*orgasm noise** Yes Pewds It’s Halloweeeeeen But I don’t have a costume! Fuck ! *distorted noises* What is this? [idk but kill it with fire] “Hey guys, and this is Halloween outfit idears!!!!!!!!” Back at it again… [with the white vans?] What is this costume Marina? What do you call that? “…Outfit ideas!” “First thing you wa-” Jesus Christ… Who edits these? Because if it’s satire it’s fucking beautiful Ya know? Like what is that? “…Outfit ideas” “Firs-” Heh Hey guys and welcome to PewDiePie channel! TODAAyYyYy we’re going to- *laughs* “First thing is you want to draw on a cat nose!” Oh, the cat nose! The g-awhhh Marina… You’ve saved my Halloween [praise the lawd] What’s that? *distorted background noises* WHat is tha-what is that sound? *louder distorted noises* OhhhhHHhhhhHHHhh You want to do the tutorial with me Gunter? Oh that’s great, that’s fantastic “I love Marina Joyce” You’re a big Marina Joyce fan? “I edit her videos for her” YOU’RE the one that edits? Well that explains a lot, you don’t have any arms… “And I do this in a heart shape!”

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