. Becca Pop! Champagne Pop! – This is a contour stick, apparently. I’m gonna pop it off. Whoa. This is uh. – Whoa. – Alright, Collins, it is time. Alright, Collins, it is time. – No! – Alright, ready? – Yep. – Okay, I’m guessing that this goes here. – Wait! – Nailed it. And then maybe just one down the nose. Oh yeah, perfect. – Great. – Oooh. Killin’ it. I don’t know if they’re
supposed to go like that, or like that. Maybe I’ll try one more. – I like it how it is Devon. – I need to do the other side of the nose. – Even me out. Make me symmetrical. I heard symmetrical is beautiful. What? – And then, forehead contours. – There’s no such thing
as a forehead contour. – Jaw contours. – There’s no jaw contours! Ow. Do I have a jawline now? You gonna do my other side? – No. – This is my good side. Alright, so it’s my turn to contour you. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re using that thing. From the ear? Dude, I actually tried. – I did, too. – I actually tried. – You gotta make sure the
cheekbone goes from the ear to the front. Stop smiling, it’s
messing up your contour. Your nose looks crooked now
because of what I just did. – Oh great. – And, I need to do the jawline contour. It looks like neck hair. Like a neck beard. What better to compliment
a contouring session than an eyelining session? Where is my brush? – You yeeded the brush. – No, I didn’t. It fell off my thing. – No, you threw it. – No! Ready? – Okay. That’s a lot bro. – I think that’s how you do it. – What is this? No, feels so wrong. – There we go. Perfect. And, then I think people
highlight the chin and the bridge of the
nose, the tip of the nose. – The tip of the nose? – I’m gonna use my tap out right now. – What? That was never set up. – It’s a new rule. We each have one tap out product, where we don’t have to use it. – I would have tapped out already. – But that means I have
to use one extreme product at the end of this. – How do I look? – Uh huh. The looks are coming together nicely. We just need one more thing, which is our final Lip Kit from Kylie. We’ve got one more
product to add after this, but I got Skylie. – Skylie? – Skylie. That’s embarrassing. – I got Mary Jo K. – Devon, open. Yeah, this is pretty aggressive. It looks like you’ve been standing outside for hours, and you are
just extremely cold. Just looks funny, bro. – Really? – Yep. Alright now my turn. Give me some red lips. Whatever this brush is, I
don’t like it touching my lips. – Don’t move away, dude. You’re messing it up. – It’s sickening. – You’re messing it up. It kinda looks like blood. – Huh? – Bro, you need to stop moving. – This sucks dude! (crickets chirp) Ta-da! Yeah, looking very festive, Devon. – Woo woo. – There we go, the final Kylie Lip Kit. Definitely the most aggressive colors she must have in her line. Devon, you look like an alien, bro. Alright guys, now we are
moving onto the final step to complete this look, so let’s do it. – Okay, so for this last one, since Collins used his tap out. I get to put this, Unicorn
Tears, all over you. I guess it’s a lipstick, but
people just put it everywhere. So, that’s what I’m gonna do. – It’s blue though. – Hey, I’m gonna do some
up there real quick. – On my eyebrow? No. – Whoa. – What? – [Devon] That looks awesome. – It looks good? – It looks crazy. – Am I gonna be able
to get this stuff off? It’s a lipstick, it probably
won’t come off my eye. – It’ll come off your eye, Collins. That’s legit. That actually looks very beautiful. Wow. Put some on the philtrum. Whoa. – Always need that philtrum highlight. – Tip of the nose since you did mine, and let’s just get this highlight, too. And, let’s get the nice T shape in there. – There’s no T, ow. R.I.P. to my eyebrows. – That looks crazy. Gotta do some on the cheeks, too. Gonna go for three dots now. – Why? – Because I thought it would look cool. Oh yeah, it does look awesome. That looks cool. – I’m sure I look beautiful at the moment. I’m calling it quits right now. You’ve gone way too far with this. If you guys wanna see the video of us having a magnetic
facemask ruin our faces it is on my Instagram, the
direct link to that video is down in the description below. If you Like that video,
comment on it Keyper Squad, we’ll be going you DM’ing you, liking you guys’ photos and a lot of you guys know, I worked with AT&T Hello
Lab to make the series, The Disappearing Girl. If you guys wanna check that
out, the link is down below. They also partnered up
with friends of mine Hasta Duo, to make public record. Where basically they took a
whole bunch of fan stories and they compiled it into an EP, and it is absolutely beautiful. Now Hasta Duo, they’re a
couple, they blew up on Vine. So talented. If you guys wanna go
check out that series, I highly recommend it. Go show them some love. The link is in the description. Subscribe to this channel. Turn on the channel post notifications, and we will see you guys again very soon. This was a fun, unboxing video, and now we are gonna
go, just wash our faces. Bye! (snaps)

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