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  1. Can’t relate because my hair is fine, thin and not Long. You’re lucky because you have long thick hair. Not every girl has that.

  2. I have dry curly hair and this didn't help much for hair care, but it did help with self care. Thanks a lot for motivating me to do something in every video.

  3. I have thick full true brunette horse hair, that only looks decent on the second or third day after a wash, just before it turns into a grease ball the next day.

  4. What about if we exercise? Which everyone should…. This video would be perfect if physical activity wasn't required to sustain a healthy physique. Darn.

  5. I never wear high pony tails. I have a request for you sometimes i will try to wear a high pony tail but it doesn’t go around the head kindov it go’s straight down looking weird on the structure of my face? What should I do.

  6. i don't think this video applies to all girls. :/ i had high hopes! i have naturally curly hair and wear it curly (and don't use heat)

  7. Guys just use a little of baby oil for your hair once finish showering
    Also a face care routine is to wash your face with soup, then apply your mask or skip the mask then, once finsh apply baby oil and then lotion it works amazing it helpd you get rid of pimples as well , you could also use baby oil as lip gloss, or to do your eyebrows to do them darker and with more natural structure D.I.Y 100%

  8. So you don't exercise 3-4 days a week, or get sweaty? If I don't, then it doesn't matter how good my hair looks. Must be nice to have great metabolism and in your 20s.

  9. my hair is a mess :((((
    it gets greasy so fast like it can look nice for maybe 1 day and even then not always
    and it so thin
    its not the longest but it is something i care about
    but since its so thin it had no volume at all and looks so sad and bad especially when when its greasy
    can anyone help?????
    and i used to wear hig ponytails and always love them (especially since it looks so amazing on my queen ari) but ive stopped wearing it years ago from multiple reasons but mainly because i dont think it fits me. i wear a low ponytail every 2nd day from 2 reasons including it being so greasy but it doesnt look great either
    idk what to do

  10. You are gorgeous and give great advice- not to mention your production is on point. At a lost as to why you have 3.6k dislikes.

  11. You are a GODDESS! We learn math, biology and stuff in school but there is no point we learn about life. We have to make our own experiences. This why we have to help each other becoming our best selfes. Teach each other how to feel confident in our own skin!

  12. I don’t understand why people want volume. I not even kidding have a hair of two heads and I want my hair thin. I don’t know much, but as far as I’ve seen, people with thin hair have straight hair. I WANT THAT!!!! 🙁

  13. Ugh. My texture is so weird. Only the underneath layers have a mix of coarse and some kinky hair. The middle and top layers are much smoother with a few coarse waves. The crawfish hands do nothing for volume for me because there's so much of it and the weight of the smoother layers just pull it all flat again lol.

  14. My hair is definitely like yours. I don’t do it every day and love how it looks when I wake up. I only fix the small hairs on face frame

  15. Alexandra, i have a question!!! What is there to do when a chin looks not smooth ??? I do not mean acne, i mean clean gorgeous skin, but the chin looks like its almost didnt developed right lol, aspecially on one side is has like strigs that are pulling on the skin around it and the chin looks not relaxed. But when a smile is on the face, then it looks beautiful and smooth, cose it pulls the skin to look smoother. Please, do you have any advice on this particular issue??? Cant wait to hear from you, Greetings from Holland, Anna

  16. I get super oily hair but then have super dry ends….i have a hair mask product and never thought of the tips you used. I kept having my hair fall so im using castor oil and its helping but the ends are still bad. I would do blow outs but they get crazy expensive and its possible to do it myself. I learned so much so thanks!!!!!

  17. Not all oils are too big for the hair shaft. Depending on your hair type, the right ones can be very beneficial. This is a helpful blog with an article on that subject.

  18. I have the same hair texture. I love the tip on hair masks and the microwave steamed T-shirt. I will try it. I have found oils to be marginally effective in moisturizing my hair, now I know why.
    I used to have oily hair when I was young and was told by my stylist to avoid rubbing my skull too much while shampooing or at any other times, as the massage stimulated oil production.

  19. How do you maintain a perfect hair after your workout routine? Sometimes I get my hair done and after excercising I have to wash it because is all dirty. 😕

  20. Dont use warm water from the microwave on your head. Use your face steamer while you do your face, use it a few minutes on your hair and you will see the difference. Better and healthier.

  21. My hair feels sooo much healthier. With putting in oil before a wash and typically my huge amount of hair it feels not soft. Now it feels amazing.

  22. hi,I massage my hairs with onion oil( 20 ml) BEFORE hair wash.
    Is it important to condition my hair after hair wash, i just apply 4 to 5 drops of coconut oil after hair wash to my scalp to moisten it again. MALE- age 26

  23. Thanks for the video. I don't know why but we watched two of your videos and we got the feeling that there's something artificial. It's not an attack but we are wondering if you feel good in your skin without logos, plastic nails – everybody can see – and all this paraphernalia.
    Don't take it as a hate critical. Quite the opposite. Who are you feel inside?

  24. Hi, I love your videos, I don't know if you'll answer lol but how did you grow hair back on those bald spots, I have them too, and I get really self conscious about them. I never do cute hairstyles because I'm always covering those spots. Any tips???

  25. I am so happy that you said that at the end about how beauty routines that make you feel good are like meditations for feeling good on the inside. I am 47 years old and “feminist criticism” of my routines caused me to stop. I became extremely depressed, not knowing why. I have recently started back and although I also meditate, I have been realizing that caring for specifics creates move for that specific, which in turn contributed to internal wellbeing! You are highly aware!

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