Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Nomad Cosmetics Malibu Palette nicqui madden

Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial for Hooded Eyes Nomad Cosmetics Malibu Palette nicqui madden

Hello ladies. I have yet another eye look
for you today. Now this here – which is an olive green and mint halo eye.
And I’ve done it with this tiny little palette from Nomad Cosmetics. I have one other palette from them which I will show you as well. But this packs a punch. It’s just so tiny. But the colours in here – I just had to have it. It’s called “Malibu”.
So it’s got a dark khaki, a light khaki, a mint, and then a creamy sort of coloured
shimmer on top there. So that’s the look I’ve come up with. Now if you find
yourself liking my content along the way, don’t forget to give me a “like” and
subscribe – and we’ll jump straight into the video. Alright so I’ve primed my eyes
already just to save a little bit of time in the video – with my PLouise in 02. I’m just tapping that off – especially on
the outer edges here and the inner corner – just so it blends with your
foundation. Going in first up with “Shack”, which is the darkest colour in the
palette on a Morphe 507. Just picking a little bit of that up. Alright so I’m
just gonna pop some Shadow Shields on. There was a little bit of fallout there
with that really dark colour. I’m just gonna pop them up as close as I can to
the bottom lashline. That pigmentation is very good. I’m
going to go right down to the inner corner – just like I normally do lately.
I’ve been putting the crease colour in first up just to get that real good
opacity and pigmentation happening first. And then of course my hooded eyes ladies – don’t forget to round that off when you relax your eyes down. You can see how that flattens right out. So I’m gonna go in and round that off. I want to make sure
I’ve got that colour on the outer and inner corners of my halo today. So just
going and pressing that in there on the outer and the inner. Alright so wiping my brush off. And just going right around the edge, very light touch. You will have
seen me do this quite a few times on my channel. Just to get a nice soft
diffused edge. And then we can go back in shortly and actually pop a little bit
more of that dark colour back in. As you know, when you blend, you lose intensity. That is blending like a dream. Now I’ve just changed the angle of my brush to be just a little bit more downwards; just
tilting my head just so I can blend that out just a little bit more. Now I don’t want to go too far blending
with this. As you can see I don’t have much space there. So I do want to put
another colour in the transition area up here. So I don’t want it to all be just
dark green. Why do these things just never stick on your face. They’re just
ridiculous! They’re doing my head in! They’re coming off!
Alright so I’m going back into “Shack”. Going back into the outer corner and the
socket here and just intensifying that green. So you’re not going up as far as the
blend – just back from there – and just staying in that same shape though. So going back
into the socket. So I need to do it in the socket because I’ve got such hooded
eyes. I’ve got to go up so high to be able to see any of this. Alright so now going in with “Hideout”
which is a lighter khaki colour – on a Dose of Colors Blending brush. I’m just
going to pat that in right on top of that blend. And then just wiping off my brush and
I’m going right around the edge of that colour. I’m just blending it right up to
my eyebrow area here. And that colour’s blending out really well
as well. Going back into “Shack” just once more
into that socket area and just putting a little bit more down. I think that’s the
key to blending and getting a nice blended look – is just going in and out a
couple of times (a few times if you have to) – just to get intensity back and just
blended. I’m just grabbing that NARS 42 and I’m just gonna pat over first up in
between where the dark colour meets the lighter green. And then just do some tiny
little pushing motions just to blend – backwards and forwards. Alright now I’m just going in with some
Micellar Water on a pointed cotton bud. I just want to get rid of a little bit
of this colour that’s on my lid – because I really want this halo to stand right out.
So I’m going in and creating very much the shape that I would when I go in and
cut with some PLouise Eye Base. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m doing
this in kind of a mushroom sort of shape. You can see by here it’s a little bit
wider at the top and then it comes in. I’ve done it quite wide cos I’ve got a couple of colours to put in. So I’m just going to go ahead and continue to do this. Now I do have
coming in the mail one of the PLouise “Paint” Eye Primers. Now they’re designed to be able to go on your lid by themselves – so they do come in some colours. But the one I’ve ordered is “Blank Canvas” which is a very similar colour to the PLouise 02 base – I’m pretty sure. Now what they’re designed to do as well, is go straight
over that dark colour. So I don’t need to go in with this Micellar Water and
actually clean up my lid. So I’ll see how well that works when I get it. So I’ll be
looking forward to that actually working – so you don’t have to go in and do this
step. Just try and get them even on both sides
roughly. And then my hooded eyes ladies – don’t forget to round this off as well
so that doesn’t flatten out. This one’s a little bit more flat, so I need to go
back in and fix that. The only way you can see that is by relaxing your eyes
right down. Ok some PLouise Base in Zero – which is the white base – on my MAC242. So just flattening out that brush as much as I can, getting
enough product on the tip as well. And then going in and cutting that right up
as close as you can to the dark green. Just eyeball it and just make sure
it’s nice and rounded. And then bring that right down onto the lid as well. I want to stay in that shape – that mushroom shape. When you get over to one side, depending on which eye you’re working on, you’ve got to sort of turn yourself backwards – and hope that you can see a
straight line. I’m just going to go back in with that NARS 42 and just tap
over ever so lightly that primer. Going back in with “Shack” – so the first dark
colour. And I’m just placing a little bit of that just over the edge – just to blend that in with the next
colour. And then same with the inner corner. I’m gonna go back in with “Hideout” – that
was the colour that we used in the transition to blend that crease colour.
Doing the same with that. You can just use the same brushes by the
way. Just put a towel on your desk and just wipe that colour off. So
going in now with “Bungalow” which is that beautiful mint colour. I’m going in on a
239 MAC. And I’m going to place that mint colour right down the middle – all over
that whole area. I’m loving this palette. Admittedly you
can only get one color scheme out of it. But it’s just beautiful. What I’m gonna
do is just switch to a Too Faced Liner brush – just so I can get right up on top
of that cut, and just make it a little bit more precise up there and opaque. I’m just going to go back in with that
liner brush as well on that light green colour and just blend over the top – between that last colour I put in. Now you can go backwards and forwards.
I’m going back into “Hideout” – so that middle colour. Just grabbing some Glitter Glue. Just pop
a little bit of my hand. And then I’m gonna go back in with that Too Faced Liner brush. I love it. It’s just so precise – this little thing. I just want to
go straight down the middle – kind of a little halo or mushroom shape as well. And right up to that edge. And then going
in with that last colour “Cabana” – this is a shimmer. I’m going to use that Too Faced brush. Just placing that right over in that same
shape that I created with the Glitter Glue. Ok so the rest of my makeup is done.
I’m going in with Marc Jacobs “Blacquer” as always in the tight line. So I’m going to
use a NARS “Larger Than Life” it’s called – it’s a mint green. I’m just going to take that right up
here in the inner corner as well. So I’m just setting that with that mint green
colour and this is a Sigma E21 – tiny little brush. I’m just going to take
that into the inner corner there as well. And then on a Zoeva Smudger brush I’m
going into the darkest colour. I’m just gonna pop that on the outer corner meeting up with that darker colour there. And I’m just going about half way. And then on
the 221 I’m just gonna blend that out with that lighter green to about
there. MAC “Gigablack Lash” (“Extended Play Gigablack Lash”) on the bottom lash
line. Ok guys so that’s it for today’s look. I really hope you like it. I love it.
It’s just a tiny little palette that just packs a punch – “Malibu” from Nomad
Cosmetics”. I do have one other palette from them that I’m going to do a look
with shortly for you. But on a whole I really really love that. The pigmentation
is beautiful. Admittedly you can only get one colour story with it. But that’s okay. It’s quite affordable. So if you like my look today, don’t forget to give me a
huge “thumb’s up” and subscribe – click on the little “Subscribe” button just below;
and share with your friends. And I’ll see you in my next video. Bye x

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