hey guys it’s Victoria welcome back to
my channel in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the new tarte sugar rush
hana Melosh palette so Oh Hannah Milosh is a blogger on YouTube and she collabed
with sugar rush to create this awesome little palette so I don’t just show you
guys a close-up of the palette some swatches and then do a makeup look with
it so let’s get started the palette itself has shades on the back and this
is what the palette looks like it’s really pretty packaging so when you open
it up there is a mirror on top and then I will show you guys the six shades this
is supposed to be a multi-purpose palette so you can use it for your face
and your eyes and because it’s sugar rush it’s super affordable and it’s only
25 dollars for this whole palette which is technically like an eyeshadow palette
and face palette in one I will start out by just doing my eyes and then I will
use these shades on my face before I do my makeup I wanted to kind of do some
swatches so I’m gonna just swatch starting here and then go across so
these are the six shades starting here we have the shade starlight Beach in to
go shell yeah glistening and stardust Oasis very highly pigmented shades okay
so I’m going to start out with the eyes so the first thing that I’m going to do
is just apply a little bit of concealer to activate primer so I’m using the NYX
Cosmetics porcelain concealer and going to using eye shadow brush to do this so
you could obviously create a very natural everyday makeup look with this
but I will probably do a little bit more than a no makeup makeup look today so
I’m going to start out with the shade beach in which is this matte neutral
bronzy color and it is the only matte shade in the palette the rest of them
have a shimmer to them I’m just going to apply this to the crease and the outer
corner and I’m also just going to bring a little bit of this color down onto the
lower lash line pin up the outer corner I’m going to go into the shade stardust
oasis which is the darker shimmery shade and i’m just going to place this and
blend it out now I just want to Chi clean up this inner half of the lid here
so we can apply the other two more pinky shades and the palate to just use some
concealer and go back with my flat concealer brush just apply that to the
inner half of the lid I’m going to add the shade to go which is that pink
shimmery shade and I’m using a flat eyeshadow brush for this I’m just going
to place this right over top of the concealer going back in with the shade B
chin and just going to place this right over top of the brown that we applied
earlier just to kind of make sure everything looks really nice and blended
using a pencil brush I’m going to go into this highlighting shade called
starlight and I’m going to place this on my inner corners and brow bone and this
is such a pigmented highlighting shade I’m just gonna use my concealer again
and a flat eyeshadow brush and make and just create a sharp edge just by
applying some concealer and then I just like to use a clean eye shadow brush and
just blend that edge so that we don’t have like a super harsh concealer line
so I want to add a little bit of liner but not some not like a super dramatic
wing so I’m using my Tarte claypot black gel liner and averything it’s a small
pencil brush it’s gonna start out by creating a little thin thin line across
my lash line if they want to make sure I keep it nice and thin especially on the
inner half of the lash line I’m bringing it all the way to that inner corner now
I’m going to do is just sort of bring the line up a little bit along with the
line that we created with the concealer and connect it slightly and then I’m
using another angled brush it’s a little bit larger than just a normal pointed
brush I’m just going to drag that liner and just kind of smudge it on that outer
corner drag it inwards and just make it look super soft now that that is all
blended out I’m going to use the Tarte man-eater eyeliner and line my waterline
with this for the part that I use the gel liner for you could also use a
smudge herbal I pencil so like I probably could have used this one but I
think it might have just taken a little bit more to smudge this one because it’s
not super as much but if you had a pencil you could
definitely try it and it would probably work just don’t let it sit too long
because I’m gonna be harder to work with so to finish the eyes I’m going to apply
some Ardell with these and then I’m just also going to add some Tarte big ego
mascara the eyes are finally done and we’re gonna go back into our palette
here and I’m just going to apply this to my cheekbones my forehead my jawline and
then I’m also just gonna contour my nose a little bit for my blush I’m going into
the shade to go which is this pinky shimmery shade I’m just going to apply
this to the apples of my cheeks a little bit to my nose and my forehead then
finally I’m using the same highlighting shade called starlight from the palette
and I’m just going to use this to highlight my face so I am applying this
to my cheekbones the bridge of my nose a little bit above my eyebrows and to my
Cupid’s bow so for lips I’m using my NYX lip liner in the shade natural and just
lining my lips with this and finally I am just topping this with the it’s heart
sugar rush velvet liquid lipstick in the shade so I’m really happy with the way that
this look turned out and I like it even more because this is such a natural
palette but easily create a very natural makeup look with this but you can also
do like I did today and kind of take this really natural palette and make it
more glam I highly recommend this palette I think that it is super
wearable super affordable perfect for any level of makeup especially for
beginners that you guys should definitely try it out the best part is
that you can use it for your face and for your eyes so it’s literally a
two-in-one palette I’m just overall really really happy with it the shades
are pigmented blend super nicely so I’m really happy with the way this look
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