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  1. I turned my sound down and that worked fine for me while watching your beautiful stitching. Love your colors you picked out and the design. I will be using these for my projects. Thanks.

  2. Mam really u r awesome…Your stitching style is also fabulous…But your video quality is little bit low….We can't see those videos very clearly….So mam please make it more resolution……I m a grt fan of your…

  3. What is the name of this song and who is it by? I love it! Thank you for this awesome tutorial, it was really helpful.

  4. Спасибо огромное! очень красиво и очень познавательно! Благодарю вас !

  5. por favor quita esa musica horrible!!!! que hace un zumbido espantoso!!! tus videos son muy
    buenos solo quita esa musica …

  6. As beautiful as her work is, this video is so hard to watch. Between the camera movement, lack of focus, and the stitches being out of frame, I just don't find it helpful at all.

  7. Красота! Спасибо! Так можно вышить платье льняное.

  8. Вы мастерица с большой буквы! Вышивать сейчас мало женщин умеют.

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