Hand Embroidery Stitches: Decorative Stitches Part I

Welcome to Raj Creations, In this video I am going to show you these 4 decorative stitches let’s have a look, let’s get started Observe the thread movement we have to prick the needle straight and thus in a Zig Zag form, whole line has to be made with stitches now with a brown color thread I am making chain stitch we have to make this stitch above the earlier made stitch line make this stitch in a wave form you can also trace it but I am making this without tracing this way we have to make this chain stitch all around now with the green color thread, on the upper edge of chain stitch we will make 3 small lazy daisy stitches it gives a tiny flower look to it this border looks very beautiful when we make it on sleeves, neckline and side slits of kurti on the both sides we have to make these stitches, now starting the second decorative stitch, this is a form of fly stitch mark the points with pencil before doing this so that you can get equal distance and equal size stitches this way we have to complete the whole line now the second step of this stitch is to make the small curve with stem stitches here I am making on one side of line you can make it on both sides you can make it on lower side too, that also looks beautiful we will make these curves with stem stitch all around on the lower edge of these curves we will make a tiny triangle with a straight line in it cover this triangle outline with satin stitch these stem stitch and triangle can be made on the lower side too that will form a bigger border design all these decorative stitches are in border form, as this a first part of decorative stitches, so I am using simple and easy stitches in my upcoming videos , you will find other complex designs now starting the third decorative stitch draw this motif( sequence of lines) and starting it with chain stitch prick the needle inside and then again start doing chain stitch from the same point this step is necessary to give proper finish to this stitch line if you do chain stitch in a continuous manner you will find rough edges on this corners this is all about finishing and neatness in embroidery prick the needle inside and start again from the same point make the whole line with this chain stitch now with the purple color thread I am moving it inside the chain stitch as we do in running stitch remember not to skip the turning points this step gives a dori like effect to the stitch As I have taken purple color thread it is not clearly visible if you choose bright colors like magenta, orange of white color you can see the clear dori effect to this stitch line try this with different colors, I have also shown this in my neckline video after doing chain stitch we will do a wave line again with stem stitch all over the border, pass the needle beneath the chain stitch after doing this step with stem stitch on the both sides of stem stitches we will make single lazy daisy stitches on both sides which will give tiny petals or leave shape to it this looks very beautiful, as I am doing with white color fabric, if you use dark or solid color fabric you can make this lazy daisy stitches with white color thread it looks amazing now the final and last decorative stitch here we have to take 2 stitches on the same point needle has to be pricked on the same point where earlier stitch was taken these stitches are to be taken at equal distance, in between 2 stitches we will make 4 lazy daisy stitches to form a tiny flower this is simple and easy decorative stitch you can make it on sleeves I hope you will find this video tutorial helpful, If you have not subscribed to my channel please subscribe to my channel thanks for watching my video after doing the whole project will look like this, Thank you

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